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Chapter 19


Piper's eyes opened to a dark bedroom as she rubbed her eyes to get out the particles of sleep that have formed. Her body was sore as she sat up in her bed and leaned against the headboard. She put her hand to the side of the bed expecting to feel Leo's warm body, but instead was greeted with cold sheets. She squinted at the digital clock that was close to midnight and yawned. Her short memory issue was doing its work of blocking out the hours before where a demon almost suffocated her to death and she assumed that Leo was out helping a charge. The house was airily quite as she looked outside the window and could see the tree limps move slightly in the wind as the soft rain fell on the glass. Her Stomach growled as it needed to be filled and she reluctantly got up from the bed to apiece its desire. She managed to miss the vomit on the blanket as she got up and headed out the door, making sure to be quite so her sisters could sleep."What to eat?" she thought as she made her way down the stairs and put her arms around herself as a cold chill came over her body. Piper walked into the kitchen and turned on the light and had to adjust her eyes for a moment as they seemed too sensitive to it. She grabbed a couple of slices of meet and some water out of the fridge and headed out to sit on the couch but dropped her dinner when she saw the front door was wide open. Her heart was pounding as she stared at it for a second not sure if the wind did it or someone was in the house. "Leo!" she called out and hoped the intruder would not rush her. "Leo!" she called out again but he did not show. "Prue!" she yelled and made a run for the stairs but her movement was not as fast as it used to be and the clime was agonizing as she felt like someone was behind her the whole way up. "Phoebe!" she yelled as she reached the top and looked over her shoulder before opening Prue's door and closing it shut. She got her breath back and felt a little safer but when she turned that feeling would turn to panic as Prue's bed was empty. "Phoebe!" she yelled while making her way to her bedroom but again it was empty. Last was Paige who was sleeping in the attic but when she walked in, her heart sunk as it was empty too. "Shit," she said while roughly moving her hands through her hair. "Andy!" she almost fainted when yelling his name as he was the last resort but again no white and blue lights filled the room. Piper ran to the attic door and shut it followed by locking it," Maybe went out," she thought in hopes they were at a restaurant and just lost track of time. She knew it was late but she needed to know that everyone was alright as she picked up the phone and squinted hard at the numbers. Ever since the seizures started her eyesight has been getting worse and she had to put the phone right in front of her face. She would hit one number but it took so long to find the next one that it would start beeping. "Dammit," she said and tried again. It took her over 20 minutes to make her call but it finely went through. "Dad I you," she said and Victor knew what she meant. "I am on my way sweetie," he said and they hung up. She tried to call Prue's cell but has forgotten the number along with Phoebe's and she was now realizing she was alone. "What if happened," she thought as demons have habits of taken them so she went to the book, only to have the same issue of seeing as she did the phone. They needed her and she could not help them and the reality of that hit her hard as she went to the couch and sat down while tears streamed down her face.

Down in the underworld all three sisters with Leo and Andy were tied up in very uncomfortable positions. They had their hands behind their backs and were hanging in the air with cement blocks chained to their feet, causing enormous pressure on their shoulders. They were unconscious as the triad prepared some kind of ceremony while the source was also on his way.

"Their powers will not stay bound forever," A triad member said as he tossed a human hart on the floor that landed next to a man who was missing his.

"What about the forth one?" the other triad member asks.

"She is no threat to us, but I would like her to see them die and I could use a pet," the man replied.

Prue was the first to wake as sweat dripped off her nose and onto the dirt floor. Her vision was blurry and she felt suspended while her shoulders felt like they were going to be dislocated from there socket She moaned as she tried to move her arms that were not move at all so she decided to look up as much as she could. She looked to her right and could see Phoebe still unconscious and in the same predicament as her, as to her left was Paige. Leo and Cole were on the sides of them but she did not see Piper and for that she was grateful. "We have a chance," she thought as one of the triad members walked over to her. He grabbed her hair on the back of her neck and now she wished she did not wake up.

"Hello Prue," he said with a conceited grin.

"Fuck you," she snapped back but her throat was dry and the lack of moisture made it come out hoarse.

"Such language," he said and pushed her head back down causing her shoulders to almost come out of their sockets. She screams and that wakes up her sisters and the men who were very confused about where they were, except for Cole who recognized this place and immediately felt dread.

"Oh Belthazor you are awake," the triad member said as he walked over to him.

"Leave them alone," he said through his teeth while trying to get free of his restraints.

