Title: You're Such a Girl! 1/?

Author: Gothabilly13

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam and Dean, (alterations of all characters) OC's

Rating: Mature to be sure will go NC-17

Warnings: AU, Het, Slash, Incest, Meddling Gods, Assassins, Violence, Demon Ganking, Bad Language, Sex, Sibling Bullying, Loud Music, Smut

Summary: Sam and Dean must cross reality to save themselves and the fabric of history. In this journey they must work with well...themselves.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural Fandom or characters. No money is made in the writing of this fiction. For entertainment only.

A/N: Ok so yeah this is major AU. I had an idea and an image and then it all took off. Takes place kinda in season 3 but I have taken many liberties. This is my first Supernatural fic. Thanks to Berryblue_girl for all her support and criticism and feedback. you rock babygirl.

Feedback is sooooo needed, let me know what you think but please don't throw things.

Chapter 1

Dean Winchester was tired. So damn tired he could barely keep his eyes open. The back to back hunts were taking their toll on the young man. Sam wasn't looking much better. Dean glanced over at his brother, who was snoring with his faced pressed against the window.

The neon lights, of the motel he had pulled off the highway for, were blinking in an irritating manner. Leaning his forehead against the steering wheel, Dean cleared his throat and summoned the will to speak.

"Sammy...Wake up. We're stoppin'." he croaked and then flung an arm out to swat his brother's shoulder. "Sam! Wake the fuck up!" he snapped.

Sam sat up suddenly, blinking the sleep away from bleary eyes. He didn't look like he was actually awake, though he nodded and began to climb out of the car. Dean, sighing in exhaustion, followed suit.

Once their gear was stowed in the room, salt lines were laid and devil traps were set, they finally fell into their beds and were dead to the world.

Dean felt the weightlessness of slumber envelop him. His brain powering down to dream state. A soft white light around him diffused and the began to clear. He was standing on a platform for a subway. It was empty. Looking around, he noted the peeling posters and flyers on the back wall.

"Must be New York." he mumbled to himself. Tucking his hands in his pockets, he wondered if he was waiting for a train or some thing else.

"Actually, it is every city or any city." A melodic voice said. "Whichever one you are most comfortable with."

Dean's head whipped around and he saw a stately older woman with silver hair. Her long locks were pulled back in combs, the curls tumbling down her back. She was dressed in a white robe of Grecian style. In her hand she held an ancient looking scroll.

"Who are you?" he asked, oddly undisturbed by her sudden appearance. The woman smiled, her face becoming more beautiful with it's radiance.

"You can call me Clio." she said. She studied him with calm blue eyes. Dean felt like he should know who she was, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"You're a Muse." Another vice piped up before Dean could ask.

Dean and Clio both turned to the speaker. Sam stood there looking perplexed and rumpled. Dean sighed.

"How do you get to be the know it all, even in my dreams?" he snapped. Sam rolled his eyes at his brother.

"I don't think this is a normal dream, Dean." Sam said, Dean made a face. Clio laughed softly and nodded to the younger man.

"You are correct, Sam. I am a Muse." she said and beckoned them to come and sit with her on a bench. Dean took a reluctant seat on one side, while Sam sat politely on the other.

"So what does a Muse-" Dean started to speak but was swiftly corrected.

"The Muse of History." Sam interjected. Dean made another face before continuing.

"The Muse of History, want with us?" he asked and let the title sink into his brain. Gradually he felt a wave of dread wash over him.

"Oh man, do I have a bad feeling about this." he groaned and shook his head. Clio patted him on the arm gently. His skin seemed to shiver at the touch.

Sam studied her as she comforted his brother. She seemed older before but now she didn't look a day over 22. 'She's timless' he said to himself. Her gaze turned to him and he could see endless wisdom in her deep cobalt eyes.

"I have come to give you a quest of great importance." she said and unrolled the scroll before her. It rolled all the way across the floor and fell over the edge of the platform onto the tracks. The length of parchment was covered with writing.

"Someone is tampering with history. To me it is already written, but to you, it is still unfolding." she explained. The brothers shared a pensive look.

"What does that mean?" Sam asked and his brow creased. Dean frowned, knowing in his gut that this was going to rob them of the much needed sleep.

