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Chapter 1-Wishing for the better

Alice gazed at the cute teddy bears that lay in piles near her feet, she looked up to see Vivaldi sitting down adjusting a bow on a pink dotted stuffed bunny. She did'nt plan for her day to turn out like this, she actually wanted to go to Blood's race and participate, hoping to be the first girl to win it.

All the other participants shook their heads and told her it was hopeless for a 'weak female' like her can get past the first round. Being offended and dissappointed she ran away and ended up into Vivaldi's room of cuteness. Even though cute things made her feel better she had an urge to slap every boy in the competition.

With a frustrated sigh she sat down in the midst of the stuffed toys and began to play with the ears of the dolls. Vivaldi looked up with surprise,"Alice? Is something bothering you?".

A frustrated Alice smiled sadly and nodded,"I was hoping to enter in Blood's race... but all the other guys rejected me just because I'm a girl and they think I'm weak!". Vivaldi let out a small laugh,"Have'nt you noticed that the race include bombs, knives and guns? I think that's why they rejected you." With that she gave a sympathetic smile and returned to adjusting the dress on the stuffed bunny.

"But..", The foreigner stopped, not wanting to argue with Vivaldi but she was so bothered by this she took her chances,"They did'nt have to say I was a helpless weak female! I wish there was a way for boys to understand the problems of a female! I don't care how.. I just want them to have a better view of our world!"

There was silence as Alice looked down at her doll, ashamed of such an outburst. The loud rustle of Vivaldi's dress made Alice look up and see her walk over to a stuffed animal. She rested her hands on both sides of the face and Alice watched in horror as she pulled the doll's head apart. She reached inside the doll and pulled out a small object with something glittery and multicolored inside of it.

She motioned Alice to get up and come over, her curiousity got the best of her and she ran over to her. Vivaldi held up the object and Alice looked at it in awe, it was a vial the same shape as hers, but instead of a heart cap it had a star cap that glittered brilliantly in the setting sun that flashed through the windows. The vial had star carvings in its glittering stained glass and the fluid inside flashed with exciting unknown secrets. Around the vial were words that were carved all around it, 'as the sun sets, your wishes will come true the next day in a brand new light'.

"This is the Vial of Wishes. I've been saving it for a while now.. Even at the tiniest drop your wish will come true!", She dropped it carefully in Alice's hands. Her teal eyes met Vivaldi's and as if reading her mind Vivaldi smiled,"Take one sip and your wish will come true.. but it's unstable if a foreigner drinks it and the time for your wish to be fulfilled will be limited."

"Then, Vivaldi, why don't you drink it?"

"Oh no, even if you told me your wish it still would'nt be the same because I would become greedy and think of other things.."

"Hmm, I guess your right..."

Alice carefull twisted off the cap and held the vial to her lips and taking the most gentle care of not drinking more than a small sip. As a drop of the liquid hit her tongue a wild sensation of all the wonderful tastes in the world combined in a delicious satisfying flavor that made Alice feel blissful. With closed eyes she spoke hre wish in her mind, please let the male roleholders know what it is like to be a girl and feel her pain. What our problems are and how to make us feel better when we are emotional. Everything about a girl that they can finally understand.

As she opened her eyes being satisfied with her wish an urge to drink more of the liquid came over her and she resisted as she twisted the cap back on slowly. "Thank you, Vivaldi. I've made my wish.", She handed the vial back in the queens hands and she stuffed it back into the ripped animal and carried the poor toy in her hands.

"Thanks for letting me use it. I hope the guys will be more understanding.." Alice rubbed her hands together and looked at the last glimpse of the setting sun through the large curtained windows. As the sun sets, your wishes will come true the next day in a brand new light... Alice thought of that line over and over again like it was some sort of never ending song that seemed more mysterious each time she said it.

"Well, it's too dark to go back to the tower now, how about you stay here for the night?", Vivaldi offered her hand and she took it, she was excited to see how the guys would change for the better, even if it was limited she would enjoy of the precious time with understanding people she had. I can't wait for tommorrow! Finally, Blood will stop being a jerk sometimes, Peter will stop nagging me, Boris won't include me in life-threatning situations.. The list just goes on and on! Alice thought this with a content smile, that's right.. Everything will change for the better!

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