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Arthur's notes:

First I want to apologize for cutting the story short and ending the way I did. I feel out of love for this story as a new one came into my head call I will kill for you, which I need to complete first before I start on this one. But after looking at this again I decided to change a lot in this and take a different approach. I loved Jezebell night but I will be removing her and replacing with Paige as a way to re-create the power of three. (This will not be a premonition, or a dream)

New summary

Piper has an aneurysm that ruptures and now she has brain damage. Short term memory loss, difficulty speaking and some movement issues cause serious depression and anxiety for and the family. But a sister is discovered, it gives them a change to survive the constant demon attacks, but as Paige, Prue and Phoebe get closer, Piper feels she is getting further away even from Leo.

Silent killer (Rewrite)

Chapter 1

Missed Doctors Appointment

Phoebe and Prue entered the old Victorian house as they've done many times before, talking about their day, any new relationships and other sisterly things. It was around 2 Pm on a Thursday and both sisters had the day off so they could go shopping. Prue put her blue and red shopping bags on the Fourier table while Phoebe, who had little money mostly because she was a student and placed her single white bag next to hers.

"Ok student pay sucks" The youngest said as she continued walking down the hallway towards the kitchen, but stopped suddenly when she heard noises coming from the sunroom.

Prue was not that far behind her and also stopped as their adrenaline began to rise. They both walked quickly but cautiously into the sunroom expecting a demon but instead found their middle sister punching and kicking while facing the TV. Piper was sweating profusely as she tried to keep up with the steps.

"Piper!" Phoebe yelled out as she watched a somewhat uncoordinated sister knock over a lamp and a vase, but was completely unaware of the chaos she was causing because of the headphones she was wearing.

"Piper!" Prue yelled out next but it was choppy through her laughs. Finally they both yelled and a heavy breathing Piper was ripped out of her Kung Fu world and now faced two laughing faces.

"Oh HI!" Piper replied yelling a bit over her own music.

"Honey what are you doing besides killing the accessories?" Phoebe said as she picked up some of the pieces of the broken lamp that laid about the room.

Piper turned off her headphones and noticed the mess that she caused and gave off an embarrassing smile "Sorry, I'll get it Phoebe."

"You know Piper, I think you should stick to step tapes," Prue said as she sat down on the chair next to the stained-glass window.

"Apparently," The heavy breathing woman replied.

Phoebe put the pieces in the small trash can next to the wall and looked at the TV. "Sweetie this is advanced Tae Bo, you're going to kill yourself."

"Oh thank god I thought I was really out of shape," Piper replied as she tried to regain her breath and put her hands on her hips.

"Why are you doing that anyway, you just freeze them and then take your time beating them up?" Prue said as she picked up a magazine that was on the coffee table.

"Well some don't freeze and the woman on the step tape is way too perky," Piper replied.

"God knows you hate perky," Prue said as her eyes widened as she looked at a page in the magazine "Oh that bastard!"

Piper and Phoebe were a little taken back by Prue's comment "Something bothering you Prue?" Piper asks while tilting her head.

"That is not the picture I gave him to put in," Prue replied and turned the picture around so everyone could see it. Both sisters moved in to get a better look at their oldest sister's reason for profanity. The picture was of a man standing in front of a wall holding a bottle of champagne. Piper looked hard at it to try to find something wrong, but it looked fine to her and Phoebe.

"Help us out honey," Piper said looking a little confused.

"It was supposed to be the one of him near the water fountain in the park, not a dam wall," Prue replied and stood up throwing the magazine back on the table.

Piper and Phoebe followed a very irate sister into the Kitchen. "What is it with men and power complexes, seriously is everything a pissing contest."

"I think that is one you're going to lose Prue," Phoebe said as she grabbed an apple out of the basket on the kitchen island.

"Well there was that time she was a man and sense she never let us see it, we have no idea."

"That is so not the point and gross," Prue replied closing her eyes a little disgusted at the thought.

The room filled with white light and Piper shielded her eyes from the onslot, "Turn down the sun," She said as Leo orbed in.

"You ok Piper?" Phoebe asks noticing her middle sister's face was contorted a little in pain.

"Yeah just a headache from hell," Piper replied while lowering her hand to see her husband.

"Hi honey," Leo said as he gave her a hug. Piper sank her head into his chest and felt her body relax into his.

"I need to go and fix this," Prue said grabbing her keys from the counter.

Piper pulled herself out of her lover embrace as the memory of what she had to do today came rushing in. "Prue wait I need your car today."

"Why?" Prue asks.

"My car is in the shop until tomorrow and I have a doctor's appointment today," Piper replied as she grabbed a washcloth from the sink. She could see that her sister was not ready to give up a fight with her editor and gave out a heavy sigh in her own defeat. "It's ok I can reschedule."

"Are you sure?" Prue asks as she played with her keys in her hand.

"Yeah because you want sleep tonight if you don't," Piper replied and started cleaning off the counter.

Prue gave Piper a hug and dashed out. "I can take you," Leo suggested as he rubbed her back, but just as soon as the words came out, the familiar jingle made him look up. "Sorry," He said and hoped his wife would not get upset.

