Not Just The Other Asian – Mike Chang.

As he sat in his history class, Mike Chang glanced across room at his girlfriend, Tina. He unconsciously smiled at himself as he thought about how much he'd changed over the year. He had a girlfriend that he loved, he sang in front of actual an actual audience instead just mucking around in his room or along with the radio. He had more self confidence as well, before Glee, he would refuse to dance outside his room but then just last year he danced in front of probably 1000 people at regional's, and now he also had a name. People didn't just call him 'Abs' or 'The other Asian', they called him Mike. He was proud of himself, and if he had the chance to go back and change anything, he wouldn't. He didn't really care if Azimio or Karofsky thought he was gay, because they were idiots and he was clearly dating Tina. And all the change in him had happened because of Glee Club, if it wasn't for Glee he would still be 'The other Asian' and just another jock and he wouldn't have properly met Tina. Glee changed him for the better and he liked the new Mike Chang and was happier now than he'd ever been before.