"The source will be here soon and he will enjoy devouring you," the man said and walked back to the other members as they lit black candles.

Leo was looking around hoping not to see Piper and was glad when he didn't but she was asleep when this happened, and would wake up alone in the house. He tried to orb but could not and could see some kind of pendant hanging around his neck. "It must be blocking it," he thought as Paige also had one around her neck when he looked at her. He could see the pain in her face as she tried to relieve some of the pressure on her shoulders by leaning forward, but the weight on their feet kept them from doing that.

"Phoebe can you do anything?" Prue whispered.

"No my hands aren't free," Phoebe whispered back as tears came down her face caused from the pain.

"Piper will figure something out," Prue said but was not completely confident in that statement considering she has no active power. She did not know about what happened at the house as she was coming home from work and right when she stepped into the manner everything went black.

Piper was pacing the attic as she heard a knock on the door that made her jump until her father said it was him and she ran to open it.

"Daddy," she said almost like a child as he hugged her.

"Piper I'm here honey now what's wrong?' he asks as she walked him over to the book.

"Spell," she replied while pointing at the book.


"Lost," she replied while playing with her hands and her eyes showed fear.

"Piper where are your sisters?" Victor asks.

"Lost," she replied almost yelling.

"Demons took them?"

Piper nodded as she opened the book but could not see the writing clearly and needed his help.

"Piper I am not magical," he said but she kept his hands on the book. "I don't understand," he said as his eyes watered and he could see the sheer panic on her face and it hurt him badly.

"Spell lost," she said again.

"Lost witch spell?" he said and hoped he was on the right track.

Piper nodded and even smiled a bit as Victor started looking at the pages until he found the lost witch spell and turned the book towards her. Her smile faded as she realized that she would not be able to say the spell because of her speech problem. "Fuck," she said and ran her hands through her hair. Her father was terrified that he was about to lose his daughters as he held Piper who would be the only one left if anything happened to them. "Try sweet hart," he said and put her in front of the book again. She nodded and knew she had to do something or they would die. She took in a deep breath as she started the spell,

"Power of the witches -

Course unseen -the skies

- who call you near

Come - settle here.

Victor could tell she was missing words and she also did not use the knife to cut herself. He grabbed the knife off the table and Piper looked at it oddly for a moment and then took it.

"Piper try again and make sure to say all the words ok."

She tried once more after pricking her finger and let the blood fall into the bowl but she did not say all the words and nothing happened. She closed her eyes tight as she realized she could not say the spell and she fell into her father who kept her from falling.

"Its going to be ok, we will find a way. Maybe if we call Penny?" he said and looked for a spell while holding her but it was lengthy and he knew she could not say it. Piper let herself slide down to the ground as all of her energy was depleted while Victor held her tight to him. "I sorry," she whimpered as she felt like she completely failed her family that has sacrificed so much for her this year.

"Its not your fault Piper and they are strong so don't be worried they will find a way," he said but the words got stuck in his throat and he could not help but cry.

"Let me get you some water," he said and stood up as she rocked back and forth in her spot. Victor left the room and the door slammed shut behind him," Piper!" he yelled from the other side as he could not get it to open as two demons shimmered into the attic. Piper immediately got to her feet and now she was angry, furious and grabbed the knife as the two demons smiled at her.

"Now now you could hurt yourself with that," one of the demons said as he approached her.

"Get away!" she yelled back as her father pounded on the door.

"The source wants you to see your family, don't you want to see your sisters?" the other said as he approached from the other side.

Piper backed up until the wall stopped her path and knew they did not mean it in a good reunion kind of way," Kill you," she said and kept the knife in front of her.

"We will just keep coming," he said and shimmered away and then appeared next to her. He grabbed her around her side as she tried to stab him but it was no use as he shimmered out and the other demon followed. Victor finally managed to open the door but Piper was gone and he just stood there for a moment in shock. "Penny help!" he yelled while looking up.

Back in the underworld a demon shimmied in with Piper as she still held the knife. She immediately set eyes on her family and then struggled to get free. She was still dressed in her outfit that she fell asleep in as one of the triad members pulled the knife from her hand. Leo fought hard against his restraints and did not care about the pain he was feeling as the source entered the chamber.

"Would not want you to miss out," he said as he walked up to her.

"Go," she said while still struggling with the demon while rage flashed in her eyes.

