Title: When the sun set - chapter 1 (Do something!)

Pairing: Buffy/Giles

Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Nope, I still do not own Buffy TVS and its characters. I make no profit out of this... bummer.

Summary: Giles get hurt really badly... no more description, read it to find out. ;)

A/N:Hi guys... It's been ages since I last post a new fiction. I missed it though. I've been with this fiction lurking in my mind for about a year now and I decided to put it on the 'paper'. I hope you guys enjoy it. It will have a bit more of a plot in contrast to my usual quick romantic and erotic fics. Hihi It's a change and a new walk through the angst ground. Don't worry if you like my usual writing (which makes me indescribably happy) because it is still me and the happy ending is always at an arm's length. :)

A/N2: HUGE thanks to michiefmagnet for the beta and motivation. :)

After Riley had left, Watcher and Slayer had grown closer again and once in a while Giles would join Buffy in her patrol.

The night started like any other. Giles loaded the car with their weapon bag, while Buffy filled her pockets with stakes. Giles' pockets were also filled with holy water and crosses. Tonight they had a bit of extra enforcement, as Spike had joined them for a bit of 'fun'. The blond vampire had been doing this 'heroic act', as he called it, once in awhile these days. Since Spike had got The Initiative's chip implanted in his head preventing him from hurting humans, he had settled for hitting demons and vampires instead.

It was natural that after years performing that same nightly ritual, things had become predictable and almost automatic for Slayer and Watcher. They would chat in the middle of their battle and even Giles would risk the occasional mocking of their enemies.

That was probably the reason they had missed out on the particularly nasty vampire that would never again leave Buffy's mind.

The blue-ish spiky haired vampire came out of nowhere to round-kick Giles, making him drop his sword onto the humid cemetery's ground. Taking advantage of the fact that the Slayer and her blond undead ally were busy in their own fight, the newly risen vampire took Giles' sword in his agile hands and cornered the unarmed Watcher with quick precision. Giles stumbled backwards while trying to reach in his jacket pockets for his remaining Vampire repellents.

Giles' attacker made a swift move and lunged over the British man mortally. Giles gasped when he felt the cold metal of his loyal sword breaking through his flesh. The vampire's face was mere inches from his and green eyes met yellow ones. The Blue haired dead man smirked in evil satisfaction.

Giles lowed his head in slow motion to see the sword buried in his own chest.

"Buffy," Giles gasped out.

The Slayer had finally finished playing with her rival and turned at the unusual way her named was uttered. Her eyes widened, seeing the vampire over her Watcher.

In an uncaring and rough act, the vampire removed the sword from Giles' chest and turned to face the Slayer. However, he barely had time to steady himself when he felt a wooden stake been buried right into his heart. Dust coiled by the Slayer's feet.

Buffy ran over to Giles, dropping onto her knees as he now lay flat on the floor. She noticed how pale his face was and how much blood was pouring from his chest, colouring his white shirt in vivid dark red.

"Giles," she said in a desperate tone.

Buffy lifted his head and upper body and rested him in her embrace.

"Giles!" she called again more fiercely.

Giles opened his eyes halfway to her. "You all right?" he mumbled out.

"Me?" Buffy asked exasperated. "God, Giles, you are hurt. It looks really, really bad."

Giles blinked slowly, struggling to see her face clearer. He now started to feel a stinging pain in his chest. His breath became more laboured and his heart beat felt like a slowing tud-tud over his temple. He shivered at feeling a cold chill run down his body and his eyes closed again.

"Giles!" Buffy called him while she applied pressure with her hands over his injured chest.

"Giles! Stay with me!" she shouted.

Giles coughed feeling his breathing become even more difficult. He tried to open his eyes but something seemed to hold his eyelids down. It was as if they weighed tons. They were never that heavy before he thought.

'Am I about to faint?'... 'Am I dying?'... he conjured somehow.

He wasn't suppose to die. He had so many things he craved to say to his Slayer before his life ended. So many trapped feelings. They were getting along so well lately, he had never been so close to telling her the truth as the last few days.

And... What about the so-called 'last words' a man was supposed to have before dying?

He tried again to open his eyes but was unsuccessful. He tried to move his mouth, voice his words, but they didn't come. He felt miserably helpless. He felt her tears falling on his face and her shouts of his name becoming each time further away, muffled and distorted.

Buffy turned her attention to Spike. Her vision was blurred by her tears.

"Do something! He's dying!" she shouted.

Spike was quiet all along, frozen in place. He had forgotten how horrible and scary the pain of death and loss could be. He saw the despair in her eyes and the life leaving Giles' body. He stepped forward slowly.