"When I look at this scroll, I see the story of mankind, from the beginning to it's end." she said and her fingers danced over the paper's surface. "I know the story by heart. It's who I am." she explained and her face looked sad. "But the story has suddenly begun to change." she whispered. "I think I know how it is being done but not who is doing it." She lifted her head and looked from one brother to the other.

"What has changed?" Dean asked getting up and beginning to pace. Same watched his brother and then shrugged.

"It helps him think." he said to the Goddess. She laughed and it sounded like tiny bells.

"Yes, I know." She reached out and placed her hand on Sam's. He felt the same tingling his brother had felt at the Goddess' touch. "The parts that are changing center around the two of you." she said and her eyes seemed pained. "I think they are trying to eliminate one or the both of you."

"WHAT?" Both brothers were now on their feet and speaking in sync. Clio stood up and flicked her wrist. The scroll zipped back up and was now a simple cylinder in her fist.

"This is going to be a great deal for you to take in at once but it's very important that you listen to me and remember what I tell you." she smirked looking at them both. "I know all about you so don't try any flippant replies, Dean." She held out one elegant finger to the older Winchester. Dean stopped in mid snark, mouth hanging open.

"Now be still. There is a lot to go over." She sat down once more and took a deep breath. "The reality you live in is not the only one in the universe. The truth is there are thousands, millions, layers. All have the same souls and basic story as the other. But-" She held up her hand as Sam was about to ask a question.

"There are differences and shifts. Facts, events, experiences, may be different or may not have happened. The Sam and Dean standing before me are going to be a bit or may be vastly different than the Sam and Dean from say fifty layers away." She stopped and looked them in the eye before asking.

"Are you following?" Sam nodded his head and crossed his arms over his chest as he pondered the facts. Dean looked from his brother's thoughtful face to the Goddess studying him.

"Wait just a damn second. So you are trying to tell me there are millions of me's out there? Millions of Sams?" he asked and waved his hand in the air. The Muse nodded her head.

"Yes and there is more, so be quiet." she scolded and Dean's mouth snapped shut in surprise at her tone.

"The layers are not stacked on top of each other but rather in a circle, like a wheel. Almost all of the different versions of your reality are copies. Replicas if you will. So far, whomever is doing this horrible thing has been terminating the copies. They are working their way toward one reality in particular.

The important thing for you to remember is that the reality that is parallel, across the wheel, to you, is the most like your own. With one very big exception." The Muse paused and made sure she had both their attention.

"The people who inhabit it are of the opposite gender they are in your reality." Her words echoed in the air for several beats. Sam's mouth dropped open as he absorbed the meaning. Dean threw his hands up.

"You have got to be kidding me." he snapped and kicked over a garbage can. "Everyone? That sounds like a joke. I mean, what you are telling me is, we are chicks on that side? What a crock!" He snapped and started to deny what she was saying. Clio was patient and just cocked her head as she watched him try to close out her words. Clio held up her hand.

"Every soul in the universe has a counterpart. A second half you could say. Plato called them Soul-Mates. One half male, the other female. Together they form a complete being. Originals, not copies. You two and the two young hunters you will meet are Originals. Soul-Mates."

Both brothers were agitated by her words. Sam's mind was buzzing with a thousand questions. He wanted to know what they were supposed to do to stop these unknown killers and why were the Winchesters the focus of their ire. The Muse didn't give them a chance to speak.

"There is more i must tell you and time is running short. We believe the assassins are heading to the parallel reality. They may even be there already. We also believe their reason is, they are trying to thwart the fulfillment of your destiny. To wink you out of existence completely and change the course of reality. This cannot happen. The path laid out for the Winchesters is extreamly important."

Sam frowned and looked at his brother. So many people seemed to be talking about their so called destiny. It was becoming more that they could take.

"What do you know about our 'Destiny'?" Sam asked in a low husky tone. He was unnerved by the subject in general but here, faced with a Goddess, he had to ask. She shook her head, looking sad again.

"I cannot divulge that, I am sorry. But it is imperative that you both go now, across the wheel and once united with your counterparts there, you will be able to defeat the assassins." She stepped closer to Sam and held his gaze. He felt his blood run a little cold at her heavy stare.

"If they succeed in killing both Soul-Mates, the thread of History will unravel and chaos will reign. This cannot happen." Her blue eyes turned to Dean and he too felt the burden of the Goddess' gaze.

