Electric Storm

By: doctorrosetyler

Summary: The Doctor and Rose are trapped on an island after a rather unfortunate accident. Perhaps this is what they needed? 10/Rose

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Delta Goodrem's song "Electric Storm", though both are brilliant.

She stood on the small island he had landed them on, gazing in awe at the sky above them. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The sky was a dark, swirling mass of purples and blues. Lightning lit up the ocean for a split second, turning everything into shadows and shades of blue electricity.

His hand tightened around hers; pulling her from the shore and back into the shelter he had built. Just as they huddled under the lean-to, made of palm fronds (or something like that…this wasn't exactly earth), the rain thundered down.

"I'm so sorry I got you into this" he said, pulling her closer to keep her warm. It was a good thing his body temperature ran hotter than hers. Well, good for her anyway. He must be freezing. An image of his offended expression popped into her mind 'Time Lords don't get cold, Rose' cartoon-Doctor said. She giggled (in her head, of course. It wouldn't do to laugh out loud right now, with his face so serious and guilty.) and held his hand tighter in hers, feeling the warmth seep into her veins. She smiled at him. She was exhausted, sore, hungry, and cold. But she smiled for him.

"Doctor, I'd much rather be in this mess with you than at home, working in that shop. Especially if that means you'd be here alone." He smiled that sad smile that meant something was going on in that enormous head of his.

"Sometimes I would rather be alone than have you hurt." He winced as he looked down at the wound in her leg. It was healing nicely, but it still looked red and painful.

She shook her head. "I wouldn't."

He cupped her face in his hands, pulling her eyes to meet his. "I'm going to get us out of this. After that, we can talk about-"he cut himself off and sighed. "Good night." He pulled the makeshift blanket over them and promptly fell asleep (or the Time Lord version of sleep) with his head on her shoulder, holding her to him (to keep her warm, of course).

Fighting for no reward, cold in the rain

I'm tossing and turning your words ever burning my heart

She lay there, thinking on his words. What had he meant? Talk about what? About the day before? That wasn't really a kiss; they just…got caught up in the heat of the moment.

Oh, who was she kidding? She snogged the hell out of him. To be fair, he had returned the kiss with more passion than she had. It wasn't entirely her fault.

She tried really hard, but she just couldn't fall asleep. She was exhausted and just wanted to escape this harsh reality they had found themselves in, but all she could think about were his words and the feel of his body pressed against hers. His warmth was comforting.

Love's an electric storm of pleasure and pain

Where thunder and lightning are crashing and striking us down

It was so strange, with him. One minute she felt beautiful and so in love with him. During those moments, like the kiss they had shared, she felt that maybe he might love her too. Those moments were often followed by swift denial on both parts, and she was left feeling empty. She always thought, 'maybe this time, he won't dismiss it. Maybe this time, he'll kiss me again.' But he always ignored it, moving past it swiftly as if it had been nothing at all.

But it was different this time. They both knew that kiss wasn't just nothing. It was years of repressed passion released in a moment of intense emotion. She knew, however, that those emotions could never be revealed, unless they wanted things to change beyond repair.

She lay in his arms all night, listening to the thunder and rain. The lightning through the entrance illuminated his sleeping face, and she finally fell asleep to the sound of his two hearts.

Two people shipwrecked, stranded alone

Praying for dry land, to save our souls

They had come to this planet for the storms. "They're beautiful, Rose! Truly magnificent!" he had said, as he circled the console. They landed at midday and rented a boat to go out to the island. Unfortunately, the Doctor had forgotten about the giant humibularan (whale things with flat heads). One had attacked their ship when they had almost reached the island. They managed to swim to shore, but they were stranded on the island. They were doing fine as far as survival went, but they had been out here for three days. Being alone with no distractions was making it difficult to ignore the tension between them.

Hurricane season just knocked us down

Emotional suicide running the ground

There were constant thunderstorms, which made it pretty easy to get fresh water. This made survival much easier. There were plenty of materials on the island for the Doctor to build them a new boat; one that wasn't blue (the color that attracted the horrid whale creatures…why would the locals even make blue boats?) that would take them safely back to the mainland and the TARDIS.

They just had to survive the next two weeks of the hurricane season. It was far too risky to go out on the water when there were constant storms knocking their boat about. They couldn't risk it. So they stayed on the island, practicing their survival techniques and trying their best to ignore the feelings they had for one another.

