A/N:HELLO! These are a series of short stories with each chapter could stand alone as a one shot or drabble, or they can connect to a long story.

I try to put them in proper sequence as possible. I'm poorly updated with the happenings in the manga or anime so these events are not heavily based on them.




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"Release the jutsu."


"Release. The. Jutsu. Nara."




It pissed her beyond limits that here she is, in her room, flustered and screaming while he, the intruder, was simply standing there by the door unthreatened and apathetic.

He was testing his newly discovered jutsu on her and it's working! It's pissing her off just as planned. Perfect.

The jutsu keeps her moving freely only if she is within 6 feet around him, beyond that, she is immobilized.

"Alright, I didn't want to resort to this." She took a deep breath. "Shika-kun, pretty pleeeeeease." She said in the most girlish, childish and very un-Temari way she could.

It only gained her a look of disgust, a raised brow and a firm—"No." he repeated.

"Fine." She said with a smile. Her signature I'm-gonna-beat-you-in-this-game smile. Quicker than he can blink her kimono was on the floor.


"Getting my bathroom break right here."

"ALRIGHT! He released the jutsu in panic before she took off any of her very little remaining clothes. "Crazy woman."

She wore that victory smile, teasingly turned her back and paraded to the bathroom.

She won this game.


A minute after she closed the bathroom door he knew he fell for her trick! He saw from the window a four pony-tailed blond in a black kimono jump off the roof three houses away from the embassy.

"Troublesome." He sighed, scratched his head, and walked over to the window. He watched her mockingly wave at him and throw a flying kiss.

"You're one troublesome, crazy woman." He said in angry defeat. He turned around to leave and accidentally stepped on the discarded kimono on the floor.

Then a flashback… he smiled.

"You're one troublesome, crazy, hot woman."

She was standing here! She was actually half naked before him!

Her creamy sun tanned skin and voluptuously toned body looked perfect in black laced bikini.

"Definitely HOT." Closing his eyes to vividly repaint the picture in his head.

I'll take it back. HE WON THIS ONE!


"SHIT!" He woke up from his little almost erotic dream, furiously scratching his head as if he could scratch her half naked figure off his mind.

"I should be cursing her not adoring how seductively hot she looked half naked." He paused.

"Shit. Did I just say HOT again? ARRRGGGHHH!"

He stormed off her room. Angry. Confused.