"Go, I'm sorry Piper but you will need to speak more clearly, oh wait you can't," he said and placed his cold hand on her face. "Maybe you could give me an air," he said as he removed his hood. One side of his face was badly burnt and his eye was missing while scars went down his face. His teeth were yellow and sharp but Piper did not look away as she continued to eye him down.

"Don't touch her!" Leo screamed as spit exited his mouth with the words.

"My Lord it is time," a triad member said behind him.

"Time to take in all of their powers and kill them for good," he said and scratched Piper's face with his sharp long fingernails. She flinched but looked right back at him.

The source stepped into the pentagram with the black candles at each corner while the sisters and the men struggled and screamed in pain.

"Piper run!" Prue yelled as she knew they were probably not going to make it.

"No!" Piper said and was able to push the demon that held her away and grab the knife out of his hands. She then used it to kill him as another demon grabbed her.

"Are you telling me you cannot hold a semi-retarded witch in place," The source said as he formed a fireball.

"Sorry my lord it will not happen again," the demon said and the source extinguished his fireball and then faced the charmed ones.

"I should have said no when you asked me to move in," Paige said and gave an awkward laugh.

"Wait, try to turn them, "Cole yelled as the members began to chant. He was hoping to buy them some time but Phoebe was not amused by the suggestion.

"Cole shut the fuck up, you lied to me," Phoebe said as she kept her eye on the source.

"Wait he has a point," Andy said and could feel the disbelieving stare from Prue and was too trying to buy some time.

"Hold," the source said as the suggestion was rattling in his mind.

"My lord we do not have much time before the spell wears off and they get their powers back," one of the members said in his ear.

"The charmed ones evil would be the ultimate revenge as their souls would never see the light," the source said mostly talking to himself. "How much time do we need to keep them bound?" he asks.

"It took us over three weeks to get the ingredients we needed for Belthazor and over a week for the whitelighters. For the sisters it took three innocents harts it would have taken four but Phoebe has Piper's powers."

"To long I will just have to trap their souls now find a way," the source said and the man nodded and then with a wave of his hand a demon came in flames and kneeled down.

"I have a job for you," the triad member said and motioned him to the other side of the room.

"Unless you would like to make a deal Piper?" the source said as he walked back over to her.

"Piper don't do anything," Leo yelled as the flames on the candles were starting to get higher while some of the members continued chanting.

"You become my bride and give me an heir and I will free their souls when they are dead."

Piper looked back at her family and she could not imagine them dead let alone not having peace.

"Piper don't!" Prue yelled as Phoebe and Paige did the same. Piper went to her knees and the demon let her drop as she placed her hands over her chest. What she would do to be able to freeze time as many thoughts ran through her head. "I could agree and then kill him or myself once they are safe," she thought as she closed her eyes tight while her family yelled at her not to do it.

"Come Piper such a small sacrifice for your family's wellbeing," the source said as Piper stopped rocking and became still and her eyes opened. But they were not of defeat or sadness, something changed as she raised her eyes up at him while her head remained straight ahead. She stood up as she kept her eyes on him. A wind came rushing through the cavern and blew out the candles as the torches flickered and the men stopped chanting. The source backed up as Piper's hair danced with the wind and her eyes withheld a secret that only she knew and she gave a sideways smile.

"Kill her!" the source yelled as he could feel power surging in the room that was not his own. The triad members formed fireballs and without hesitation threw them at her. Piper raised her hand with her palm facing towards them and they froze in front of her. The source backed up even more as his confusion grew with the others but most of all, the power surge was beyond anything he has ever felt and was now afraid.

"I will release them if you leave," he said and Piper just tilted her head.

"No deal you die is that clear enough for you," she said and placed her and on the wall behind her. A demon tried to rush her with a knife but some kind of shock wave with a blue tent hit him hard and he went flying back and into a wall.

"What is happening?" Prue asks as she too could feel the power surge.

"I don't know but look she is healing," Leo said as the scratches on Piper's face healed and her hair became even and her body mass was going back to normal.

"Leo how?" Phoebe asks.

"She's pregnant," he said as he smiled.

"The baby is healing her," Phoebe said.

"And she is tapping into her power," Paige said with a smile.

The wall behind Piper began to crack as the Triquetra formed out of the hard rock walls. Blue and white light rose like smoke out of the newly formed cracks. The source tried to use his telekinesis on her but it just bounced off her stomach as a shield went around her.

