Title: When the sun set (chapter 4 - Bathtub payback)

Pairing: Buffy/Giles

Rating: M

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Spike was awakened by a very gloomy looking Slayer. "Hi!" She said in a small voice. From this angle, standing over him, she certainly looked taller than she really was. He forced his eyes fully opened and stirred his body. He realised that he had fallen asleep at the porch of his crypt while waiting for Giles to settle down the night before. "You better get inside," she said "the sun's gonna hit you soon."

Spike slowly rose to his feet, cringing while cracking his neck.

"How's he?" she asked anxiously.

"I had to bloody sleep out here, doesn't it tell you anything?" he huffed, dusting his coat and opening the door to his crypt before stepping inside. "I'm fine, by the way. Thank you for asking."

Buffy followed him in, closing the door behind her. When she turned back to Spike, she met him covering his lips with his finger, signing for her to be silent. Her eyes follow his gaze a and she saw Giles lying on the floor near the wall he had been tied up to. He was curled up into a ball and sound sleep from what they could make it.

"You don't want to wake him up," Spike whispered, "irritatingly loud that one."

Buffy watched Giles for a long moment with glazed eyes. Then, she quietly placed her bag on the table. She had a sip of the coffee she had brought with her. Only now, Spike noticed her drink. He also noticed she had a scarf wrapped around her neck, obviously intending to hide Giles' bite mark.

"Talked to the Scooby?" he asked pulling a chair and sitting on it.

Buffy joined him at the table.

"I brought you this," she said removing a blood bag from her bag and placing it in front of him on the table.

He didn't react to it, he just kept looking at her awaiting for her answer to his question.

Her eyes met his and filled with tears.

"I can't. Not now." She finally voiced while her tears started to slip down her cheeks. "I'm not ready for this yet." She broke down and Spike once again held her to him in a soothing manner.

"They can help you. They will have to. Something is wrong. He didn't come back right. He's a total Tasmania Devil. He went mental on us yesterday, freaky clueless. We need help, Pet." He whispered pulling her away just so he could see her face. "Look, Red is really good with her research. I talk to her. I..."

"No!" Buffy interrupted. "Not today," she said resolute. "For now, I just need to make sure they are safe. I'll take care of the rest without their hand".

"So what? You gonna leave the Vamp-watcher plasted to my wall?" He whispered exasperated, making a strong effort to keep his voice low.

"Of course not," she whipped her tears away "I've got a plan."

Spike reached for his blood bag and raised one eyebrow indicating he was listening to her.

"Do you remember Willow's ex, Oz?"

"The wimpy werewolf that ran away. Prick. Don't tell me he's back? Didn't make it into Hollywood I wager. Not in hell he'd beat Scott Speedman for the cast of Underworld anyway. Although, I'd be in line to jump Kate Beckinsale's bones myself..."

"Spike!" Buffy glared interrupting his rambling. "Oz's not back. I was thinking more about his cage."

"Swap chains for cage, how kinky! I'm in!" he smirked still fidgeting with his blood bag and not opening it.

"I'm serious, Spike."

"Damn right I'm dead serious too. Dead, and, serious. As long as that yob is out of my crypt I'm all ears."

"That's the thing."

"What thing, Slayer?" He eyed her suspiciously.

"The cage where Oz used to lock himself in after Sunnydale High blew up is close by."

"How close?"

"Like, very," she replied.

"You don't possibly mean..." he trailed off, widening his eyes in shock when Buffy nodded and directed her gaze to a door at the room partially hidden by a chest of drawers.

"No... no no no!"

"Yes, and again, no arguing." She grabbed the intact blood bag from his hand and reaching for a drinking straw on the table, she punched a hole on it for him.

"Bloody hell Slayer. Just because he tied me up to that sodding bath of his, doesn't mean I'm thrilled to have him as a guest."

"You seem to forget you are his Sire." she said pointedly giving the ready to consume blood bag back to him.

"Again, had little choice in that one. Didn't I," he retorted before bitting the drinking straw and snacking on his favourite take out.

Buffy left the table and walked towards the mysterious door. Slowly, to avoid making loud noises, she dragged the chest of drawers to the side, unblocking the passage.

"I never thought 'bout checking this door before," he whispered behind her making her jump slightly. "When I moved in the door was blocked and I figured I had more than enough space. Why bother!" He snorted in irony.

"We used to block it to avoid nosy people," she clarified as she kneeled down, opened the last of the drawers and reached deep inside before rescuing a key. "It obviously worked." She said bluntly after getting back on her feet.

Buffy used the key to unlock the door and carefully opened it. They peered inside into the darkness before Buffy's hand found the lamp switch and the place lit up dimly after been neglected for so many years.

In front of them was a steep, concrete staircase into a cellar. Buffy was the first to cross the threshold and start her decent. Spike followed her with utter curiosity. Who would have imagine his crypt had a basement, 'closer to hell,' he thought.

Reaching the bottom, Buffy tested the second lamp switch and it also worked making the room lit up brighter.

Spike released a brief whistle of appreciation. There it was, the conspicuous cage, once Oz's and soon to be Giles'. It had cylindrical dark metal bars, appeared clean and very solid.

Buffy open the door and stepped in. She walked to the back of the cage, where an opening gave access to a toilet area. She came back and inspected the whole confinement methodically, making sure the place was clean, that there wasn't anything Giles could get himself hurt with and, finally, that there was no way of escaping from it even for someone with superior strength like a vampire.

During a short pause, Spike saw a couple of tears roll down her eyes. Buffy quickly rubbed them off with her hands, "let's get this done with," she declared striding towards the stairs and starting to climb them with determinacy.

End of chapter 4

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