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Chapter 8- Detective work

Alice had such a peaceful sleep. So peaceful that she didn't have any dreams at all. She tried to get up, but something heavy was on her weighing her down. She tried again and again to no avail. She finally looked at what could be holding her down and didn't know what it was until.. "Get OFF of ME!" She screamed and with trememndous force she pushed the pile of girls off of her.


"What happened..."


Numerous groans came from the dog pile of roleholders and in the middle came a muffled scream, "Get off YOU FREAK. I will shoot you if you don't MOVE!" A gloved hand pushed through with a heavy looking machine gun and the girls immediately scrambled off of the person in the middle. Alice raised an eyebrow at the mafia boss who was straightening her bow and tipping her hat at the foreigner, "Good morning."

Nightmare rubbed her eyes, feeling dizzy she laid down on the bed and crossed her arms "We still have to find the culprit. Last night was just a distraction, we have to get down to buisness today!"

Murmurs of agreement made Alice's hair stand on end. Vivaldi gave her a warning look and cleared her throaght, "Well. We can clean up then we'll go look for the culprit."

Everyone rushed to the bathrooms to fix theirselves up and Vivaldi looked at Alice, "Keep low and pretend you don't know anything."

After everyone was freshened up Vivaldi laid out possible and made up clues that have no value at all. "Okay, so you guys woke up as girls. The person must have done it while you were asleep!"

The twins rolled their eyes and used their hands to support their tired heads, "Way to go queenie. You listed the clues that we already knew!"

Julius twirled her hair on her finger and thought carefully, "Whoever it was.. They must be fast to turn all of us into girls durning nightime! Not to mention that they would have to run all over the place!"

Gowland tapped her yellow nails on the wooden table, "Well, they would need a motivation to do it!"

"True, true." Black nodded her head, "But we should eat first to clear our stomachs so we can think better!"

Vivaldi nodded her head and clapped her hands to signal the waiters to serve them their first meal of the day.

Warm scones with freshly made creamy butter that melted into the warm scone the instant it hit the bread. Fresh fruit and milk were brought in with carrot pancakes, cheese omulete, and fish stuffed with sweet berries to counter its sour taste. Sparkling apple cider were poured in glasses and the roleholders ate with hunger on their thoughts.

"Well, what now?" Elliot asked while licking off the butter from her fingers and crumbs on her lips. "Shall we go look for clues?"

"No, I doubt there's any clues around here...", Nightmare stared at her glass with a far-off glaze.

Peter shook her head, "No, maybe they left some tracks?"

Blood rolled her eyes and stuck a scone in her mouth, "Whatever, as long as we turn back into men. Fine with me... oh. And as long as I get to shoot whoever did it to little pieces of Wonderland dirt! Ahahaha..."

Alice shivered and sipped her drink. Boris took a fish and took a trememndous bite out of it, "Sho, we should shtart looking for the culprit ash shoon ash poshible." Gowland, who was next to Boris looked at all the fish the cat spat out while talking.

"Woah. That can feed an entire family." Gowland made a 'O_o' face while looking at the spit out fish, "Don't talk with your mouth full! Stupid cat!"

Boris rolled her eyes and nibbled on the fish. White put a finger to her chin, "Well we know that the culprit must be fast.. or maybe it was not only one person... maybe a whole group! I mean, you can't go around Wonderland in one day that fast and quiet to not have one of us to notice you!"

Black rolled her eyes, "I would've saw that idiot before he even turned me into this form!"

Pierce's ears quivered, "I would've smelled the person or at least hear the culprit before he even entered the park..." Ace stood up and slammed one hand on the table making the whole table shake slightly, with her other hand on her hip she stared fiercly into the surprised crowd "I say we start finding this culprit now! We already wasted enough time as it is! Now move!"

Everyone rose and ran out the room with an excited cheer for some Wonderland sleuthing.

*Out in the Castle gardens...*

Ace and Peter were investigating the rose bushes and even behind the rose petals. When Ace passed a nearby water fountain she stopped and struck a pose. She put a arm over her head, the other on her hip and bent over slightly, she stuck her chest out along with her butt. With a wink and a smile she modeled a sexy pose that Peter 'accidentally' saw and the rabbit's face turned a slight red.

"You PERVERT! The hell you doing?"

Ace shrugged and flipped her hair over her shoulders, "Just some practice for future work." With a skip and a whistle, Ace skipped off to find more clues leaving Peter in the dust with a WTF look.

*In the Castle bedrooms...*

Blood sighed while closing another door in dissapointment and annoyance. Dee tugged on Blood's sleeve and waited for acknowledgement, "Neh boss... now that were girls is it going to be weird to go to the bathroom and...?" Blood shrugged and turned slightly red of a recent memory that happened to her this morning.

She was washing her face and a person's hand brushed her boobs and Blood felt like she just got raped. How pathetic I must be right now! To feel so excited by just a little touch!

"Oy boss! You left your tampon on the floo-", Elliot was silenced by the cold stare from Blood. "Give me that..." Blood swiped it from Elliot's hand and dropped it in her coat pocket. Elliot's ears perked and she raised her gun up at a passing maid, "Do you have any clues? Tell or die!"

