"Let it be known that the violence done unto this school two nights ago, and the lives lost may never be forgotten…" The principal's gave voice resounded throughout the school, grim faces all around. Two black coffins were side by side. Jinx was lying peacefully, as if sleeping, the locket pinned to the front of her pristine white dress.

Students milled around the coffins, placing roses and cards.

It was a cruel irony. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, the sun was pleasant, and plants were green and lush. A red-haired boy walked away, his shoulders slumped, towards the waiting sedan. He was defeated. Dick was holding a silently crying Kory, same to Rachel, who wasn't emitting any sound, but tears falling rapidly from her eyes, as Garfield Logan held her close.

Graduation was postponed for the wake.

Everyone seemed to have lost the taste to go and take a vacation, or even excitingly talk about the prospects of college life.

As attendants milled around the two coffins to close them, twin rings caught their final winks from the sun. If one with a sensitive heart listens, they can hear contented sighs in the wind, a promise of love eternal. The wind carries this to the heavens. Blades of grass stir, the flowers' scent lingers.

The oak was bent as if in terrible pain, but exhumed a peaceful air, as if broken, but won a terrible battle.

The wood was quiet. A solitary blanket laid out, waiting for nothing.

Then nothing.

The wind did its merciful job at last.

"I love you…"

AN: …Tragic story. Sorry. Going to do a slightly happier one next time. Thanks for reading! Oh yeah, watch out for my new series. I hope (if) you like it as much as this one!