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There is a place where lost and forgotten things tend to be drawn. In generally egocentric legend, it is the place where the world goes when you close your eyes, but in reality, it is where your sight goes. It is a place often visited by the subconscious in the strange hours of the night forgotten by light and time alike.

It will pull in anything, indiscriminate, so long as it is lost. The mundane, like the other sock, to the irritating, like the paper that you need to turn in; the abstract, like the idea held only briefly in the twilight hours, to the horrific, like the child that simply vanishes off the face of the earth. The most tragic, however, are not the things lost, but those forgotten. Not the things that are swallowed up by this surreal place, but those that, with no place left in their world, go willingly. Things once loved now not only left behind, but not even missed.

Dreams, occasionally crushed by circumstance to be lost forever, but most often withered to obscurity by time. Ideas, gone simply because they found no outlet with which to be preserved. Childhood mementos, because they can't all be protected by the magic of one's attic. Every once in a while, even entire people wander into the world after their innocence, driven away by the cruelty they see without it. Looking for escape, they find it.

It's a phenomena that happens when people are at their lowest, and they usually don't stay very long at all. When they return, it's rare that they remember at all what truly happened while they were there, but it's even rarer for them to leave empty-handed. It is a place that works strange magics, crossing over with the world you know and many, many others to bestow forgotten lessons to those who need them most. And, once it has a bridge to another world, it will change entire years to make sure that things gained within its boundaries are retained separate from it.

No one who falls low enough to enter the world of the forgotten ever leaves without the strength to rise again. It is this that burgeoned the phrase "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," amongst many others.

So pull up that old overstuffed armchair—it used to be some child's favorite—and sit a spell. Listen to the tale I weave for you of just a few of the visits we've had to this world. It was a very busy day when my tale begins, a story not soon to be forgotten by the few permanent residents here.

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