Alex the Were-Wizard

When Mason accidentally bite's Alex, she turn's into the very first Werewolf Wizard hybrid. But when someone get's bitten by a werewolf they change. How much will Alex change. Will she want to still date Mason or will she have her eye's on a fiery Redhead.

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" Mason, it's getting late and if I come home pass my curfew again Dad said we can't date." said Alex as she kissed him back. Mason was in full wolf form and grinning at Alex.

" Alex love just a little more the night is still young." said Mason as he pouted.

" Aww, how can I say no to that cute furry yet kinda scary face." said Alex as she leaned forward for another kiss. Mason grinned and leaned forward to. As they started kissing Alex's phone went off, being startled by the sound of her ring tone Mason bit Alex's Lip.

" Muck Mayson vou vit me" said Alex as she held her bottom lip. Blood was dripping on her shirt and on her hand that was holding her lip.

" Sorry love you Cellular Phone gave me a fright" said Mason as he frowned. Alex wipe her mouth with her selves.

" I-I-I Feel " said Alex as she fainted. Mason caught her .

" Oh no, this is not good, I better run her home maybe Justin or her father can help her." said Mason as he ran towards the Russo home with Alex in his arm's.

( The Russo Home )

" MR. RUSSO" yelled Mason as he kicked the door open and ran up the stair's to reach there apartment.

" MR. RUSSO" yelled Mason as he enter there home. Every one jumped when he screamed.

" What is it Mason and why are you holding my baby girl." said Jerry as he glared at Mason.

" IbitAlexsir" said Mason as he started to shake in fear.

" What did you say" said Jerry as his face started to get red with rage.

" I umm bit Alex sir, sorry" said Mason as he frowned . His head was low and he was looking at Alex.

" I knew I shouldn't let Alex date you, I knew it from the day she fucking brought you in. All you fucking werewolves are the fucking same can't keep your damn paw's and fang's off little girl's." said Jerry as he grabbed Alex out of Mason's arm's. He walked to the couch and laid her down.

" Sir , I'm sorry her ring tone Startled me when we where kissing and I accidentally bit her lip and then she fainted." said Mason as he started to cry.

" Stay the fuck away from my little girl , next time I see you I will fucking call the monster hunter's to kill all werewolves. You'll be the first, now I'll say this one more time and you better fucking listen, and listen good. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY LITTLE GIRL." said Jerry as pushed Mason out of his home.

" SIR, NO I LOVE HER. PLEASE LET ME BACK IN." yelled Mason as he banged on the door.

" Justin, Take care of Mason would you look what he did to your little sister. Max you , your mother, Harper and I will take Alex to the wizard doctor. Justin when you done come , okay" said Jerry in a emotionless voice as he looked at the sleeping Alex. Justin nodded.

" Mr. Russo , Let me handle Mason , I think I can clam him down so we can all go. Alex would want me to go anyway just give me a minuet okay" said Harper as she open the door and colsed it behind her.

" Dad, I should go Harper's a mortal" said Justin as he eye's the door.

" Let's give her a chance Harper's stronger then you think son." said Jerry as he picked Alex up again.

( With Harper and Mason )

" Mason Listen to me, We're taking Alex to the wizard Doctor. When we come back with Alex all awake she'll talk to her father and let him know it was a accident. You just have to go home and relax. I'll text you on how Alex's is doing but you have to stay away from here for a while Mr. Russo stay's mad for a long time okay" said Harper as she looked at Mason he looked at Harper and knew she would never lie to him. So he had no doubt about believing her .

" Okay , I will go home as you asked and stay away from here till Alex tlak's to her father. But please as soon as you find something out tell me" said Mason as he hugged Harper and left. Harper walked back in and saw Justin waiting for her.

" Justin did they leave already" asked Harper as she frowned.

" Yeah let's go and I heard what you said to Mason are you really going to text him." asked Justin as he spat Mason's name.

" I think Alex would want me to and yes he should know what he did to her." said Harper as she grabbed Justin's hand. Justin looked at Harper if anybody knew what Alex would want it would be her. He flashed Harper and himself to the Wizard's ER.

( Wizard World Hospital )

" Hi, I'm Justin Russo and This is Harper Finkle My family brought my little sister here she was bitten by a werewolf can you tell me where I can find her" said Justin as he looked at the nurse. She was fat with a big mold on her left cheek. She had purple hair and black beady eye's, a long rat like noise.

" You can go but she can't room 212 B." said The Nurse her voice was sounded angelic. She looked at Justin and Harper.

" Why can't Harper go , she has to be there" said Justin as he frowned.

" Thank you for your Help Nurse Joy" said Harper as she smiled and Dragged Justin away from the Nurse.

" Harper why did you do that and how did you know here name." said Justin as he glared at Harper.

" Look just go see Alex I'll stay here and she had a name tag. Alex need's her family now not her friend" said Harper as she looked at Justin.

"Your not just her friend your her best friend. But I get it I'll talk to dad and see if he can get you in. Thank you Harper" said Justin as he hugged Harper and left her in the waiting room. Harper sat down and picked up one of the Wizard teen magazine's.

" Hmm, are you a good wizard or a bad wizard. Sounds like fun." said Harper as she started to take the test in the magazine.

( Room 212 B )

" So Dr. Julio will she be alright." asked Jerry as he looked at the Doctor. He looked to be ten year's old with golden hair.

" Well, I have to say I never seen this before. Shes turned into a werewolf but shes still a wizard. But the Magic is far more stronger then before." said Dr. Julio as he looked at the Russo family.

" What do you mean. Shes both a Werewolf and a Wizard. How can that be I never heard of a hybrid and how is her magic stronger." asked Jerry as he looked confused. The rest of the family say around Alex. Theresa hold Alex's hand.

" She's Were-wizard hybrid and as far as the Magic. You know as a wizard child grows there magical core grows as well preparing them for Adult hood wizardry. It seems the being bitten by a werewolf triple the strength of her magical core and magic as well. But I must warn you those who get bitten by werewolves and survive change in behavior. Everything about them changes they tend to be more animal like. She may still be herself because shes a wizard but I can not promise you she will. But she will live ." said Dr. Julio as he looked at Alex.

" That bastard Werewolf will pay for this." said Jerry as he clenched his fist till his knuckles turned white. Alex open her eye's.

" D-d-daddy" said Alex in a very low voice.

" I'm here baby girl, I'm here," said Jerry as he kissed Alex on the forehead.

" I feel so hot and my head hurt's daddy. I feel sick whats wrong with me" said Alex as she looked at her father.

" Mason bit you and now your a werewolf wizard hybrid. You'll be fine just sleep." said Jerry as he looked at Alex. Alex closed her eye's and fell asleep.

" When can we take her home" asked Theresa as she wiped her eye's.

" You can take her home now, all the test are done bring her back here for a check up every four months for one year. We'll see after that." said Dr. Julio as he wrote something down on his note pad.

" Thank you Doctor, thank you so much" said Jerry as he shook the doctor's hand.

" No problem it's my job, now here's a list of her new diet. She'll need more meat and less vegetable's." said Dr. Julio as he left.

" Justin go get Harper and let's flash home." said Jerry as he picked up Alex and held her tight.

" Sure dad." said Justin as he ran and got Harper. On the way back Justin told Harper about Alex.

" I think Alex will be fine she way to stubborn to let a silly werewolf bit stop her from being her" said Harper as she gave the Russo family a small smile. They nodded there head and saliently thanked Harper.

Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP

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