"Visurus magam magni solis filiam, His procedens é latebris, Ibis Circêum liber in hospicium, Haud arctis arctis clusum terminis," Piper said and the fireballs that were once frozen begin to move and become one. She then looked directly at a triad member and the giant fireball engulfed him. The others tried to flame away but found themselves to be too slow and were engulfed as well. The restraints that held her family was removed and they landed on the ground as the source tried to escape but found he could not as his feet were now shackled to the ground.

"This is not possible, you don't have any powers!" he yelled as Piper's sisters joined her as the cracks became larger on the wall and the light became stronger behind them.

"Hay sis," Prue said and held her hand as she removed the other from the wall so she could hold Phoebe's. Leo and Andy stood to the side as they took off the pendants that were around their necks and could feel they energy coming back to them.

"Looks like Melinda has some juice," Andy said as Cole stayed to the other side.

Piper said nothing as she was completely focused and seemed to be somewhere else at the moment while she started another spell. Concentu vario errabunt cæli volucres, In terra, in vnd' in aere. Et to dimittent illæsum pisces maris, Naturali silentio;" she said and the light rushed through the cracks in the wall like a horizontal waterfall. "Repeat," Piper said and her sisters got the hint.

"Concentu vario errabunt cæli volucres, In terra, in vnd' in aere. Et to dimittent illæsum pisces maris, Naturali silentio;" they all said together and the light mixed with the spell swirled around the source. It was cutting him like razor blades as it did so. They don't know how they knew the spell but they did.

"Prue hold him in place," Piper said and Prue held up her hand, using her telekinesis to keep him from moving out of the circle. "Paige orb the book," Piper said as she looked at the Grimoire,"Into the center," Piper said and Paige did what she asks. "Phoebe start blasting," she said and her sister did what she asks while the light continued its assault on him. He screamed and thrashed about as Phoebe used Piper's power to blow off his ligaments. "You like that," she said as she could not help but enjoy the moment.

"Now we finish this," Piper said and put her hand to her stomach. She walked forward and into the swirling light but she remained unharmed as she rose to his level while the chains that bound him to the ground continued to hold along with Prue's power. All that was left was his torso as his appendages were removed by Phoebe. She placed her hand on his chest over his black hart.

"I already have an heir," she said and the swirling light began to move faster as it moved into her body and to her arm. The source could feel his hart being crushed and then he exploded into a 1000 pieces as along with the Grimoire as Piper lowered herself down. She then shook her head and looked around and turned to see her sisters smile wide.

"What just happened?" she asks and then felt her head were she had the surgery. It was completely healed and her thoughts were not scrambled anymore but clear.

"You just vanquished the source or she did," Phoebe replied as she pointed to Piper's stomach.


"Yeah that is one powerful fetus," Paige said and walked over to her as Leo ran to her.

"Piper are you ok?" he asks as he put his hands on her to check for injuries.

"I think so, apparently she takes after her father," Piper said and then noticed all the cuts and bruises on her family. "Leo, Andy could you take care of them?"

"Sure," Andy replied and did what she asks as Cole remained silent.

"You!" Phoebe yelled as tears threatened once more, "How could you?"

"Phoebe I was trying to buy us some time that's all and it worked see," he replied while looking at Piper.

"Not just that Cole, you're a dam demon," Phoebe said as she tried to blow him up but found that power was now gone. "Fuck!"

"Sorry Pheebes," Piper said as she could feel her power return to her.

"Then you do it."

Piper stepped in front of them and was ready to blast away but then stopped. "Wait he saved me didn't he?" she asks as the memory of what happened in her room came back. She remembered being outside of her body for a moment and Cole killing the demon that suffocated her.

"Is that true?" Leo asks.

"It doesn't matter he is a demon and probably set it up that way," Phoebe said as her body shook.

"I can't," Piper said and was not completely sure why but she could not do it.

"I was sent by the triad to kill you but I fell in love with you, I wanted to tell you but with everything going on it just wasn't the best timing," Cole said as he tried to approach her.

"Get away," Paige said and stood in front of him.

"Paige," Prue said and stood next to her.

"I am sorry Phoebe," Cole said and lowered his head and then shimmered away.

"I swear if I see him again I will kill him," Phoebe said as she walked back over to Piper.

"How about we get out of here," Andy suggested as he stood next to Prue.

"Can't argue there," Piper chimed in and Leo with Andy orbed home.

They all sat in the living room as Penny and Patty with Victor who were very glad to see them alive and well.

"We were so worried," Patty said as she sat next to Piper on the couch with her arm around her.

