Hey everybody this is sharkteeth, I'm trying my hand at writing so decided to make this one shots of the scene between Madara and his brother, izuna. So I do not own Naruto or any of the relating characters.

It was a truly dark and terrible night for the Uchia clan, upon the floor laid the once mighty clan head, Madara Uchia, with him was his brother Izuna. The source of his brother's ailment is the very source of their power, their Mangeyko sharingan. The irony of the situation did not escape him, with every use of its power the world for them got darker, and darker. Knowing that if his brother did not regain his former power and sight, his clan would be lost to the Senju. There, in that one moment of brotherly love Izuna muttered four words that would ensure the world would continue to burn in the fire of war.

"Brother, take my eyes".