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Love Story


"I don't want!" Rachel screamed.

"But Princess," Kori, Rachel's nanny, tightened her dress, "it's King Trigon's order."

"But I'm only six!" the Princess protested.

"Listen to your father. What he is doing is for your best. Now, run along, my Princess," Kori smiled.

"I'll ruin it for sure," Rachel left the room with a smirk.


"This is my daughter, Rachel," King Trigon introduced. "And Rachel, this is Prince Roy."

"Nice to see you, Princess," Prince Roy bowed.

"Come on. Greet them," Queen Arella, Rachel's mother nudged her stubborn daughter.

"Hi," Rachel snorted.

"Sorry for that. My daughter is feeling a little unwell today," Trigon apologized to King Harper, Prince Roy's father.

"I understand. Let's give some space to the little ones," King Harper from the neighbouring continent laughed.


"So... what do you like," Prince Roy asked as they strolled in the royal garden.


"Here," Prince Roy used his dagger and cut a red rose off its stalk and gave it to Rachel.

"Look, we're only six. I'm not interested in this match-making thing here. So... If I really have a chance, I'll probably not attend this thing. But anyway, nice to see you," Rachel skipped away and left the prince dumbfounded.


"What do you think you're doing?" King Trigon roared.

"I think I'm doing the right thing," Rachel smirked.

"Do you know that I almost could get my hands on that land until you ruined it!" the furious king bellowed.

"Father! I'm your daughter, not a tool for you to get fortune!" Rachel screamed and ran straight into her room.

"Why! Why does everyone see me as a tool? I cannot believe my own father who almost used my future just to get that piece of stupid land!" Rachel screamed.

"Darling, sometimes people make mistakes. You just have to forgive and forget," Kori comforted.

"This is not the first time already! During my fifth birthday, he arranged two of them for me. And a week after that, I had to deal with three of them. Last month, I painstakingly denied six of them and now I'm handling them again!" Rachel shouted indignantly.

"Your father is just finding you a better suitor so that he can take care of you for your whole life," Kori explained.

"I want to discover it myself, he just don't give me freedom," Rachel stared out of the large windows. "Have you ever experience freedom after you start working here?"

Kori was startled by the question. She froze and sagged her shoulders. After the age of twelve, Kori Anders had to work in the palace to support her family of five, her parents, two younger siblings, and herself. Seven years of working in the palace was dreadlyful and miserable. Once every two months, she could only send her wages secretly at night with the help of a low-ranked servant. In these seven years, she had no liberty. The furthest place she traveled was to a church, which just stood beside the castle. And because she had no holidays, she had not seen any of her family since then.

"Freedom is something that everyone wants wherever you are. You always wanted freedom from rules. But think about it, doesn't everyone wants freedom? Doesn't your parents want it too? They have been living miserably in this palace for a long time. Why? It's because they are monarchs," Kori sighed. "People are living with fear on the outside of this palace. Fearing they may be killed by the royalty, by us, by the people who are living here. So many people wanted to assassinate us. You should be glad that you have a sanctuary here."

Rachel felt guilty. Guilty for bringing the sad things that Kori did not want to talk about. Most of all, she felt guilty because of herself. People wanted to assassinate them is mainly due to their fault in the first place. If there wasn't any rulers in the world, people would be living in peace. It seemed right for the rulers to make any decisions of the citizens, but to the citizens, they were holding on to their liberty, and not letting them go. It seemed righteous for people to assassinate the royalty, but to them, they assassinators were threatening them, causing them to put their life on the line.

"How I wish there's no such thing as king and queens," Rachel whispered after Kori left her room.

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