"Its ok, I need to get taxes ready anyway," Piper answered and gave him a kiss as he orbed out.

"I thought you got an extension on those?" Phoebe asks.

"I did but with all the demon vanquishes and the club, not to mentioned husbands that come in and out at random I haven't exactly had time."

"You have more than one husband or was that just a mistake on plural?" Phoebe asks.

"Husband," Piper replied giving Phoebe a hard look.

"Hay have you ever thought of duplicating him, you know like when Prue became Prue's?"

"What women wouldn't but after the bar thing last week, I think Leo would run away screaming."

"Oh right the bar that had more outie's then innie's, come to think about it I think we were the only real women there."

"Do you know I had to explain that to him when we got home, and ever sense he has been more macho than ever."

"You have to feel for him, I mean he was getting hit on at every turn and when we said they were men, well let's just say he was questioning his manhood."

"I can't complain he has been very observant in bed lately," Piper said with a halfcocked smile.

"Not to change the subject but why are you going to the doctors?" Phoebe asks concerned.

"It's just my annual checkup Phoebe," Piper replied seeing the concern in her sister's face.

"I would let you use my car, oh wait I don't have one," Phoebe said as she through the apple remains in the trash.

"Well that is why you're going to school, so you can get a great job and then use your check to pay for your student loans until your 80," Piper said and left the kitchen patting her baby sister on the head on the way out.

"That's encouraging."

Piper made her way upstairs and to her bathroom getting ready for a long awaited shower. She felt a sharp pain behind her left eye as a wave of nausea rushed her. She studied herself using the wall as she tried to remove the grip that pain had on her. "Ouch god that hurts," She thought and just as quickly as the intense pain came, it was gone. She took a deep breath and opened the medicine cabinet to retrieve a bottle of Advil, but it was empty and she knew that her sisters sometimes use her pills when they run out. "Would it kill them to replace it," Her already aching head thought.

Later that day Piper was in the sunroom steering at the scattered papers on the table and boxes filled with receipts and miscellaneous paper work were at her feet. She let out a sigh and began filling out the numerous forms. "Ok if line A is greater than line B, than use line C with line E. How about I take my foot and stick it into your line A?" Piper said as Leo entered the room.

"What are you going to do with your foot?" Leo asks and sat down next to her.

"Can we vanquish the IRS because I swear they are demons," Piper said as she moved some of the forms away from her and dropped her head on the table mumbling something under her breath.

"No they are not demons honey, but we might be able to use the argument that it would keep people from going insane," Leo said and rubbed her back.

Piper raised her head and her eyes met his. He could calm a hurricane with those eyes and right now she needed calming.

"How do you do that?" She said while smiling at him.

"Do what?" Leo asks with a smile of his own.

"Never mind what are you doing?" Piper asks looking at him a little mischievous.

"Anything you want," He replied and leaned in for a kiss but Piper's cell phone was the equivalent of a parent walking in on two hormonal teenagers.

"Dammit," Piper said and answered her phone as Leo regained his composure.

"Hay Prue really bad timing," Piper said into her phone.

"Sorry but so do demons," Prue answered.

"What were you attacked?"

"Yes and once he realized he made a mistake he took off like the little coward he was."

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. He was a low level and all we need is a potion and there is a summoning spell in the book."

"Prue how do you know that, you haven't been home?"

"I astral projected to the book."


"All you need to do is summon him and use the potion."

"Wait you want me to," Piper said but was cut off by Prue.

"OH, Oh I need to go the editor is finely out of his meeting," Prue said and hung up.

Piper closed her phone and let out a snort as she headed for the attic with Leo behind her.

"You should call Phoebe," Leo said as they entered the room.

"No she is studying for her final today and she has been working really hard Leo I don't want to distract her with something I can do on my own," Piper replied and looked at the book.

"Piper you can't let them keep doing this," Leo said standing across from her.

"Doing what?" Piper replied as she wrote down the spell and Ingredients.

"You know what."

"Leo it's not a big deal, I'm sure that if it was an upper level demon Prue would be on her way home."

Piper headed out of the attic as her home phone rang. "What are we the phone company," She said as she picked up the phone that was on a small table in the hallway.

"Piper Halliwell?" A woman said from the other end.


"This is Doctor Williamson office; you missed your appointment today."

"Oh god I'm sorry it's just something came up."

"Miss Halliwell you know that you get charged even if you don't show right?"

"Yeah I know I will try to make it tomorrow."

"Ok I will tell him."

"Thanks," Piper said and hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" Leo asks.

"Nothing, well do you want to let out some Frustration?" Piper said holding the piece of paper with the spell in her hand.

Leo smiled but he looked up and his face showed his apology. "Wait till I come back ok."

