AN: They are all in HS. This is my idea of what it would be like for Jinx and Kid Flash/Wally West living a normal life. I decided to give her the last name Diaz, since it seems that everyone's positing it. Check it out at Titans Wiki. Of course, I gotta get her hair down, and Wally has to be rid of the spandex suit. Alas. Well, I'm going to make another fic of them, ala Titans style some other time. For now, I'm just experimenting with this fic, planning to make a series of my chosen pairings. Check my profile. You'll see.

Shoot me, it's schoolday.

Jinx Diaz was currently smoking a stick just outside her dorm. She did this to calm her nerves, hoping to impress her art teacher with her new work. She smirked, wondering if people really bought the tough-girl-smoking-badass shtick. Just because she gets subtly passing grades, horrible gymnastics, and tends to hang with ne'er do 'ells and the socially challenged, does not mean she goes around, trying to scare kids and beat bigger people up in Maxwells Boarding school. Well, there was this one time when she pulled all of Patricia Hawthorne's extensions out in one brutal swipe because the bitch thought it was funny to smear pink all over her finished work. Patricia had to be sent to the hospital because pieces of her scalp were torn off. And whoppee dee, Jinx got suspended for a week.

She sighed. Yes. She is an artist that is a junior, a level in which people were expected to be social climbers or on top of the kahuna. Aside from the notoriety that she gained from beating the brainless bint, she preferred no company at all, usually just hanging with the "nerds" and "dorks" of the school because they actually made sense to talk to, a breath of fresh air from the latest gossips of random stars getting under the knife from the latest conquest of a football player in the school.

"Hey." A friendly voice said, a whiff of Acqua di Parma reaching her nostrils.

She slightly frowned. Wally West. She threw her cigarette to the ground and stubbed it with her boot.

The stud of the senior batch, star of the track AND football AND swimming teams AND darling of the DC (he stood up for her at the disciplinary hearing about Hawthorne, but even he got overruled by the cronies of Patricia in the Committee). She was already starting to guess he'll die early with all the activity. He was so nice, she started to speculate he was gay. If it wasn't for the fact that he was usually at the center of the gossip mill, girls whispering about his prowess. She turned disinterested eyes at him.

He flashed her a smile, while walking towards her. He was roughly six feet and two inches tall, fiery red hair that seems to be always slicked back, messy at the back, a bit tanned and an over-all pleasant guy. In short, she hated him. Jinx thinks he's so pretentious, something inside him just lurking. He would always have a smile for anyone who crossed his path, so she thinks he's not bent on being her friend at all.

She sneered, "Gonna turn me in for smoking?" He cocked his head to one side and asked, "You were smoking?" Jinx bit her tongue and said, as coolly as she can, "I do smoke. Maybe you'll want to turn me in for that?" Wally laughed and replied, "Well, I didn't see you doing it. So I don't have to turn you in." Before she could reply, he looked at his watch then said, "Oh, hey, gotta go. My class starts in five. See you around." He gave her a wave, walked past her and into the building next to her dorm. She frowned, ''Tard.'

On her way to her next class, she whipped her Blackberry out to text Victor. Victor Stone…The senior who she secretly dated during sophomore year. He had the most intense black eyes she has ever seen on a guy, at least three inches taller than West, a great physique, due to the fact that he was the star quarterback and bronzed skin. They met through Richard Grayson, his bestfriend, Wally's year. Dick, as he asked her to call him, was actually one of the few nice popular people in the school, despite him being the richest kid, adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire business tycoon, who allegedly bought half the stocks of the institution. But after pursuing her (she made sure to make him work hard for her affections, but nevertheless, she let him), she gave in, and they dated for at least six months until graduation set in. She knew that he couldn't take the long distance, as he was going to England to study engineering there, so she was the one to break it up, making Vic promise that he'd still be her friend. And he is.

VS: Ei doll. Hows d claptrap treating u?

Jinx looked around, seeing the beautiful red-bricked, ivy strewn buildings and the expansive green lawns, but it still made her feel so down.

JD: It's great. How're you doing there?

VS: U kno. Teachs wid large noses n yellow teeth. Usual.

JD: That sounds great. I miss you.

VS: I mis u 2 doll. Hey. Gotta jet. Cnt let dat lil boy beat me at sci proj. l8r!