"You must protect them as you would each other. If one is eliminated, the counterpart will be completely vulnerable. Should both be killed, you will cease to exist, as will all the copies."

Dean's face paled and he glanced frantically at his brother. Sam looked like he was in shock. The information was too fantastical, too unreal, yet the truth rang in both their minds. Clio wasn't lying. She motioned for them to follow her toward the edge of the platform.

"You are expected. Once you awaken, you will be across the wheel. I cannot help you after this." The brothers stood before her with matching pensive expressions and too many questions.

"Why now, why come to us at this point?" Sam asked and his frown deepened. Clio cocked her head, once again looking like a young girl.

"Because this is one point where you and your counterparts are in the same place at the same time. You will wake in the room you went to sleep in. I have already visited them, just wait until they come for you." she said and the ground began to rumble with the approach of a train.

"This will take you where you need to go. Be strong and remember to trust your instincts." she smiled at them once more, her scroll clutched tightly in her fist. "So much rides on this. You must be victorious." Her voice was drowned out by the arrival of the train. Breaks squealing as it came to a halt. The hydraulic whoosh of the doors opening made both young men jump.

"Hurry, my time is almost up." Clio said and urged them aboard. Dean looked a little panicked.

"Wait! How do we get back?" he asked frantically as the doors began to close. Clio just smiled and waved as the train began to move.

Dean sat up in bed, gasping for air. In the next bed, Sam shot up as well. They panted and looked at each other.

"Ok either I had one hell of a fucked up dream or we are eyeball deep in shit again." Dean said. The expression on his little brother's face told him it was the latter of the two. "Fuck me." he groused and hauled himself to his feet. He wrenched the curtains open and took in the dark lot and neon sigh. It all looked the same as it had before.

"So we're supposed to sit here and wait for...what? The 'Sisters' Winchester?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. Sam finally got to his feet, sighing deeply.

"That's what Clio said. They are the opposite gender. Well...everyone is." He paced a little and then began to riffle through his bag. "All our stuff is still here, I dunno, nothing really looks different." He stood up again and shrugged. Dean huffed and turned from the window.

"Well, I'm not waiting all night, so these chicks better show up." the older man grumped and threw himself back down on the bed. He ran his fingers through his short hair. Lifting his head he looked at his brother with narrow green eyes.

"Maybe it's all a joke, another Trickster mind fuck. Yeah, Sammy, that's got to be it." he said leaning up on his elbows. "There is no great plot to wipe us out of existence." He smiled, warming to his pipe dream. "That's a good one, where is the little prick hiding , do ya think?" Sam sighed and looked doubtful.

"I dunno, man. It doesn't seem like his thing." He looked around the room again and tried to find something that was different. He had been half asleep when they got in so he wasn't sure.

"Nothing seems to be missing here, maybe it was just a crazy messed up dream?" he offered. Dean thought for a moment then his face looked stunned and he leapt from the bed once more. He returned to the window and yanked back the curtains .

"Son of a Bitch!" he shouted. Sam hurried to join him at the window.

"What?" he asked looking around the dark parking lot. Dean gestured to the spot in front of their room.

"Were is my fucking car?" he demanded and Sam smirked with another irritating shrug.

"On the other side of the wheel?" he suggested and got a thwack to his arm for his snark.

"Not fucking funny, dude." Dean snapped and began to pace the small room.

"Ow! Hey don't take it out on me, dude. Look in this reality I would guess the Impala belongs to your counterpart, so yours would not be here." Sam explained and looked at his brother with irritation in his hazel eyes. Dean grunted and paced faster.

"I mean, what are we supposed to do here? It's not like we have an contacts or resources. How are we supposed to protect...our-Hell I don't even know what to call them." He slumped into a chair and leaned his elbows on his knees. Sam sighed for the umpteenth time and sat in the other chair.

"We treat it like any other job, I guess." he replied and folded his hands on the table between them. "We watch their backs, we research, we figure out who the assassins are and stop them." Sam made it sound so easy. Dean had a terrible feeling it was going to be anything but.

"Do you think they are just like us?" Dean asked. "I mean all the same shit happened to them right?" he asked, wondering if his brother had any knowledge on the subject. Sam looked thoughtful and then shook his head.

"Yes and no. I mean, Clio said this is the reality most like ours. I would think they are a lot like us but not exactly." he said. Dean's brow creased.

