This isn't my first fanfiction but it's the first one I've actually put on a website and I hope you like it. It's sort of going to be like a chapter on each person in the Glee club and they're super short.. Anyways, I hope you like it :)

Just Another Day.

Artie felt like a loser. Hell, he was a loser. He was in Glee club and in a wheel chair! And even though he was on the football team there was still no hope that Karofsky and Azimio to back off, Finn was proof of that. As he though this he wheeled himself to his locker and sat there absent mindedly gazing into it. He'd had the same locker since 8th grade but it barely had anything in it. He had kind of always thought of it as a metaphor for his life. Empty. Sure, Glee had introduced him to a bunch of awesome new people and he was friends with everyone in the club, but he always felt as though something was missing. It wasn't love, he was dating Brittany who, although she was a cheerio and absolutely gorgeous, lacked a lot of the knowledge one would learn in preschool, but he loved her all the same. He's family had always told him that as long as he had some kind of love in his life he should always be happy. He had his music and Brittany, but still he felt like he was missing something. Something great. He didn't want to sound selfish, but it was hard to be happy when you felt so empty and it pained him to think about it, but lately it was all he could think about.

'Yet another day of silent torture.' He thought to himself as the first period bell rang through out the halls. He slowly wheeled himself to his class and sighed sadly.

'Just another day.'