. . . Could it be? Could I have really risen from the dead to continue writing my stories? Why yes, it's true! After a prolonged hiatus because of real life, I am updating again. I guess first off: I'm sorry to anyone who was waiting for an update -_- Truly, I lost inspiration and had no time to sit and write out stories when all I had was writer's block. BUT, here is a new chapter for you guys and I hope you enjoy it! It's sappy, but I like sappy, so I'm asumming you will too xDDD. It's short, but I'm coming back with a longer MiddiexTrowa and another group drabble so please look forward to it! With things said, ONWARDS!

It's a Matter of the Heart: Gundam Wing Drabbles

Prompt 8: Moonlight

Sally loved moonlit nights like this. The gentle breeze brushes aside the translucent curtains as she watches the pale light filter through the room, coloring everything in a lightness that is like sunlight, yet so different from it. She especially loved the way it coated the body lying next to her, coating him in such a manner that he appears to be mythical.

The blonde lets her hand reach out and trace his nude back with gentle fingers, awed that this beautiful man beside her belonged to her. She had fought against this man in the beginning, then she fought to help him while she couldn't find him, and finally fought with him, side by side in battles that changed history. It took years to get him to talk to her, but once they formed a bond, Sally knew that she was one of the special few privy to his life.

Sometimes Sally wondered how she got so lucky, finding a companion that would protect her and love her. Her friends, most who were much younger than her and she knew had beauty in addition to their skills to help them in this field, all had someone special in their lives, but they couldn't compare to her Wufei. Sure Heero was like a superhero to Relena with the way he saved her and guarded her as if she were a precious gemstone rare among all stones. And Duo surely adored Hilde, the only girl in his life who watched his back and took care of a man so broken you couldn't believe his exterior was so happy. Quatre and Dorothy were two intelligent people made to be together, even if sometimes they fought like cats and dogs. Middie and Trowa were quietly content, living their lives together in the same manner you see married old couples who have been together for over half their lives. Noin and Zechs? Well, those two were the together everyone looked up to, the perfect match in everything there existed to be matched.

But here was Wufei, her soul mate. He didn't dote on her night and day, or fawn over her with lavished affection. Nor did he declare his undying feelings for her daily or take her out every night to spend time together. But the young Chinese man gave her those special looks only she understood, that spoke volumes more than words ever could. He brushed her hand so tenderly it set her heart aflame. He whispered her name when they were together in such a manner that it sounds like a prayer, faithful and loving.

". . . Sally?" a voice rumbled drowsily. The addressed blonde stopped her motions on the man's back and smiled softly in the moonlight.

"Yes Wufei?" His body turned to face her and with eyes still closed, his hand reached out for her waist and pulled her into his embrace. The Preventer allowed herself to snuggle into the male, and closed her eyes as well when she felt him running patterns on her back in the same manner she had been doing to him.

"You're beautiful in the moonlight." She smiled at their similar thoughts and hugged him closer to her body.

"So are you."


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