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Chapter Eighteen

Sasuke sighed in relief when his brother left him and their cousin. He nearly blurted out their secret and broke his promised to Kagome-nee-chan. Through he did feel a bit guilty for lying to his brother. He turned to Shisui and was about to thank him for saving him but only to find his saviour looking at him with a sour expression on his face.

"What?" He asked.

"It's your fault." His cousin blamed him.

Sasuke looked confused, "What do you mean?"

"I'm going to be the one who will receive the beating." His cousin said and sighed deeply. His shoulder slumped and Sasuke felt a little bit guilty about what happened.

"I kn-," he began but was interrupted by Shisui.

"He will know it sooner or later." His cousin whispered. His whole body stiffened as he stood under shock. He could only stare at him cousin. He wasn't sure who he should interpret that sentence. 'Does he know who she was? If so, why didn't he tell his brother?'

When he remained in silence, his cousin turned with a pointed look at him before he disappeared. He then pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to find a solution for this problem. He neither wanted to lie to his brother nor did he want his cousin beaten by his brother. But breaking the promise he made was not a solution either. Sis had, after all, helped him awaken his Clan's doujutsu. It was not a nice experience but the result was what counted.

oOOo– Flashback –oOOo–

He was training with his two teammates when Haku's sister walked in, dazed and feverish. She was as red as a tomato. He snorted when she nearly tripped over her own feet in her dazed. In the corner of his eyes, he watched as Haku run towards his sister asking about her well-being. He rolled his eyes, when Haku's sister stuttered the answer – still red as ever.

He groaned when he heard Haku asking his sister to train with them. Couldn't they see that she was not the ninja type at all? He hoped she would decline. To his horror, she accepted, smiling happily even. He glared at her hard. He frowned. His glare didn't seem to work on her. He frowned even more when she looked at him with a strange look in her eyes; she blinked before she asked him to join. He, in return, only narrowed his eyes at her and snorted. She looked a little bit sad when he decline but he could care less.

When his teammates began their training under her introductions, he stood his eyes away from the three and he wasn't willing to participle. However, from the corner of his eyes, he watched as Haku, his teammate, formed a whip of water. Haku sent the dobe flying across the field, in favour of his curiosity he turned and followed the match.

'How did he do that?' He was not aware that one could use water that way. Haku didn't even use a seal to perform the technique, so how was that possible? He walked towards Haku's sister and soon he stood next to her. He watched as the dobe rose and lunged at Haku. Sasuke peeked from the corner of his eyes at the person next to him, only to see her smiling. Her eyes had that proud look in them just like his mother had when she looked at him or Itachi.

"Amazing, aren't they?" She said suddenly, startled him. Her eyes followed the fighting pair's movement. Surely, she didn't mean the dobe while he didn't have anything against Haku. That boy was good in his own league.

"Hn." His answer caused her to giggle and he arched a brow.

"What's with their 'hn?" She murmured and their eyes met for a second before she focused on the dobe and Haku again.

"Did you teach him?" he asked as he watched the dobe created clones and the clones began to attack their opponent, who in return jumped high enough to escape them.

"You mean the technique my brother used?" She asked, knowing what he meant.


"Yes, I did."

He eyed her, waiting for her to continue but she didn't. He waited and waited, when he realised she wasn't going to talk he settled with observing the still fighting pair. While his eyes were busy with watching, his mind retreated to analyse how Haku managed to perform the water whip. After ponding many possibilities that he could come with and his mind still couldn't give him an explanation, he sighed, frustrated. He was about to ask her when she interrupted him.

"Are you interested in learning?" She asked her eyes focused on the dobe and her brother. His eyes met her profile as he stared at her. He blinked a few times before his mind registered what she had said. He could see a small version of him jumped excitedly, screaming 'yes' and nodding like there was no tomorrow.

"Can I?" He asked instead of acting that foolish idea his mind came up with. She turned to look at him, and a small smile made its way on her lips.

"Why not?" His own eyes widened as he held her gaze before a big grin appeared on his face.

"Sasuke-kun." She said and he gave her his full attention.

"Can you activate your doujutsu?" She asked out of blue. His grin froze immediately. Sasuke avoided her eyes and suddenly he found the ground more interesting than anything else. To his shame, he had to say that he had yet to activate his Clan's famous doujutsu. While his feet draw small circles on the ground, he timidly whispered the answer.

"No." It was a stab in his pride that he couldn't achieve the Sharingan that his brother mastered at the age of seven.

"Hmm… what is the usual way to activate the Sharingan?" She questioned. He was hesitant to answer that question. His father forbade him to talk with someone outside the Uchiha Clan about the doujutsu. He decided to go against his father's order.

"Usually a near-death experience is needed to awaken the power." She gasped.

"There is no other way to awaken it?" She frowned when he shook his head. "Has anyone of your Clan ever tried a different way to awaken it?" He shook his head again.