It was much more difficult here than it was in the TARDIS. The sentient ship had so many rooms and hallways, so many places they could go to avoid one another when the tension became too much, that it wasn't as hard there. It was still difficult to ignore how much she wanted to pull his grinning face to hers and snog him senseless. Sometimes she felt that he thought the same.

But that was impossible. Because they were just friends. And friends didn't make out with each other in the middle of a thunderstorm on a cold beach on a distant planet.

Or…err…maybe they did. It certainly didn't mean anything. After all, he was a 904 year old Time Lord. And she was a desperately in love 23 year old human. She would be dead and gone long before he would be. He may not even regenerate in that time. They could be lovers for a few years, but then people would start to think she was his mother. Then his grandmother. She couldn't live with that. He would be scorned when people found out the truth; they wouldn't understand the depth of their love. They wouldn't understand that underneath his skin, he was far older than she would ever be.

That didn't make his raggedy dress shirt any less sexy. And it didn't deter her from running her hands through his hair every chance she got, just to brush the sand away.

It certainly hadn't stopped her from kissing him.

They had been standing on the beach, watching the lightning hit the water and light up the sky. It was breathtaking. She hadn't been watching where she was going, and she stepped on a prickly gorkle. The creature shot a needle up through her leg, slashing the skin on her calf. The Doctor quickly pulled the needle out of her leg, throwing the offending animal into the water. She had watched his face as he stitched up the wound. His hand on her thigh hadn't distracted her one bit, no matter how lovely that stroking thing he was doing with this thumb was. No, not one bit. He had looked so worried and afraid when he soaked up the blood with a bit of cloth torn from his sleeve that she forgot where his hands were and focused solely on him. When he had finished treating her wound, he had turned to her. She was sprawled out on the sand, her leg in his lap. He moved from her leg to her head, pulling her to sit up and cupping her cheek with his hand.

That's when she really met his eyes. They were so deep and beautiful. His eyes went far past the physical. It was like she was looking into him. In one instant, she saw more of himself- could swear she saw all of his incarnations looking back at her.

Thunder crashed around them, but neither of them noticed the sound. There was an intensity building between them, electricity sparking wherever they touched. Her heart was pounding in her chest, her breath coming in short, quiet, pants. Something was building and neither of them was willing to stop it this time.

Without thinking at all she pulled his face down to hers. The kiss was searing, burning its way into her memories and eliciting more of a response from him than she had expected. She thought he would pull away, chastise her for trying something like that with him.

Instead, he hauled her closer and kissed her harder. His tongue ran along her bottom lip and she opened for him. His tongue slipped into her mouth; gently at first he stroked her tongue with his own. His fingers slipped down to the bandage on her leg, and the kiss changed. What was gentle became rough and passionate. His hand slipped back into her hair and angled her head so that he could kiss her deeper. She returned it with equal passion, pulling his face to hers even harder. Their mouths separated and met again more times than she could count, each time at a different angle, and each time more intense. She felt that the kiss was far deeper than physical. They were trying to become one person, and she could feel his desperation.

The rain broke them apart. She wasn't sure how long they had been kissing, but what had been afternoon was now nightfall. She looked to his face and could see from the look in his eyes that he was going to walk away. She grabbed him by the shoulders, begging him silently that he wouldn't ignore that- he couldn't. There were so many feelings in that kiss.

Fighting for no reward, cold in the rain

I'm tossing and turning your words ever burning my heart

Then she saw the fear in his eyes. Things would change if he admitted to those feelings. He would give himself to her irrevocably, and then she would die. She would someday leave him, though it would never be by choice, and he would be broken. Perhaps it would be worse than the Time War.

She did the only thing she could do. She let him out of it. She looked up into his eyes and said "Maybe we should get out of the rain? Start a fire, yeah?"

The relief in his eyes was tinged with great regret. She was sure her eyes were the same.

Love's an electric storm of pleasure and pain

Where thunder and lightning are crashing and striking us down

So now, here she was. Alone in a lean-to after her third night in the Doctor's warm arms. He had woken earlier and gone to collect more wood. If they were going to be there for three weeks, he wanted to make a better shelter; one where they could have the fire inside. She sighed, getting up from her place on the soft bed he had made, and went about collecting food.

She found a small tide pool a short distance from the camp and started pulling mussels from it. Picking up snails, she checked the water running out of them. Green. That wouldn't do. This tide pool was poison. She continued along the beach. It wasn't the most difficult job, finding food. There was the whole ocean to catch fish from (sometimes the Doctor cheated and used his sonic to stun fish and catch them) and a rather large island with plenty of fruit and wildlife on it.

