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Chapter 3a

23 hours later

Mary Katherine walked down the sidewalk with her best friend, Maria. They had escaped another tedious day at parochial school. They tittered and gossiped like any other teenage girls. A particularly juicy bit of scandal was interrupted when a shiver ran up the spine of both girls, making them stop and hold their breath. Maria flushed as she felt a funny low down tickle at the sensation. The deep and rumbling purr of a motor drew both girl's attention. Innocent wide eyes watched as the sleek muscle car glided down Main street right past them before pulling into a parking spot across the street. The girls clutched at each other's hands unconsciously. The car went silent and the driver's door squeaked open as a black leather clad leg settled on the pavement with a thump.

Mary Katherine gasped in a breath as her heart thumped in answer.

The figure who climbed out was tall and dressed in black. The leather biker jacket had zippers and buttons of chrome that glinted in the afternoon light. Blue-black tendrils of inked skin snaked up his neck and into the blond hair tucked behind his ear. Maria's eyes tracked up to his face, half obscured by dark sunglasses but what she could see were high cheekbones and full heart-throb worthy lips. She felt another wave of that tickle pass through her body. He caught the girls' stares and smirked.

Their attention was snapped to the right when the passenger's door opened and another man stood up and up and up some more.

Shiny chestnut hair streaked with black fell to wide shoulders. A long black duster exaggerated his mile long legs. Mary Katherine bit her bottom lip as she felt her body tremble. He removed his own shades revealing slanted foxy eyes outlined in dark koel. He winked at the girls and smiled wide. Deep dimples accentuate by the chrome piercings in his full bottom lip made the girls clench their thighs together.

Both men swung the car doors closed and with a tiny nod to each other, they walked across the street. They were headed right toward the two shivering and damp teenagers in short plaid skirts. The driver took off his shades as they stepped up on the curb right in front of the girls. Mary Katherine let slip a gasp as his brilliantly green eyes seemed to look right into her.

"Afternoon, Ladies." His voice was graveled and deep. He let his eyes roam over both nubile bodies before he gave a crooked smile. The tall passenger leaned in and stuck a pair of photos at them. Maria let out a meep sound as his hand brushed hers.

"You haven't, by chance, seen these people?" His smile was dazzling despite his imposing appearance. They girls had trouble looking down at the photos but finally managed it. Maria's brow quirk ed and then she looked back up at the pair. The two photos showed two women and two men. They all looked a great deal like the men standing before her, just not as dark and dangerous.

"Are you family?" she asked in a high wobbly voice. The driver smiled like a shark and the passenger nodded.

"Yes, our...cousins. They ran away after causing a mess and we just want to find them and make sure they are safe." He spoke in a honey smooth tone that had both girls nodding and believing every word.

"They have a matching car to ours, well, close to ours anyway." the driver said throwing a glance back at the suped up cherried muscle car. A flitting memory flashed through one of the girls' mind.

"S-Saw one like it at the diner as we walked here." Mary Katherine said and then smiled a little. "Yeah and I think I saw her going in." she said pointing to the image of a green eyed girl in an army jacket.

The pair exchanged a knowing look and then they smiled at the girls. They asked for directions to the diner. The girls point back the way they came and couldn't help the disappointed sensation as the pair thanked them and stalked off without a further look.

"Dude, we have been driving for hours. Let's just take a moment and go over what we do know and what we need to figure out." Sam said as he looked across the diner table at the sisters. Dee had a stormy expression and shook her head. Sami looked torn. She too was worn out but she could feel the pulse of their followers getting closer.

"We can do that while we drive and then once we get to Robbie's we can really make a plan." Dee answered with her arms crossed over her chest. The proximity of their stalkers was beginning to effect her as well. "You aren't as stupid as you look, Sam. I know you can feel them." she hissed in a lower tone. Dean leaned across the table making the defensive woman pull back a little.

"Maybe we need to let them catch up and find out what we are up against so we can better plan how to gank them? Or are you a pussy?" His eyes flashed challenge at her when she curled her lip in a snarl. Sam sighed and reached to pull his brother back, they didn't need to get into a brawl in the middle of the diner. Besides, he wasn't sure that Dee wouldn't kick his brother's ass, and not just because Dean didn't like hitting girls.

"Easy you two. We need to keep calm." he spoke out the side of his mouth as the waitress came back to see if they wanted anything else. Sam smiled sunnily and nodded at her.

"Yes we would like to know what kind of pie you have." His eyes darted to her name tag. "Please, Darla." The dimples aways did the trick. She giggled and nodded her head.

"You got it. Today we have cherry, peach. coconut cream and chocolate chess." She pulled out her pad and held her pen at the ready. Dean grinned at the selection.

"I'll take a slice of cherry and a slice of chocolate chess." he said and threw in a wink. "And some more coffee please. The waitress giggled again and began to scribble. Sam ordered some peach pie and Dee begrudgingly order a slice of cherry. Sami looked shocked at her sister who simply shrugged.

'"It's pie, Sami." The younger girl sighed and rolled her eyes. She gave in and ordered a slice of peach as waitress bustled off to get their order. "If we are going to do this then I might as well go out with full stomach." she groused and let her shoulders sag.

The thrumming in her blood was getting worse and her heart began to pound as well. She looked at Sam with slightly panicked eyes. "They must be in town." Her whisper made them all shiver.

"Then we will deal with them, there are four of us you know?" Dean snarked as Darla made her way back ladened with pie.

The driver stood in the shade of a tall leafy oak tree, he smoked a cigarette and watched the quintet in the diner. His passenger stepped up behind him and leaned a lot closer than needed.

"We should wait for dark." The taller man advised, looking around them. The street was not a thriving metropolis by any means but there was a fair amount of traffic this late in the day. They were getting some sharp looks from the conservative mid-west population as well.

The driver leaned back into his partner and let out a long plume of smoke.

"Oh the things I'm gonna do to that little cooze." he growled making the passenger wrap his arms around the smaller form.

"And I will film every second of it, baby." he murmured in the driver's ear. The sinister laughter they both gave echoed across the parking lot. Inside the diner, four spines went icy for a beat, making their owners shake and twitch. All four feeling a sliver of dread.