"Then we have to approach this differently." Sasuke eyed her. 'What does she mean by that?'

"Sasuke-kun, are you familiar with elemental nature transformation?"

"Yes, I am. My Clan is proficient with that type of technique – especially with Fire Release." He told her proudly and she looked pleased with the information he told her.

"Great. It will make it easier for you to learn how to do a similar technique to Haku's water whip." She clapped her hands – a sign for the dobe and Haku to stop fighting. Giving him her attention again, she smiled and said.

"I'd like to see you performing a Fire Release." He gladly would show her that. The technique pleased his father when he mastered it. "That's my boy." His father had said. It was the first time his father praised him. He would never forget that day.

Jumping high and away from her, Sasuke performed the required hand seals and then he expelled a massive orb of roaring flame from his mouth. When the fire died, it left a crater on the ground's surface. Landing softly on the ground he stood on his full height with a smug smile. His smile grew wider when he saw her eyes widened. He knew that most genin shouldn't be able to do this technique. 'However, I am not most genin.' He smirked inwardly.

"Wow, this was unexpected. It's really amazing that you are able to perform that technique at such young age." She praised, stroking on his ego. It was one of his best attacks. "Well, if you're already this far, then let's skip over some steps." She inhaled before she started talking again.

"To create the whip like Haku's isn't easy. Haku has the ability to manipulate water that makes it easier for him to create the whip. Since you're the fire type, it would be best to create a fire whip instead of a water whip." He nodded in understanding.

"Forming a whip, you will have to use the fire that you created from your own chakra. That means when you released flames, the flames must contains at least a little from your chakra. Then you need to concentrate you chakra on your fingertips. Hold your hand near your fireball and then focus to connect the two chakras. Command it to transform into the weapon you want." She explained to him. Sasuke listened to her closely.

"I see."

"It is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have a great control over your chakra and you must have a clear idea of what you want. Never doubt yourself. Always be cool-headed and always have your goal set in front of your eyes." She said and he nodded in understanding. He waited for her to continue but she only looked like she was deep in thought.

"…I wonder if this could work…" She murmured, getting off the topic.

"What could work?" He asked her and suddenly he found himself looking at a happy face with a bright smile. He tilted his head.

"Yeah, what could work nee-chan?" Two voices said in union and repeated Sasuke's action. Ignoring the questions, she turned to him.

"Close your eyes." She said.


"I'd like to test something." When she saw his hesitation, she added. "Trust me on this, okay?" He didn't know how to answer her, so just did as his gut feeling told him. He closed his eyes as introduced. Although he couldn't see what she was doing but he knew that she did something. He felt sudden warmth wrap around him, but he had no idea where that came from.

Something flickered. A scene appeared in front of him. Someone stood in the middle of a field. The image became clearer as he walked towards the person. His eyes widened when he recognised the person. The person who stood there, covered in blood, was none other than himself. With a trembling form he looked around and couldn't help when a gasp left his mouth. Dead bodies. He took a step closer. His vision watered and became blurred.

'It cannot be! This could not happen! There is no way this could…!' His mind screamed but no words escaped , mother and Onii-sama and his teammates…how? He slumped to the ground and raised his head and let out an anguished cry. He bolted up when laughter that caused him to shiver filled the air. A figure stepped out. His eyes burnt with anger when he recognised the person. It was Neji Hyūga.

"How beautiful the scene is. Don't you think so?" That bastard asked, the voice colder than ice. "However, I expected much better from an Uchiha." He sneered at the last word.

"You- You, son of bitch!" Sasuke screamed, "You will pay!"

"Why should I pay for your actions?" His voice sounded full of false innocent. "If my eyes are not betraying me, then it is you who is covered in your families and friends' blood," He said, gesturing at the bloodied bodies and laughed. The laughter echoed. It only fuelled the rage Sasuke felt. He could not hold it back any longer and lunged at the Hyūga.

He felt a prickling in his eyes. His eyes began to bleed. He paid it no mind. His only thoughts were how to kill the bastard of a Hyūga in the cruellest way – a slow and painful death. When Sasuke was only a few inches away from him; the Hyūga suddenly disappeared. 'What the…?'

"…Open your eyes, Sasuke-kun." A voice called softly to him and he listened and opened his eyes.

oOOo– End of Flashback –oOOo–

Still, even now he couldn't believe that he mastered the Sharingan. He hadn't told a soul of this and planned not to. Not yet at least. He wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. His family would be proud of him; no doubt. He still had not talked with his family about his awakened doujutsu. Maybe with this, he finally will be able to step out of his older brother's shadow.

Ever since his birth, the shadow of his brother followed him along, everyone he met always asked about his prodigy of a brother before asking about him. Everything he did was compared with his brother. He only sought for his father's approval, not asking much. He worked hard and studied vigorously, had always been at the top of everything in and outside the academy. He did everything to be intact with the Uchiha image.