She heard a loud grunt to her right. Surprised, she turned and went into the trees to investigate. They had carefully checked their island for other people the moment they got there. Continuing through the brush, she began to hear the sounds of chopping and the sonic screwdriver whirring. Just what was the Doctor doing out here?

She entered the clearing to find a rather large building. It was old and run down. She could still hear the Doctor somewhere nearby, but she was slightly distracted by the large structure. The building was about the same size as her mum's flat, though the ceilings were a bit lower. She went in the door. Shafts of light came down from the remaining holes in the ceiling, enough to illuminate the inside. There was very little dust on the floor. The Doctor had already cleaned it out really well. The windows were still intact, and there were patches on the walls. He must have been fixing this place for the past two days. She turned to the inside and saw a small fireplace and chimney being built. Her smile widened. Her Doctor was bloody brilliant.

She turned to the sound of shuffling near the door. The Doctor dropped the wood he was carrying.

"Rose…what are you doing here?" he asked, picking his things back up quickly to hide the fact that he had dropped them to begin with.

She smiled at him "I heard noises and wondered what you were doing. So this is where you've been going the past few days?"

He nodded, setting to work building the fireplace. (She thought to herself that it was about time he added wood settings to the sonic) She went to help him. "Why didn't you tell me? I could have been helping you." She said, holding the wood he was sonicking.

He shook his head. "It was supposed to be a surprise. I found this place when I first went looking for a place to stay. I thought it would be perfect if I could fix it up a bit. We can't spend three weeks in that little shelter, can we?"

She wasn't thinking much when she said "With you, I don't really mind."

His eyes met hers and she saw some of that ancient regret behind them, before he smiled. "I think just one more night in that little thing will be enough time for me to fix this place up for us."

She couldn't help how excited she was about that. She only hoped that she would still get to spend the nights in his arms.

After a few hours of helping him on their new shelter, she went back out in search for food. She promised him that she wouldn't return to the shelter until he told her it was finished. They had a new shelter, yeah, but they still had to eat. Armed with her very own sonic, which the Doctor had given her for her birthday, she went about catching fish. Foraging wasn't doing much anyway.

She couldn't help but feel that this was all a bit domestic. He wasn't just making her a house on this island. He was surprising her with a home that he had built, however makeshift it may be. She smiled at the thought. So, maybe they couldn't be together in the way they both wanted. If that was the case, then Rose decided to herself that the Doctor would always know that he was loved. If she died today or in eighty years, the Doctor would always know that she was deeply and truly in love with him. He would be certain that she was in love with him, even though they couldn't be together.

I won't give up, never, never

I won't be struck by the weather

That night he returned to their little lean-to, sweat dripping from his body. He took a quick dip in the spring they had found before crawling in with her. She smiled at him, handing him his meal and they ate in companionable silence. She couldn't help but be proud when he told her the meal was good. For a minute, she felt like a wife that was pleasing her husband with a meal when he came home from work. She reveled in it for a moment, and then let the feeling pass. She was his friend, and they were just practicing their survival skills and waiting for the hurricane season to be over.

So why did surviving feel like living?

When they were finished with their meal, they crawled into their bed together. The rain poured down outside and she listened to it thudding on the roof of their shelter. She felt the Doctor pull the blanket (made from the sail of their ship) up around them. Her heart jumped pleasantly in her chest as he pulled her to him, spooning her body to his.

"Good night, Doctor." She said, laying back into his warm chest.

"Sweet dreams, Rose." He said.

She could have imagined it, but she thought perhaps she felt a feather-light kiss on her temple as she fell asleep.

Hold on when the wind's so strong

Tell me, how can we find our way home

In love's electric storm

The Doctor lay awake long after Rose fell asleep. This was getting so much harder. Out here, it was so easy to forget that he would live for thousands of years after she died. It was so easy to hold her close, smell her hair, and kiss her temple as she fell asleep.

That had definitely been a mistake. He could taste her on his lips. It was salty and sweet and so very Rose. He wanted another taste. It was all he could do not to wake her from her sleep and ravage her mouth right there.

Parts of him (nine, specifically) yelled at him to do just that. Would the end be worth all this denial and pain? Would keeping her at arm's length ease his pain in the end, or would it be worse from regret of never holding her or making love to her?

He knew she was in love with him. That kiss they had shared was more passionate and beautiful than anything he had experienced in his life. Would the universe really take such a perfect love from him? He had never felt this way before. He felt if she weren't there with him, he would cease to really exist. He couldn't be the Doctor without Rose.

