Ughhh… Two weeks ago I could say that I've never written a fanfiction and now I'm on my third one. This story was inspired by moonlitrose369's Friendship is the Best Medicine. Go read it. This is a KyoyaxKaoru story, which means YAOI (no lemons planned) so if you don't like it then get the fuck off my story.

WARNING: This story could be discontinued at any time. I wrote this in 8 minutes on a whim. I have NO plot. I'll try to figure one out, of course, but if I can't I'm stopping the story.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Ouran. If I did then Haruhi would have been hit by a car.


I woke up at 3 A.M, hot and tired. I had a pounding headache.

I cracked my eyes open and swept the room looking for Hikaru. He wasn't here.

'He said he was going on a date with Haruhi when we came home from school, but that was over twelve hours ago. He couldn't possibly still be gone.' I thought.

I stumbled out of bed and towards the bathroom. My legs were so shaky I could barely hold myself up. I looked in the mirror.

My face was covered in a light sheen of sweat and my hair was matted to my forehead. My lips were cracked and bleeding and I looked sickly pale. I felt awful. I felt sick all day but it was getting worse.

I turned on the tap and splashed some of the cool water on my face. I caught some more of the water in my hand and thirstily drank it all. I took the sleeping pills from the cabinet. I also grabbed the thermometer sitting next to it.

I placed the thermometer under my tongue while I fumbled to open the bottle of pills. It beeped and I pulled it out of my mouth.


I swallowed the pills dry and staggered back to bed. I curled up under the sheets and began to drift off to sleep. I heard the door open.

"Kaoru, are you awake?" Hikaru asked me.

I couldn't answer him. I was too tired.

I hope that wasn't bad for a first chapter. Especially since its unbeta'd. If you want to beta this, then that would be great. Just message me. Bye!