A/N – a one shot, post Furt.

Kurt drove into the driveway of his new home after a Friday night at the movies with his best friend Mercedes. The house was dark since the rest of his family was away for the weekend at some sporting event in Cleveland. Kurt didn't mind, he liked having the house to himself sometimes. Kurt parked his SUV and headed towards the side door that leads into the kitchen. He turned around to point the key fob at his vehicle to lock it when he was grabbed from behind. One hand wrapped around his torso, tightly pinning him against his attacker while another hand covered his mouth before he could cry out.

Kurt struggled to free himself from his attacker. He felt hot breath in his ear. His attacker whispered "Stop struggling. I won't hurt you. I only want to hold you." Kurt knew immediately who the voice belonged to, Dave Karofsky! What the hell was Karofsky doing? "I mean it Kurt, stop trying to get away. Hold still." the voice commanded, "I only want to be close to you for a little while. I miss you."

Kurt decided to stop struggling against the bigger boy. Maybe that would end this humiliating episode. As Kurt stood there, he felt Karofsky's hot breath on his neck. This feeling was followed by the touch of Karofsky's lips on the back of his neck. The jock's kisses moved up the smaller boy's neck until he felt his earlobe being gently tongued and sucked. Kurt heard Karofsky sign and could swear he hear him say "I love you."

"Did you hear me, Kurt? I said I love you. I mean it."

Kurt nodded his head, since he couldn't speak with the sweaty hand over his mouth. Kurt felt Karofsky grinding his hips into his body. "Oh my God! Karofsky has an erection." Kurt thought to himself, his stomach turning. It seemed like forever, standing there having the Neanderthal grinding his crotch into Kurt's hip, kissing his neck.

Karofsky's breathing got faster and harder, his sighs turning into moans, groans and grunts. Suddenly, the jock's entire body stiffened as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life. Karofsky gasped "Fuck Kurt, I love you!" The grinding slowly came to a halt and Kurt felt his attacker's hot breath on his neck. Then he felt a hot, wet liquid trickling down his neck. Karofsky's breathing had turned into quite sobbing and his tears were running off his face onto Kurt's neck.

"I'm sorry." Karofsky repeated softly, over and over as he softly cried, holding Kurt tightly to his body, slowly rocking from side to side.

After a few minutes, the jock cleared his throat and then threw the smaller boy onto the concrete driveway. Karofsky ran down the driveway into the street. As Kurt slowly recovered from the shock, he heard an engine start and tires screeching against the street as a car drove away.