Maybe it was time for him to let go.

Feels like the last chance to get out alive

Will we survive these treacherous nights?

This was a life-altering decision. If he stopped holding back, he would never be able to keep his world from changing. Rose would become part of him. He would be with her in every way, their minds would be one and she would know of his love for her.

She would know his name. Everything that he tried to shelter her from, everything he tried to hide would be hers to see. There could be no closed doors in his mind.

He pulled her closer to his chest at the roar of an alien predator. He could do it. He could love Rose for the rest of his life, because she would love him for the rest of her life. His regret would kill him if he didn't show her what she meant to him.

His Bad Wolf had tamed the Oncoming Storm. He fell asleep with his face in her neck, dreaming of the life they could have together.

The lightning continued to flash through the night. Neither of them heard a thing, so content were they in each other's arms.

Predators waiting, circling around

Sky full of fireworks burn without sound

Rose awoke the next morning warmer than she had been the past few days. It took her a moment to realize that the Doctor was still in bed, arms wrapped tightly around her. She felt his even breaths against her neck and smiled.

So this is what it was like to wake up in his arms.

She liked it.

He was warm and solid against her. His heartbeats thudded softly against her back. His stubble tickled her shoulder. It felt so intimate, laying here with him. She didn't want it to end.

A few minutes later, the Doctor woke. She feigned sleep, hoping he might stay there a bit longer. He didn't. His arms loosened around her and his warmth left her completely. She felt a warm kiss on her cheek and then heard him leave the shelter, presumably to go work on their new place.

She brought her hand up to touch the place he had just kissed. Did he do that every morning when he left? Her heart skipped in her chest. She really hoped he did.

She waited a few more minutes before getting up. She went looking for food again, feeling the monotony getting to her. He had ruined her for the slow path. She would forever yearn for the TARDIS and the exciting life that came with her Doctor. If she was bothered by it, surely the Doctor was already bouncing off the proverbial walls to get off this island.

She made lunch for the two of them before dismantling the stove to move it. They ate in silence, departing with a hug for their afternoon work. She caught dinner (She actually speared the fish herself instead of cheating. She was rather proud of that, actually.) and packed it carefully to cook at their new camp.

The Doctor had told her that their new shelter would be finished that evening, so she began to pack up the tools and items that they had managed to save from the wreckage. He came to get her at sundown, taking her hand and leading her through the trees. He was practically bouncing with excitement, speeding their pace until they were sprinting through the brush.

They burst through the trees into the clearing, and Rose let out a gasp at what she saw. The building looked nothing like it had the day before. There was smoke coming from the chimney and the door was painted blue (she briefly wondered where he got blue paint, but dismissed that train of questions- he really could have anything in those dimensionally transcendent pockets). He pulled her forward, male pride and boyish excitement playing across his face.

They hopped up onto the deck, and he gestured to the door. She reached out with the hand that wasn't wrapped tightly in his and opened it.

She gasped at the interior. It looked so warm and homey, far from what it had been when she first had seen it. He had gone far beyond just making them a shelter. She stepped into it, feeling warm for the first time since morning, when she had woken up in the Doctor's arms. He had gone so far as to make them a table and two chairs to eat their supper on. There were the two plates they had managed to salvage from the wreckage of their boat. There were even flowers on the table. She could barely contain her excitement and shock.

She nearly cried when she saw the other piece of furniture in the small room. It was a rather large bed. She went over to it, feeling the mattress that the Doctor had made. He had used some of the sail and blankets from the ship to make the mattress, resting it on a frame made of wood from the surrounding trees. The blanket was another piece of the sail. She set the things down that she had brought, turning to the Doctor with a large smile on her face.

"Doctor…thank you. This is…way beyond a shelter."

He smiled at her, grasping her hand in his and giving it a small squeeze. "We might as well feel at home for the next two weeks."

Have we never been stronger?

Have we never been tighter?

She took in his form in the firelight. There was dirt on his face and under his fingernails; his shirt was torn and dirty. His trousers were rolled up to his knees and his feet were grungy.

He had never looked more attractive.

toothbrush. She smiled at him, standing on her tip-toes to press a small kiss to his lips in thanks before setting about cooking the dinner she had made.

She flushed as she set up the stove, berating herself for her bad self control. She had turned so quickly that she missed his blush. She didn't see the smile on his lips as he reached up one hand to touch where her lips had just been.

But we're close to the wire again

Have we never been safer?

