Alex the Were-Wizard

When Mason accidentally bite's Alex, she turn's into the very first Werewolf Wizard hybrid. But when someone get's bitten by a werewolf they change. How much will Alex change. Will she want to still date Mason or will she have her eye's on a fiery Redhead.

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As soon as they reached the Cheesecake factory Alex dragged Harper in to the store.

" I want one chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake please. Oh and two fork's" said Alex as she talked to the guy in front.

" Alex a whole pie, I can't eat that much … that is if I want to keep my figure and not be as big as your dad" said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex rolled her eye's, she didn't think Harper would ever be as big as her dad.

" I'm hungry and you having a little more fat isn't a bad thing. I think it might be good for you" said Alex as she smiled at Harper and grabbed the pie and paid for it.

" She's right a cute girl like you doesn't need be concern about body weight, you have a great body." said The old guy at front . He winked at Harper, she smiled nervously and walked closer to Alex. The guy had to be over forty and he was flirting with her.

" Harper's Jail bait" sang Alex as she smiled at Harper. Harper rolled her eye's and shook her head. She did not need a creepy old man after her, she just dump Zeke. She didn't want to date now.

" No , I'm good I don't need a sugar daddy right now" said Harper as she smirked. Alex looked shocked at what Harper said.

" No sugar daddy huh, well it's okay you have me. So you don't need one." said Alex as she smiled wiggling her eyebrow's.

" Hahaha, yeah that make's me feel so good. To have a bad ass werewolf wizard to myself." said Harper as she shook her head.

" That's right and I have a awesome redhead so we're even." said Alex as she took a big bite out of the pie in front of her. Harper took a small bite and smiled. She loved this pie. Cookie dough , cheesecake and gram cracker pie crust.

" Mmm, this is so good " said Harper as she licked her lip's. Alex nodded her head in agreement. The two girl's finished the pie and started to walk to school.

" I really need to work out now. But that was so good" said Harper as she patted her full belly.

" Oh yeah it was good. I loved it but now we have school and that just sucks" said Alex as she shook her head.

" Will you be okay ? I mean with the whole smelling thing." asked Harper as she frowned.

Alex frowned she didn't think about that. She hated being at home with her family and there stink. But now at school that was over two hundred people and over two hundred smell's.

" I don't know, just stay by me please. I don't know if I can handle this , but as long as your by me. I'll be fine." said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper smiled and hugged Alex.

" I'll be there" said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" I know, I always will have you and I can smell you all the time" said Alex as she smiled. Harper smiled and rolled her eye's. Since Alex got bitten she was always talking about smelling her.

" You know one day your going to smell the smell out of me if you keep sniffing me." said Harper as she grinned at Alex.

" Then I'll smell your clothes and your bed sheet's" said Alex as she garbed Harper's hand.

" You'll always fine a way huh" said Harper as she walked into the school.

" You know it " said Alex with a smirk on her face.

" Do I have to worry about my panties" asked Harper with her right eyebrow raised. Alex open her locker and pulled out a slice of pizza.

" I don't think I'm going to sniff your panties anytime soon Harp's. But maybe that old dude at the cheesecake factory might like that" said Alex as she took a bite out of the pizza.

" Eww, that's just gross Alex. " said Harper as she stuck her tongue out in disgust.

" Hehehe your cute when you make that face Harper" said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper rolled her eye's at Alex and shook her head.

" What can't I say my best friend is cute when she stick's her tongue out like a little kid." said Alex as she and Harper started to walk to there first class.

" Thank you Alex for saying I'm cute. Do you feel better." said Harper as she sat down at her desk.

" Your welcome" said Alex as she grinned .The girl's went threw there class's all day. Not having any thought's on there ex's.

( With Mason and Zeke )

" Hello there Zeke. How are you" asked Mason as he walked into the boy's bathroom. He saw Zeke sitting on the floor looking at a picture of Harper in her cheer leading uniform.

" Oh hey Mason. I'm kinda down in the dump's." said Zeke as he frowned still looking at the picture of Harper in his hand.

"Why so glum mate, it's not like your girlfriend left you like that fucking whore Alex did to me." said Mason as he growled thinking of what Alex did to him.

" Harper broke up with me in a restaurant because I kept calling her pet nicknames." said Zeke as he started to cry. Mason looked at how pathetic he looked, he looked like a week wounded animal. It made him think what would happen in the wild. Zeke would of died, but this is high school so this was all about drama and getting back at everyone. Mason smirked why not be like every other teenager and make some drama to have Alex running back into his arm's.

" Wow Mate that sounds terrible. If I was you I would get back at Harper for being such a tally whacker. Heck I would of gotten whats owed to me for dating her. A good Shag and sucking." said Mason in a light tone. If he could trick Zeke in to raping Harper, Alex would see that he's a great guy and run back to him fearing all other men. It was a perfect idea a evil master plan in fact.

" What, you mean have sex with Harper" asked Zeke as he looked confused. He was a shy guy but he was a guy and Harper was an attractive woman with plenty of curves that he dreamed of touching.

" Yes, get you friend's from the alien club of yours and hold her down show her who's the one wearing the pants and she'll fall back in love with you. Women love a man who takes charge. But that is if your a man" said Mason as he looked at Zeke.

" I'm a man and Your right I should get whats owed to me. I will fuck Harper Finkle and if my friend's will help I'll let them have a go at it to. Thank's Mason" said Zeke as he stood up.

" It was your idea Zeke tell your friend's that so they see a good leader." said Mason as he left the boy's room.

" Yeah, my idea" said Zeke as he walked out to find his friends to tell them about his perfect idea.

Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizard's of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP Wizards of Waverly Place WOWP

Oh snap , Mason is so evil hehehe and Zeke is gonna do something really bad. Tell me what you think happy Turkey day all.