"Why not?" he asked, leaning in toward his brother. "If they have the same back story and life experiences, why would they be different?" Sam smiled slightly and shook his head.

"Because, Dean. They're female." Sam said simply, thinking it was perfectly clear. Dean made a rude noise and looked at Sam like he was nuts.

"How does that make it different?" he asked and crossed his arms over his chest. "I mean yeah so they don't go trolling for chicks in bar...Or maybe they do." he said, his eyes flashing with dirty thoughts. "But that aside how much could really have been different for them?" he finished, shaking off the porn images in his head. Sam scrunched up his nose.

"Dean, please get your thoughts out of the porn world and listen to what I am saying." Sam looked so irritated, Dean gave him a break and paid attention.

"Think about how we grew up, the close calls we had in so many ways, before we were even in high school." He spoke in a patient tone. Dean was nodding along but still not getting it. Sam huffed.

"Now, put two young girls in our places." he said and watched the thought settle on his brother. "Men and women can be part of the same event but have vastly different experiences from it." He had a slightly sinking feeling his gut. There were so many things they barely got out of, that would have been much worse had they been female. He didn't want to think too hard on that.

"Like for example, have you thought about the fact that since everyone is switched that they were probably raised by their mission obsessed 'mother' instead of father? That right there had to change several aspects of their journey from ours." Dean ran a hand over his face and made a grunting sound.

"I hadn't thought of that, Sammy. But thanks for the visual of Dad in a dress." he snarked. Sam smiled, his brother getting cheeky meant he was beginning to cope.

Both brothers were pondering what they were faced with, when the all too familiar rumble of the Impala hit their ears. Dean was out of the chair in a split second. They both stood at the window and watched as the sleek black car pulled up and parked a few rooms down.

The street lamp over the car flickered out suddenly, plunging the car into shadows of green and yellow from the motel sign.

The doors opened and two silhouetted figures got out. There seemed to be a discussion going on over the roof of the car. The driver closed the door and stalked across the parking lot, toward the roadside bar across the street. The passenger threw their hands up, as if exasperated, and then turned toward the motel. Both men scrambled back as the figure walked toward their door. Eyes wide and blinking, they waited with held breath from the knock.

Shoulders back, Sam and Dean walked to the door. Dean looked through the peephole and then turned back to his brother with an arched brow.

"Damn Sammy, I always knew you were a girl. Now we have proof." he teased and then opened the door.

Standing on the other side, hands in pockets of baggy jeans, was a tall young woman. Statuesque was the word that came to Sam's mind. She wore a dark jacket that looked a little too big for her. Underneath a moss green henley with and plaid flannel. Her dark chestnut hair was cut in a shaggy fly away style that left a fringe of wispy bangs in her hazel eyes. She smiled nervously, dimples appearing in her cheeks which blushed peachy. She seemed to be appraising them as they were her.

"Sam and Dean?" she asked and looked around as if someone might over hear her. "I told her you'd be real." she said her voice pitching to smug and satisfied. "Can I come in?" she asked and cocked her head at the pair. The brothers shook out of their trance and stepped back.

"Yeah, sorry." Dean said, his eyes glued to the female version of his little brother. She came into the room, body language stating that she was on guard but curious about them.

"So I take it you had a visit from Clio and now you are trying to figure out if it was a dream, right?" she asked, smiling and letting her eyes run over the pair again.

"Damn, you are taller than I imagined." she said, looking up at Sam. She stepped up closer to him, matching hazel eyes staring into each other. "It's surreal." she whispered. Sam muttered an agreement as they took each other in.

Dean took that moment to check out her ass. Smiling wide, he wiggled his brows at his brother over her shoulder. Sam frowned at him. The frown caught her attention and she rolled her eyes.

"Stop clocking my ass, Dean." she said without turning. Dean faked indignation for a moment and then shrugged.

"So sue me." he snarked. "When you wonder twins finished mind melding or whatever, mind if I ask what we call you? I mean are you Sam as well?" He wasn't sure how it all worked. The girl turned at last and gave him a funny look.

"Yeah. Sorry. My name is Samantha but most people call me Sami." She held out her hand to Dean. He looked at it for a beat before taking her hand and shaking. She had a firm grip. She was stronger than she looked. He grunted in approval.