"Do something ple-ase," she repeated between sobs before turning her face to Giles again, "Giles... Don't die."

Spike crouched down by her side quietly.

Buffy chanted Giles' name and rocked him in her arms.

The former evil vampire placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Do something," she repeated over and over, pleading to Spike as if she were begging a doctor to play God, perform a miracle, to save Giles.

Spike took Giles' wrist in his hand and felt his pulse getting weaker and weaker.

"He's dying," Buffy said, feeling the faint wheezing breath leaving Giles' chest.

"Sorry," Spike whispered genuinely.

Buffy startled Spike with her sudden outburst. "Turn him!" she shouted as if struck by a huge unexpected realization.

"What?" Spike asked in total shock removing his hands from her shoulder and dropping Giles' hand.

Buffy grabbed him by the front of his shirt bringing him down anxiously, "Please, turn him into a vampire." She sobbed again, "I can't lose him, Spike... I can't lose him."

Spike could see the strong flame of hope igniting in her eyes. But it was all a mere illusion, "Slayer, he won't be Giles after that, you know better than anyone," Spike reasoned.

"Just do it!" her voice took a dangerous demanding tone, her hand found a stake and placed it over his heart.

"Did you forget about this sodding chip? I can't bite him!" he shouted desperately and met her eyes.

"Please," she begged again. The hand she held the stake trembled and she helplessly lowered it, dropping the stake and gripping Giles' body tighter.

"Giles, Giles!" she called when she noticed he had stopped breathing. "Giles!"

For some reason, the pain that Spike felt at that moment was unlike any other he had felt in a long time. Not even the deadly pain caused by his chip had been that overwhelming. A lost feeling crept up, eating at him while Buffy's tears slipped down her face. Giles' immobile body before him also stirred unfamiliar sad feelings and something happened before Spike could actually have a chance to analyse his reactions.

His external appearance changed as with a growl he put his game face on. Wasting no time, he lowered his face into Giles' neck and opening his jaw wide, he finally sank his teeth deeply. Spike cried in pain but forced himself to lock his lips onto the Watcher's skin and apply suction; they didn't have much time.

Spike groaned when he felt the first gush of warm blood hit his tongue. It tasted marvellous, sinful and maddeningly painful at the same time. The chip produced wave after wave of electrical shock in his brain. Spike gripped the Watcher's head with primal urgency and tilted it even further to allow him greater access, ignoring the Slayer's presence completely.

Buffy watched, dumbfounded at the scene unfolding in front of her. Everything seemed too surreal. She saw Giles' body uncolouring even further. She heard Spike moaning in pleasure, whimpering in pain and also the wet sucking sounds coming from his lips.

After what seemed like forever, Spike surfaced from Giles. There was sweat running down from his temples and his eyes were half closed. He sank his teeth once again but now in the skin of his wrist over his own pulse. He placed his blood dripping wrist over the Watcher's mouth.

Spike tiredly rested his back on the nearby tombstone while feeding Giles.

Spike's head tilted back and his eyes floated closed. His other hand massaged his head trying to soothe the area where the chip was located.

His blood dripped slowly into Giles mouth and Buffy numbly tipped the Watcher's head back to allow the red liquid to flow down his throat. They stayed like that in silent grief and anticipation.

Spike had done everything within his reach to 'save' Giles. He knew this was totally illogical by any terms that made sense, but he really hoped it would work. He sighed into the cool air of the night; he craved for a cigarette.

Suddenly he jumped when he felt Giles' mouth aggressively meet his wrist. Spiked steeled himself to keep his hand in place while his blood started to be violently sucked out of the two tiny little holes.

Buffy was also startled when she'd felt the abrupt movement. She saw Giles' emerald eyes fully open now meeting hers and the uncontrolled need and hunger in them while he struggled to drain Spike's cold blood. Giles' hands lifted and held the vampire's wrist to his mouth as he chewed restlessly on the pale skin, searching for more of this source of 'life'. His eyes never left Buffy's.

Spike swore under his breath in pain at the ferocity of the act but remained immobile.

Buffy's fingers ran gingerly over the Watcher's skin, brushing damp locks of hair away from his forehead. "Shhh... It's ok. It's ok," she kept soothing him with warm words.

Giles face softened at her caresses and his suction became gentle and even. He eventually moaned in pleasure and Spike moaned back instinctively. Along the centuries there had always been a fine line between pain and pleasure in the act they performed now. Giles moved his gaze to his Sire-to-be for a brief moment before returning it to Buffy.

His eyes blinked sleepily and his sucking turned into soft cat-like licks before his eyes closed completely and unconsciousness claimed him.


End of chapter 1