"Sure," Piper answered as Leo orbed away. "Like I can wait," She said and made her way to the kitchen. It only took her a few minutes to make the potion and after gathering her courage she summoned him. He shimmered in looking very confused and she froze him. She than through the potion bottle at his feet and he unfroze but the potion did nothing it just fizzled on the floor. "Oh crap," Piper said and made a run for it to the sunroom as the demon pulled out a knife from his belt. "LEO!" She yelled out while looking for a weapon, "Leo!" she called out again and the familiar blue and white orbs filled the room. Leo could see is wife running past him as she grabbed a vase off the table. "Piper!" He yelled as the demon through the knife at her. She used the vase to stop the knife and then tried to freeze him again but it did not work. Leo grabbed the knife off the floor and thrust it into the demons back causing him to explode.

"Ok what the hell was that," She said as she reclaims her breath.

"Are you ok?" He said as he rushed over to her.

"Yeah but why wouldn't he freeze and that dam potion didn't work."

"Maybe Prue was wrong," Leo replied as he helped her sit down.

"Oh when she gets home," Piper said and then gasp when she looked at the table with her taxes on it. The papers were burnt and covered with demon cuts. She grabbed her head around her eye and grunted.

"Piper what's wrong?" Leo asks nervously as he put his hand to her head trying to heal her. "Did he hurt you?"

"No it's just this dam headache."

"Honey why don't you lay down and I will clean up ok," Leo suggested.

"No I'm fine and I need to get those taxes done before tomorrow," Piper said and put her hand down but her eyes were still closed.

"I think you're stressed and that is why your power didn't work," Leo said as he rubbed her back for the 3rd time today.

"Maybe," She answered as she relaxed.

Leo walked her to their bedroom and tucked her in, and before he could even kiss her she was out. "Sleep well honey," He said and kissed her on the forehead. He then made his way down stairs and did the best he could with the tax forms on the table. He was concerned about Piper's powers not working right but he did not want to leave her alone to ask the elders, so he decided to wait for one of the sisters to come home. 30 minutes later Phoebe walked in.

"Hello I'm home," she said a little loud and Leo shushed her.

"Piper is lying down."

"Oh did she get her taxes done?" Phoebe said and sat down in the living room.

"No we had an interruption," Leo said and sat next to her.

"A demon or something fun," Phoebe said giving her brother-in law a raised eyebrow.

"I wish, it was a demon."

"Is she ok?" Phoebe asks worriedly.

"Yeah just stressed and it is affecting her power."


"It's ok I think she will be ok after her nap."

The door slamming shut made all them jump up and they heard the sound of Prue's voice rumbling so they ran to shush her as well.

Upstairs Piper was waked up by the loud noise and in this house loud noises are not good. She jumped up but a dizzy spell hit her hard and she went to one knee as the room spun. She closed her eyes and lifted herself back to her bed and began to rock, hoping that the movement would balance out her eyes when she opened them. She felt worse than when she laid down and she was worried that there was a demon in the house." Come on Piper get up," She thought as she opened her eyes but the room was fuzzy and she felt sick again. "Dammit come on, go away please just go away," She tried to well herself better and after a few agonizing minutes her site was clear again and the nausea was gone but her head was throbbing. She could hear voices coming from down stairs and knew it might be Phoebe or Prue so she stood up slowly and made her way out.

"I can't believe him," Prue said as she entered the living room.

"Keep it down Prue, Piper is sleeping." Phoebe said as she put her fingers to her lips.

"Not anymore," Piper said as she descended the stairs.

Leo walked over to her as his temper was flaring up, "Piper go back up stairs and lay down."

"No I'm fine and I need to finish the taxes."Oh by the way Prue the potion didn't work."

"Piper I know I was looking at the right demon," Prue replied defensive.

"He didn't go boom it just fizzled," Piper answered and made her way to the table.

"Maybe you wrote it down wrong," Prue said while following her.

"No I didn't Prue," Piper snapped back, she was exhausted her head was about to explode and now she was getting angry as she handed the ingredients to the cause of her blood boiling over. Prue took the piece of paper.

"Piper this is wrong, you wrote it down wrong," Prue said and ran to get the book.

"No I didn't," Piper yelled after her but she was starting to doubt herself. She remembered the words were a little fuzzy at the time and maybe Prue was right.

Prue came down with the book and like a child who just won a spitting contest showed Piper that she did write it down wrong.

"Oh sorry, I think I need glasses," Piper said as the nausea and dizzies came back in force.

"Piper are you ok," Leo asks but this time knew she was not. Her skin was shiny and she was pale.

"Piper," Prue's once hard voice became soft as she sat next to her. Phoebe was still standing but she started playing with her hands as fear filled her.

Piper did not answer; instead she put her hand to her head again and let out a loud grunt.

"Leo heal her," Phoebe said as she moved behind Piper to rub her back. He put his hands over her but nothing happened. "I can't," He said as h face fell.

Piper begins to vomit and went to her knees and she was holding her left arm.

"Piper what's wrong?" Prue asks while holding her hair out of her face. Pipers voice was low and garbled so Prue leaned in trying to understand her.

"You can't move your arm?" Prue asks not sure what Piper said. But it was confirmed by her middle sister nod.

"Oh god, oh god," Phoebe's voice cracked, "Leo get us to the hospital now, I think she is having a stroke!"

Leo did not hesitate and they orbed out.

To be continued….