"So, where's your sister?" Sam asked smirking at his brother. Dean scowled and then nodded.

"Yeah, why didn't she come with you to 'collect' us?" he asked. Sami's face fell a little and she sighed.

"It's all part of this being stalked thing. For about a week we have been tailed. We can't figure out who or what it is but we just 'know' there is something following us. We lose them but when we stop to sleep or eat, they find us again." she explained and then waved to their duffels. "We need to get you packed up and ready to go. We've estimated that it takes them about an hour to find us once we've stopped moving. Dee wants us ready to roll by the time she gets back." she said and then smiled crookedly.

"Dee wants us ready to roll, huh?" Dean said even as Sam began to gather their things. The taller man nudged his brother with his shoulder.

"Yeah, Dean. That is why we are here, remember?" Sam said his voice heavy with emphasis. Dean shook his head then grabbed his bag and his gun from under his pillow.

"Where did 'Dee' go?" he asked as they stepped out of the room and into the parking lot. Sami walked them to the Impala and opened the trunk so they could stow their bags.

"She is trying to gather some intel before we get back on the road." she said and shrugged. "It's a trucker bar, figured if anyone was cruising around the highways looking suspicious, they would know right?" She said the words but they could both tell she didn't like the situation at all. Dean arched a brow.

"Maybe we should go 'collect' her?" he suggested and Sami looked relieved at it.

"Yeah, we need to get gas and get back on the road anyway." she said looking at her watch. They locked the car and crossed the street to the dingy hole-in-the wall bar.

Before they could reach the door, it burst open with a bang. A large long haired trucker came barreling out and landed on his back at their feet.

The three looked up in surprise as another person came out right behind him. She was striking, toned curves and long legs. Dressed in faded jeans, a dark tee shirt and leather jacket that could have been pulled from Dean's duffel. She seemed unruffled but clearly angered. Short and messy dark bond hair picked up the light from the street lamps giving her a golden hue.

The trucker found himself with a combat boot pressed to his throat. The very pissed off woman leaned down, looking him in the eye.

"For the record, the answer is... No. I have not been waiting for your cock." she snapped and punched the man in the face. The hard blow knocked him out cold.

She stood up and smiled wickedly. Sam stared with wide bug eyes. Sami shook her head and moved to pull the woman away. Dean grinned like an idiot.

"I like her." he said to his brother. Same nodded his head.

"There's a shock." he snarked.

"What the hell, Dee?" Sami hissed. Dee shrugged at the question and gave the trucker a parting kick before letting Sami lead her away.

"Easy." she said and shook the younger women's hold off. "He crossed the line, Sami. Had to put him straight." Dee finally took in the two other people with them.

"So ya found them. Good, let's get the fuck out of here. These rednecks don't know anything." she said and headed across the street toward the car.

"Dee, wait a second. Don't you want to at least say hello?" Sami asked, hurrying to catch up with her sister. Dee stopped in the middle of the parking lot and turned back around, sighing. She looked more closely at the brothers.

"Damn, you are tall." she said, looking Sam up and down. "What are you, part giant?" she joked. Sam gave her a twisted smile, clearly used to the tall jokes. Her green gaze skated over Dean, avoiding direct eye to eye contact.

"Hey, weird to meet ya. Now can we go before the phantom tail returns?" she asked, turning to her sister and motioning to the car.

Sami sighed and folded her arms over her chest. She gave the boys an apologetic smile and nodded her head.

"Yeah, Dee, we need to get gas too." she added as they went to the car.

The sisters climbed into the front, leaving the back for the brothers. Dean sat behind the driver's seat and frowned.

"This is just wrong." he muttered to his brother, making Sam chuckle.

"It's not your car, Dean." Sam whispered and folded his long limbs into the back seat. Sami turned to the side so she could talk to them easier. Dee started thecar and pulled out onto the road.

"There should be a gas station right up here." Sami said, looking at her cell phone and frowning before turning it off. "We have about 20 minutes before they find us again." Dee nodded to her sister.

"I'd really like to avoid that now that we have found Mutt and Jeff." Dee said hooking her thumb back at the brothers.

"Hey!" Twin protests at the nicknames came from the back seat. Dee chuckled and pulled into the station. "I suggest everyone hit the head and get food now if it's needed." she stated before climbing out of the car. "We aren't stopping for along time unless we absolutely have to."