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Blaine really had been trying hard to resist the boy dancing in front of him wearing a cheerleading outfit, but it was just no use. He was so god damn sexy.

Blaine really needed to find something that turned Kurt on...

First he tries leaving his hair loose over the weekend. Kurt likes it but it sure isn't doing the same to him as Kurt's cheerleading is.

He starts going for that sexy look: loose tie, shirt unbuttoned a little and he is even bold enough to leave his flies open. Kurt really does like that one, but still, not working like a switch.

Kurt knew what his boyfriend was doing, and he wasn't going to let on anytime soon. He didn't think Blaine would find out what he liked anytime soon, and he liked having that small edge over the older boy.

So when he walked in to say goodnight to his boyfriend, he didn't expect to find himself incredibly flustered.

'Hey sweetheart. Are you okay?' Blaine was looking at his expression worriedly. He was relaxing on his bed with a well-worn Harry Potter novel, his hair wet from his shower. But it wasn't his gorgeous curls or his loose sweats that were turning him on. It was the pair of thick, black glasses propped on his nose.

'Kurt? Darling, what is it?' Blaine had jumped up, frowning.

The junior walked up to him and pushed him back onto the bed, kissing him fiercely. Blaine chuckled.

'What did it to you?'

Kurt sighed. 'It's the glasses. They are so...strangely sexy.'

Blaine raised an eyebrow at him. 'Really? Because I used to get "nerdy" and "geeky". Sure you're not just trying to make me look like a fool?'

As if in response, Kurt kissed him deeply, straddling him. The senior groaned.

'Who am I to complain?'

'Well I am! I'm sleeping here tonight!' A rather indignant Wes yelled from the doorway.

Kurt blushed and slipped off of his boyfriend. 'Sorry Wes. Trust me, that was not intentional.'

The boy just held his hands up. 'I don't even want to know.

Kurt had hoped that was the last time he'd be weakened by the sight of geeky glasses on his boyfriend. But oh, it wasn't.

He was sitting in Warblers when it happened. Blaine walked in sporting a pair of hot pink sunglasses, and Kurt melted.


It didn't help when Blaine leaned over his shoulder and whispered a greeting. Kurt was turning a delicate pink.

'Hmm what's wrong? Don't like my glasses?' Blaine teased, kissing his neck.

Kurt decided to repay him right there and then. He turned and planted a full open-mouthed kiss on the surprised senior. Nick whistled loudly at them. But just as he started to respond, Kurt pulled away, giving him an evil wink.

They both turned as someone sighed loudly from the doorway. 'Why do I keep walking in on you two?'

'They weren't exactly being private Wes.' David murmured, a grin of amusement on his face.

Kurt turned away and paid as much attention as humanly possible while someone is gently running their hands over your side. The junior shifted but that just exposed a strip of skin between his shirt and his pants that Blaine really liked.

As soon as Warblers practice was over, Kurt grabbed Blaine's tie and almost dragged him into his room. The boy was chuckling as Kurt pressed him up against the door, practically ripping off his shirt.

'So, you really do like glasses.'

'So, you really do like cheerleaders.'

'Only the sexy ones.' Blaine murmured as he led Kurt to his bed, hoping that no one walked in on them this time.

Like that wasn't going to happen.

The door burst open and they heard someone say, 'Hey Kurt you forgot your sheet-oh for the love of god!' The door slammed shut.

Poor Wes.

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