Now that they had the new shelter, the Doctor joined her on her food-hunting excursions. She had learned where to find food on the island in the past few days, so for the first time the Doctor was learning from her. It was a new addition to their dynamic; she wasn't used to knowing things that he didn't.

Her hand was warmer than it had ever been.

They were constantly together. There was very little danger on the island, aside from a few jungle cats that slept during the day and were easily kept out of their house by night.

That's what they called it now- their house.

It was strange. Though they had to find their own food and water (and she had to improvise greatly when her period came- that was an awful few days, and rather awkward when the Doctor could barely leave her alone long enough to go into the trees and change her makeshift pads), they were living together. He slept in that bed with her every night, his arms wrapped around her. She woke up warm every morning.

And now they were kissing a lot. Not the passionate snog they had shared on the beach, but soft "friendly" kisses. Ever since she had kissed him in the house, this seemed to accent (but never replace) hugs as a celebration or currency of affection. When he did something nice, she kissed him. When she did something he was particularly proud of (his standards on what made him proud had lowered since the kissing started, apparently) he would lean down and press his lips lightly to hers. There was never tongue, or open mouths involved. It was enough for her to sense that something was changing between them.

She liked it. She tried so hard not to let this become normal; had to remind herself that life would go back to the way it was when they got back to the TARDIS. She had no idea that the Doctor was doing the same thing.

He was still wrestling between letting himself go completely and telling Rose how he loved her and trying to keep things semi-platonic for fear that she may discover his feelings for her.

The problem was that he was pretty sure she already knew that he was head over heels in love with her. He knew that she was doing everything she could to show him she loved him without pushing beyond the boundaries of their relationship. He had recently decided that he was going to take the next step with her, but he didn't want to do it here. It would be far too easy to go back to the TARDIS and ignore the minor changes that had happened on this island. It would be too easy to never kiss her again, and go back to the extended hugs and constant hand-holding.

Because he was afraid.

Logic told him that he should avoid falling for her, that if he let her in completely he was going to be even lonelier when she left him. He had maybe 60 years left with her if he was lucky. But it was far too late to avoid falling in love with her; he was long past that. He was plummeting into it, and there was no going back now. He knew that he would never stop loving her now.

His heart told him to stop all of this "friendship" crap, throw her down on the sand, and have his wicked way with her.

He resisted. When he made love to her, he wanted it to be special. He didn't want to be one of her boyfriends that take her because it suits them. He wanted to romance her, take her on a date, and he didn't want to just shag her. He wanted to make sweet love to her. He wanted to bind their minds together and never let them part. He wanted her to know that he would never leave her, and that he was going to do everything possible to keep her with him forever.

Because she was a part of who he was, and he didn't want to lose her.

So he was going to spend the rest of this trip letting her know that he loved her- subtly. When they got back to the TARDIS, he would stop resisting and let things happen. He would let this hidden love and desire for Rose out, and he would ask her to be his.

So they spent their time on the island taking care of each other and trying not to shag each other. The last day before the hurricanes left, they stood on the beach near their old shelter, watching the lightning for the last time. In the distance, Rose could see the hurricanes, rolling their way across the purple water. They danced together, creating waves and wind, and making the sky roar with thunder.

She felt his hand tighten around hers and felt a tear slip from her eye. He noticed instantly, as he wasn't really watching the storm, but the wonder on her face.

"What's wrong, Rose? We're going home tomorrow. We can finally wear clothes without holes and use soap!" he laughed, trying to cheer her up. (And I can kiss you for real, he thought to himself)

She shook her head, trying to clear her head and dry her tears. "Nothing, I'm fine."

The Doctor turned her away from the storm to face him. "I know you better than that. It's not nothing."

She looked over her left shoulder at the storm, trying to burn its image into her memory. "I don't want to go."

At the horrified look on his face, she scrambled to reword her sentence. "No! I mean, I want to go home, I just…I'm going to miss this." She gestured to the storms. She didn't really mean just the storms, though, and the Doctor knew this. He felt the same, but he knew that things couldn't stop evolving when they got back to the TARDIS. They started down the hill in a cart without a brake, there was no stopping until they were all the way to the bottom.

He chuckled a bit, putting his arm around her shoulders and turning back to the storm. "Rose, the TARDIS doesn't just take us places once, remember? We can come back as often as you want."

She returned his smile and followed him back to the house, stopping to glance at the boat he had built that would take them home in the morning.

