Prologue – Saving Harry Potter

"People must help one another; it is nature's law."


Albus Dumbledore was not perfect. Even he, a man one hundred fourteen years of age, could make such life-altering mistakes. Of course, the decisions he made could not be considered mistakes until it was too late to be considered the right choice. Most often than not, however, Albus was correct on his educated guesses and assumptions, which was why so many people blindly trusted him to be the leader. The unfortunate thing about being wrong in Albus' case was that the mistakes he made had devastating, unexpected consequences. It had happened first with someone he had trusted explicitly and had fallen madly in love with only to be so cruelly betrayed that he never shared his heart intimately with anyone else. Then it had happened again with his own student, a bright young man whom Albus had considered making his protégée until said boy started to follow in his ex-lover's footsteps. And now, years later when he didn't think anything else could go so dreadfully wrong, Albus had lost the Wizarding world's savior.

Not in the literal sense, mind you. No, Albus' mistake could have cost the Wizarding world a lot more than it would have if the Boy Who Lived had chosen to run away. Instead, Albus not only betrayed the fragile trust of one very important Harry Potter, but he had also consequentially helped traumatize the child savior. It wasn't his intention when he kept Harry in the Tri-Wizard tournament to ruin the young teenager's life; no, that's not what he had wanted at all. Although it was unfair that Harry had to grow up rather quickly and he didn't wish to add even more weight on the poor boy's shoulders, Harry was entered in a magically binding contract. There was absolutely no way out of it, not without severely harming Harry. Albus hadn't expected for poor Cedric Diggory to be another casualty of Voldemort's and for Harry to be witness to that monster's return. That had seemed to be the catalyst of a series of unfortunate events. As a result, the Diggory family would bury their only son pre-maturely, Voldemort was ripped apart because of Harry's magic reacting to his anger, and, now, Harry resembled a zombie more than anything.

Instead of the bright and lively boy that loved to spend time with his friends and family, there was a stranger in his place. Those bright emerald eyes that were like doors to Harry's soul were now dull and empty, the lively spark that used to reside in them dead. His face was now sunken in and Albus knew for a fact that he hadn't had anything to eat for the past three days at least, according to Miss Hermione Granger. Harry's skin, which had been a golden tan, was now clammy white and there were now dark bags under his eyes—a result of not sleeping for fear of nightmares, according to Mister Ronald Weasley. He resembled nothing but a shell of the happy teenager he had once been and Albus was to blame for that. Had he been more capable of protecting Harry from the beginning, then Cedric would be alive and Harry wouldn't be so crushed right now. The elderly Headmaster didn't know what to do or even how to begin to help a depressed boy such as Harry. He stroked his long beard in contemplation, his brows furrowed in thought. And, when his frustration was about to hit the roof, an idea rammed into him like the Hogwarts Express. He had only one chance left and, damn it all, he was going to make this work.

Grabbing the Floo powder, Albus threw a pinch in the fireplace and called, "Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress' office."

Minerva blinked in surprise. "Albus, what can I do for you?"

"Could you please send Mr. Potter up here? I need to speak with him."

Minerva's eyes narrowed as she set down her quill and turned her full attention towards the elderly man's head in the fire. "What are you planning, Albus? The poor boy has been through enough!"

"I merely wish to speak with Mr. Potter regarding his living arrangements for the summer," Albus soothed gently.

"Those Muggles are absolutely horrid, Albus! Why must you insist on sending Mr. Potter there year after year? They are the most unfit guardians I've ever had the displeasure of seeing and the way they speak to their own flesh and blood is abusive."

"Minerva, the reason why Harry must return to the Dursleys is because of the—"

"Blood protection wards, so you've told me," Minerva snapped. "Still, I must continue to protest adamantly about the placement of Mr. Potter."

Albus smiled at how riled up his Deputy Headmistress was getting on behalf of Harry. "Minerva, I wish to inform Harry that he is to spend his summer at Grimmauld Place with Sirius," he told her gently.

"And I will continue to fight you on this, Albus! Mr. Potter deserves t—" Minerva abruptly stopped talking and blinked in surprise. "I beg your pardon?"

"You were right all along, Minerva," Albus admitted. "Young Harry will not return to the Dursley residence. I believe Harry needs now, more than ever, the comfort only his godfather can provide. I will be adding extra protections to Grimmauld Place, and Harry will spend the summer with Sirius."

"What about the blood wards?" Minerva asked suspiciously, not believing Albus to give up so quickly. The elderly man was extremely stubborn and she'd tried unsuccessfully for years to get Albus to allow Harry a life outside of the Dursley residence during the summer.

Albus sighed, feeling very old. "There is no point in keeping Harry safe with the blood wards if it risks his mental health. Mr. Diggory's death has affected Harry deeply and if we send him back to his aunt's house, I'm afraid he will be as good as dead. They are, as you said, unfit guardians."

Minerva felt her indignation and anger at Albus fade slightly, remembering that the Headmaster was only human. "Why send him to unfit guardians in the first place?" she asked softly.

Albus gazed at his dear friend sadly. "You know me, Minerva. It was necessary for the cause that, although he was mistreated, Harry was completely safe and protected from Death Eaters and the threat of Voldemort's return. The ends would justify the means. Voldemort is gone, now. Death Eaters would still need to be taken care of, but Harry can rest now. His destiny is complete. I have already wronged the boy deeply. Mark my words, I will rectify past mistakes."

Minerva smiled softly. "I will go get Mr. Potter," she murmured as she stood up.

Albus nodded his head. "Thank you, Minerva."

Minerva smoothed imaginary wrinkles from her robes. "That boy has been through more trials than he's deserved. He's saved the entire Wizarding world when we needed him; it's about time we repaid the favor."

A/N: My contribution to the Jacob/Harry community. This is canon until OoTP for the HP timeline and I'm just going to go banana sandwich on the Twilight timeline. This was inspired by the book In the Midnight Hour by Kimberly Raye (read it, it's amazing!) along with songs and the dreamcatchers hanging in my room. See profile for info on updates, etc. Please review!