Before she could reply, he was already gone. Jinx sighed, shoved the phone in her bag and walked to Art class. She took her usual seat at the middle of the class and blankly stared at the board. The only class she would ever be early for is Art. Then she entered the room.

Rachel Roth.

To Jinx, she was one of the coolest girls she has ever met. She had midnight blue hair, violet eyes, the palest skin, and somehow, a small stature. She was the official goth in the senior year and editor of their artistic magazine, Zenith. Rumor has it, her father, an independent horror film director, Bob Roth, had a loud argument at the office for her choice of curricular activities, rather than join any "respectable" clubs deemed at least half worth to him. She was always sitting in one corner, reading a book. No one dared to tease her, unlike with Jinx, who people love to poke fun of due to her pink eyes and hair. Once, Roy Harper tried to snatch her book away in the corridor, she grabbed his hair and banged his head on the wall. She hated gossip, but that didn't stop her brainless classmates from "whispering" to one another during class about Rachel's bout with the Neanderthal football player.

She stiffened when Rachel sat next to her and gave her a small smile. Jinx sighed. Rachel actually invited her to be part of the magazine when she was a freshman, after meeting her at Ms. Bard's class in Art. She met all her friends there, the said dorks and nerds. And to think she's going to be graduating. Rachel snapped her out of her musings, "Any ideas for the paper?" Jinx shook her head and replied, "Well, I'm getting there." Rachel just smiled and continued reading.

Soon, all their other classmates were filing in. There was Xavier Red, the emo type guy who was attractive even with the eyeliner and the black clothes and paraphernalia, who likes to paint dark, gloomy scenes of heartbroken lovers of past. Ryuko Orsono from Japan, who was a great origami master. Antonia "Toni" Monetti from New Zealand, the hippy chick who only eats green, small, pale, loves eyeliner, and has almost the same style as Xavier. Leonid Constantinovitch Kovar from Russia, the big guy, always hounded by the coach of the football team, who paints in Renaissance style, usually depicting battle fields, and finally, the mysterious girl with a mask who paints in Oriental themes. Ms. Bard let her keep the mask, even fawning at how original she is. The girl never speaks. And that's their class.

While Ms. Bard, their teacher who greatly resembles Mrs. Santa Clause with a pure white braid hanging to her bigger than life butt, and with a matching attitude, talked about the merits of blending rudimentary styles with elegance, Jinx was looking out the window, drawn to something. From her view, she can see Wally with an arm around that awful Patricia Hawthorne, who was probably complaining about her pom poms or something, but he was absorbed. She smirked, 'Shallow much.' So unlike Rachel Roth.

While painting, Rachel decided to start a conversation, "So. Ever had sex before?" Caught completely off guard, Jinx made a wrong swipe, muttering curses as she righted it. Rachel chuckled lightly and asked, "I thought artists are used to spontaneity?" Jinx asked back, "Have YOU had sex?" Rachel shrugged and replied, "At least three times." Jinx was quiet. Rachel didn't seem like the girl who slept with guys. Rachel continued, "First time was with Xavier Red over there, back in sophomore year. We were really doping it until things got out of hand. Then I slept with Malchior Rorek, who was this totally deep artist from England in the summer before junior year. I think he was twenty five. Then, with Roy Harper during junior year." Jinx choked, "You SLEPT with Harper? I thought you hated him?" Jinx thought she imagined it when Mask Girl suddenly stilled. Rachel replied, "Well, we got into a fight during a function my parents threw. His parents were one of the suppliers. Before we knew it, we were wrestling in bed. I made him swear never to tell his idiot friends or I'll cut his dick off." Despite her shock, Jinx giggled. After a while, Rachel added, "I also made out with Kathryn Walker during the block party. Just three months ago. We were drunk."

Kathryn Walker. The spoiled rotten bitch who thought the whole world belonged to her.


"What? We were drunk."

Xavier Red- Red X (not sure who this guy is, but lucky shot)

Ryuko Orsono- Bushido

Antonia Monetti- Argent

Leonid Constantinovitch Kovar- Red Star

AN: I forgot to mention this will be a series. This particular story with just happens to revolve around Jinx and Kid Flash. For now.