Slight change on S03/E04. From McGee to Gibbs. The events with her cross tattoo might be a little off.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs was always intrigued by Abby. Intrigued not just by the way she dressed, not just by her hair, her bubbly personality or even her expertise in forensics- but by her tattoos. He kept a keen interest in what tattoos she had, where they were and what they were of. It wasn't until recently that he found out about her newest edition. Gibbs strolled into the Goths lab, expecting some kind of result from their current case- spotting her in the ballistics lab. He had noticed her through the glass changing her top. Spotting her newly inked lower back he had cocked his head to the side, it took a few moments for him to realise that Abby was out of ballistics and standing in front of him with a smirk on her face.

"You see something you like, Special Agent Gibbs?" She purred. Just the tone of her voice was enough to send a shiver down his spine and she knew it.

"I do, Abs." He responded.

As she was about to ask if he wanted to see the tattoo he had beaten her to it. She was about to lift her top slightly as she turned before him, but felt his hands on her shoulders pushing her forward into ballistics. He gently closed the door behind them as he pressed Abby up against the nearest wall- stomach first.

"Gibbs! What're you doing?" She squealed as she felt his hands move to her hips to hold her in place.

"I want to see your tattoo, Abby." He said matter-of-factly, breathing in her ear. He leant forward and pressed a feather-light kiss to the spider web tattoo on her neck.

Gibbs slightly squeezed her hips before slipping his hands under her black top, slowly dragging it slowly up over her skin.

"All you had to do-" She started, "was ask!" gasping out her words as she felt his callous hands graze over her lower back.

There were a few moments of silence that made Abby to want to turn around, but his hands were back on hips- still keeping her in place. It wasn't until Gibbs' lips brushed over her skin that she realised he'd dropped to his knees behind her. He traced the lower portion of the cross with his lips, lightly brushing and nibbling at her skin.

Abby shivered and he felt it, causing him to grin against her skin.

"Gibbs." Abby sighed, letting her head fall against the cool wall in front of her.

He gripped her hips again, motioning for her to turn around. As she did, Gibbs grasped both her hands, turning them both over in his hands. Raising her right hand up, he studied the small smiley face tattoo that she had on her middle finger, bringing it to his lips- he kissed it.

He repeated this action with the 'P' on her right wrist, the three triangles on the inside of her left wrist, the infinity symbol on her right upper forearm and the 'R.I.P' lettering on her left upper forearm. Standing before her looking intently into her eyes. He lowered his head to hers, gently grazing his lips against hers.

As he pulled away and out of the room just as quickly as it had happened. She was stunned. Did that just happen? No. It couldn't haveā€¦ could it?


Just seconds as Gibbs left ballistics, McGee walks out of the elevator and into the lab. Nodding to his boss as he walked past he made his way up to Abby. Concern spread across his features as he looked in Abby's eyes.

"Abby, are you okay?"

"I feel like I've just been frisked." She sighed dreamily.

McGee didn't fully grasp her meaning, "You look a little flushed. Do you want me to get Ducky?"

She caught a quick glimpse of Gibbs as he turned around in the elevator. Raising his hands he signed, I'll see you later. Then sent a wink her way.

"Oh, no. I'm fine" She sighed.

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