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"This is it." Sakura took a deep breath.

"It's now or never." Ino added as she anxiously raised her hand to knock at the door.

She knocked but no one answered. A few more, still no answer.

"Should I knock down the door?" suggested Sakura.

"What? No!—Wait... hmmm... Go on! It'll add to the thrill!" Ino agreed.

As Sakura was about to launch her fist, the door clicked.

"Wait! Everybody ready!" Ino instructed. And when I mean everybody I mean; Ino, Sakura, Hinata and Tenten.

Then the door opened to a surprise.

Two half naked men! The one who opened who obviously just got out of bed wore only draw string sweat pants that hung dangerously low on his waist while the other one on the background just got out of the shower with only a towel around his waist and another one covering his wet head.

The girls stood there both in shock and admiration.

"Wow... I mean. Oops! Sorry. Wrong house." Ino quickly pulled the door close.

"Ino, that was embarrassing." –Hinata

"Sorry! I just got back from a mission 30 minutes ago. I must've been still travel lagged!"

"This can't be the wrong house! We've been here several times!" –Tenten

"Maybe a new occupant? A lover? Or... Lovers?" –Sakura. The girls gasped.

"Oh my… I think I just drooled. You see how hot they were?"—Ino

"Ino!" –Hinata

"C'mon Hinata! You were staring too. That brown haired guy who opened the door was just handsome. I bet the other one is too if only he hadn't had that towel over his head."—Tenten

"Can't you see their firm broad shoulders? Those wide fine pecs? Those hard washboard abs? And how their clothes hung very low on their waist teasingly eye candy that leaves some for your imagination." –Sakura.

"Very descriptive are we?" –Ino. Then the door swung open again.

The girls were too caught with their conversation. When they saw a red head bow before them. "Sorry, we were not properly dressed. I apologize you had to see that."

"We don't mind." -Ino

The red head whose hair was still wet now wore white shirt of light material and black pants while brunette who stood behind just added a mesh shirt.

He stood erect and spoke. And they were surprised to recognize him "You may come in now."

"G-gaara-kun? K-kankuro?" Hinata stuttered.

"Couldn't tell without the face paint huh?" sniggered Kankuro.

"I knew you looked familiar!" exclaimed Sakura who once mended a make-up-less Kankuro.

"Whew! I knew this couldn't be the wrong house." Tenten

"Where's Temari?" Ino.

"In her room. Resting. She's been tired lately." –Gaara

"What's this for—oh!" Kankuro noticed the cake. It's a few minutes past 12 midnight. It is officially her birthday. "How did you know?"

"Shikamaru told us." –Ino

"Shikamaru, huh?" –Gaara.

"So this is a surprise party?" Kankuro sounded excited.

"Yep, just little change of plans. We can wait on the boys with the food and drinks then knock on her bedroom door and surprise her." –Ino

And just after she spoke there was another knock. Gaara opened it.

"Hey! Gaara! Why didn't you tell me you are in Konoha!" Naruto playfully hit Gaara's shoulder. Everyone shushed the loud mouth. Then he saw the man beside him.

"Shikamaru." –Gaara glared.

"I come in peace." –Shikamaru

Shino, Choji, Kiba, Lee, and Sai and Neiji went in and greeted him and Kankuro too, giving Shikamaru a chance to sneak past them.

When they were all set, Kankuro went on to knock at her door continuously that could wake and irritate anyone.

"Kankuro! Stop it!" A loud groan was muffled behind the door. She angrily swung the door open and yelled "This better be good or—"


Surprise indeed! Everybody was surprised as they watch her stand by her door dazed, shocked and half naked. It took a few moments before someone reacted. Shikamaru rushed to close the door back. but the damage has been done.

"We've seen quite a share of half naked people tonight." –Tenten.

"Must be some Suna practice."—Ino

If the girls drooled over the Suna boys. The Konoha boys definitely drooled over the Suna princess in her purple body hugging tank top that fell just below her navel and a black ultra low waist boyleg panties.

"You're one lucky bastard, Shikamaru." Kiba murmured.

Shikamaru was still holding on to the doorknob then he turned to face them and smiled ruefully. "At least she wasn't on her birthday suit on her birthday."



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