The poor maid dropped the towels she was carrying and ran away crying with tears flying behind her. Dum rolled her eyes, "Tsk tsk... what an idiot." Blood sniffed a nearby rose and smirked at Elliot, "You don't know how to do it right. Watch and learn."

Blood started walking casually past a man servant and all of the sudden she tripped. "Ow! My ankle!" Blood let out a seductive moan and the man servant rushed to her side. Helping her she smiled at the servant and winked. Then she backed the servant up against the wall. She traced a finger down his chest and whispered into his ear, "Soo.. a handsome man like you should know a thing or two about the culprit right?

"Honestly..", The servant started and sighed. "I don't know what you're talking about... But.." He slid his hand on her butt and Blood tensed up. "Maybe you can come to my room and we can-"

"FORGET IT YOU PERV!", Blood squealed and took out her gun and pointed it at the servant with a scared expression. Elliot and the twins held the crazy girl down, with a urgent look Elliot looked at the servant and shouted, "Go, you idiot don't just stand there!"

The servant ran away crying.

*On the roof...*

"BLACK! Don't rush off like an idiot!"

"Shut up you stupid slut!"


Black put her hands to her hips and looked out on the horizon. "The culprit could not get far!"

"Careful of the wind..." White sighed at her.

As usual, Black did not heed her warning and the wind blew fiercely up her skirt revealing her panties. Black blushed furiously and pulled her skirt down, "Damn you stupid wind!"

White shook her head and whispered to herself, "Were not getting anywhere if I stick with this stupid idiot-"

"WHAT? Why you little..." Black whipped around and held her whip at the ready with murderous intent. She came closer and closer to White until the wind blew her skirt up again. Black let out a girly scream, "KYAAA!"

*In the Ballroom...*

Boris was on her back playing with a string of yarn while Gowland got out a magnifying glass and inspected curtains. "Hmm.. interesting."

Pierce looked behind the throne and sighed, "Maybe there aren't any clues at all in this room ~chuu."

"Don't be silly.. There's got to be a some sort of small hairs.. Maybe it's a boy and he left a satchel.. or it's a girl and left behind a purse full of.." Gowland said in a serious tone like a real detective.

"Who's being silly here boss? Your the one inspecting curtains trying to find a piece of hair! This is a castle! The curtains get cleaned every freakin' hour!

"Then...", Gowland chuckled. "We must look at the trash can!"

*In the kitchen...*

"Ooh.. helloo! What is this?", Nightmare held a glass bottle of leaves. The cover read 'Aphrodite Tea leaves... Warning: Use only one teaspoon.'

"You think Vivaldi uses this when 'special' guests come over?", Nightmare chuckled and put the bottle back.

Grey looked at Nightmare, "What's.. Aphrodite Tea leaves?"

Julius, the human dictionary, answered, "Aphrodite, is the greek god of love, so... The tea leaves in there would be specially designed to bring out the... lust in people's hearts."

Grey blinked and smiled, "You think Vivaldi would notice if I took some and-?"

Nightmare and Julius glared at Grey, "NO."

"Anyway, were here to look for clues, not steal from the kitchen!", Nightmare crossed her arms and inspected the wine cabinets. Julius opened various cabinets, in the contents of one cabinet caught Julius' attention. Inside, was the most famous of Wonderland coffee mixes. The golden mix brand that soon always dissapears in stores after put out. Julius' drooled and reached for it.

"Golden.. mix.. coffee!", Julius reached for it but only brushed her fingers against the box until Grey pulled her back and closed the cabinet. "I think that's enough detective work here.."

*Back to the dining room.*

Alice shifted uncomfortably in her seat, "Vivaldi? What if they find the room?"

"Impossible. No one but the castle servants know." Vivaldi patted her reassuringly on the back. "Besides, I don't think those idiots found anything today."

As if on cue everyone burst through the doors and shouted in a frenzy.

Black had taped her skirt to her legs and shouted, "Nothing on the rooftops!"

Blood stepped forward with a strait jacket on, "Nothing in the rooms.."

"Nothing in the gardens... except for this incompetent whore..." , Peter glared at Ace who winked playfully.

"Nothing in the kitchen. Except for some Aphrodite Te-", Grey was silenced by Nightmare's hands and murderous intent look.

Boris yawned with her hands behind her back, "Nothing in the.. curtains."

"Well... of course you wouldn't find anything here you IDIOTS!", Vivaldi crossed her arms and gave a cold stare. "You think the criminal would left it's mark on the castle? We had my servants investigate before you did and we still didn't find ANYTHING! Deal with it! We will have our servants try to find a way for you to turn back into boys, but until then.. You will have to just keep calm and collected head and wait."

Alice looked up to Vivaldi and blushed, So cool.. yet scary.

"With that, I end this search for the criminal and good night." With crossed arms Vivaldi headed back to her room.

Soon after she had left, the room was filled with shouts, screams and gunfire. Alice sighed and followed Vivaldi while trying to avoid the gunfire.

I guess this isn't going to end that easily...

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