"Did you know Grams?" Prue asks with a raised eyebrow.

"No but I knew Piper would find a way back to us and that you would connect with Paige," she replied as she played with her necklace which was a telltale sign she was not being completely truthful.

"Grams?" Piper asks noticing the body language.

"Ok I was terrified that you would not recover and eventually the demons would get to you," she said and sat on the other side of her.

"Well we can thank the little one for that," Piper said as she took in a deep breath and patted her stomach. "You ok with being a daddy?' she said and looked at Leo.

"You bet," he said with a wide smile as his green eyes lit up.

"Piper about the club," Prue said and Piper just swatted her hand at her.

"Its ok Prue I completely understand, god I was out of it. I never felt so isolated and alone in my life. But don't worry we will get it back," she said and Prue squeezed in beside her and hugged her.

"I am so glad you are ok, because I missed the sarcastic remarks," Prue said but Phoebe was lost in thought and Piper noticed.

"Honey I know it hurts to have someone you love turn out to be a demon or warlock, but he did help at the end," she said but Phoebe just wiped her nose and looked down.

"I loved him Piper I really did and it scares me," she said.

"Why?" Andy asks.

"Because I'm attracted to evil," she replied and Paige sat next to her on the chair arm.

"No you're not Cole was good at seducing and that is what it was, so don't blame yourself ok," Paige said and Phoebe leaned into her.

"It still sucks," she said.

"Ok I am exhausted and can't wait for a restful night sleep," Piper said and squirmed out of the people sandwich that she was in. "Phoebe you will get pass this," she said and kissed her on the head.

"Piper I'm glad you're ok because," she said and closed her eyes.

"I know me too," she replied and headed for the stairs as Leo followed her.

"So the source is dead but it was more of Piper's doing then us, so what does that mean for our destiny?" Prue asks Andy.

"It was not just all her. She needed all of you for the spell to work so it was all of you and your destiny is fulfilled, its like Fourth of July up there," Andy replied.

"So this means a brake," Paige said and sat down on the couch.

"Yeah but that doesn't mean it's permanent, other demons will try to become the source," Andy said and Paige rolled her eyes.

"Until then we are going to get the club back and spend a lot of time together as a family. And who knows maybe start one of our own," Prue said as she kissed Andy.

The next morning Piper awoke early to be quiet and serene home and she could not help but touch everything in sight as she walked past it. From the wood on the banister to the pictures on the wall of her family as the sun was greeting her while she entered the sunroom. She could feel its warmth as it spread evenly on her skin. Her thoughts were clear and her movement balanced and voluntary as she walked into the kitchen and smiled at her sanctuary. She could not believe how close she came to losing everything and how supportive and loving her family truly is. "I will make all their favorites," she said and started pulling out the ingredients to make a breakfast fit for kings and queens. Her new baby sister would stop her task at the moment when she entered.

"You're up early," Paige said as she got some coffee that Piper freshly made.

"Yeah I think I slept more then I was awake," Piper replied and pulled out some things from the refrigerator.

"How are you feeling?"

"Good very good, Paige I don't know how to thank you for helping me," Piper said and decided to join her sister at the kitchen table with coffee of her own.

Paige just swiped at her playfully," Oh it was nothing," she said and took a sip.

"It was more than nothing, I know we have not had a lot of time together since you've been here but welcome to the family, as screwed up as it is," Piper said as she too took a sip.

"So what are you going to name her?" Paige asks.

"Melinda," Piper replied our rubbing her stomach and leaning back in the chair.

"She definitely has some power."


"I need to get dressed," Paige said and started to stand but Piper grabbed her arm.

"Can you take the day off?"

"Oh Piper I would love too but I don't even know if I have a job as it is," Paige said and Piper reluctantly let go.


"Its ok my boss is pretty understanding," she said and started to leave.

"Oh Paige what is your favorite breakfast?"

"Eggs Benedict," Paige replied and left the kitchen.

"Eggs Benedict it is," Piper said and start working on her meal as the family began to wake. They all sat down for a hearty breakfast and talked until all of them headed off in their opposite directions today. Leo gave Piper a long kiss and said he would be back for lunch and he wasn't planning on eating anything but having an afternoon delight with her. She raised her eyebrows as he whispered that into her ear and was already filling the excitement of what was to come.

Piper would eventually get the club back as a reward from the elders for them killing the source. In months to come they would find out that they would have a son and not a daughter but it did not change how much they loved him.

The end


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