The next morning they got up, packed some food and water for the trip, and got in their small boat. The Doctor hoisted the sail and soon their island was a tiny little dot in the distance. Rose sighed deeply, a deep regret building in her heart. She wished she had taken advantage of that island. Maybe she wouldn't have the relationship with the Doctor that she wanted, but she might have at least gotten another good snog out of it.

They spent most of the day in open water, and she found that she was really glad that the Doctor had such a good sense of direction. She would have gotten them hopelessly lost out here. It was late afternoon when they docked back at the mainland.

After several words with the angry (his boat was ruined, after all) boathouse manager about the color choice of his vessels, they grabbed some food (not fish or coconuts, finally) and went back to the TARDIS. Rose had forgotten how much she missed it until she saw it. She felt the Doctor's excitement at seeing it, and their hands met as they sprinted down the walkway towards it. She grabbed her key from the chain around her neck and let them in.

The chiming music let them know that the TARDIS was glad to see them, and had missed them. She didn't expect what happened next.

The Doctor threw his arms around her and spun her around the console, not quite dancing but getting close. He hauled her to him and kissed her.

He really kissed her.

To say she was surprised was an understatement, but she wasn't one to let opportunities like this pass her by. She kissed him back with all the passion her exhausted body could afford to channel.

They were dirty and tired and sunburned and yet they stood there, kissing until the TARDIS chimed at them. The Doctor broke the kiss, laughing.

Rose looked to him for a translation.

"The TARDIS just told us we smell."

She laughed and they parted to go take showers. She pulled on a new pair of jeans and a shirt, feeling human again for the first time in weeks. She was glad to be home, but she couldn't help but wonder about the kiss that he had just given her. Was that his way of telling her that he was ready to move their relationship forward?

She got her answer when she opened the door and came face to face with the Doctor, looking very nervous indeed. She was about to question him when he pressed a light kiss to her lips and offered his hand for her to take.

She took it, of course. Regardless of confusion or questions, she would always take his hand. (She couldn't help but ponder the last few minutes…kissing on a desert Island was one thing, but on the TARDIS was another. What was going on?)

He opened the door, motioning with his finger to his lips that she should be quiet. They stepped out onto the sand and closed the door behind them.

She recognized where they were. They were on their island. The thunder was crashing around them and lightning flashed. She looked to him with a question, but he shook his head. She must still need to be quiet, then.

He led them over to a large rock, motioning that she should peek over the top of it.

She did, and what she saw surprised her. There they were, kissing deeply on the sand. He had taken her back to the day that she had kissed him. She watched silently, amazed by the passion she saw between them. It was like watching a romance film, where the two lovers would be passionately embracing for the last time. She wondered why he was showing this to her. What was he trying to tell her?

She felt him come up behind her, pressing his body into hers and his lips to her ear.

"Rose, I've been holding us back for far too long. That was the most beautiful kiss I have ever had. And I don't want that to be the last one. We could have that sort of relationship, you know. If you want." He whispered into her ear, the thunder covering his voice from their past selves. Not that they would have noticed anyway.

She turned to him, forcing her eyes away from the passionate scene to look at his face.

He looked hopeful and afraid at the same time. His eyes held such intense longing that she blinked and looked again to make sure it was really there. It was.

"Doctor…" she whispered, trying to find her voice. "You know that I love you. You know how much I want that. But I don't want you to hurt when I die. If it will make it more painful for you in the end, then I don't want that. I want you to be happy. And I never want you to be lonely." She felt tears running down her face. He reached up and brushed them away.

That ancient look had returned to his eyes. She could see that he was trying to hide his pain from her. "Rose, it's far too late for that. I'm in love with you, too. Surely you knew that. It will hurt when you leave me no matter what our relationship is. At least this way I will have my memories of you. I will remember loving you and taking care of you, instead of pushing you away."

She felt her heart pitter-patter in her chest. But she had to be sure. There was no going back after this. No ignoring it. They would be a couple. "Are you sure?"

He leaned his face towards hers, his eyes slipping closed. "I've never been surer."

She accepted that answer and met him halfway, their kiss rivaling the one that was ending behind them.

They didn't notice when it began to rain, nor did they hear themselves get up and leave for their camp. They later went back into the TARDIS and made some electricity of their own.

I won't give up, never, never

I won't be struck by the weather

Hold on when the wind's so strong

Tell me, how can we find our way home

In love's electric storm

As his mind was united with hers, he felt free as he was bound. He would love her forever, even when she was gone. And it was a big universe. Surely there was a way to extend her forever. So after they made love, he fell asleep with his nose in her neck and his arms around her bare waist, a real smile on his face.


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