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Takes place in season two when Leo is mortal and I can't tell you more than that. I have my reasons which you have to read to find out.

Chapter 1

That's Just Creepy


Is the sound that woke the youngest Halliwell up from her forced slumber, as her eyes opened slowly trying to make sense of the white walls and smells of disaffected that flooded her senses. The squeeze to her left hand made her feel slightly at ease in her unfamiliar surroundings.

"Ouch my head," Phoebe said as she tried to focus her eyes while holding her aching head.

Her eyes slowly set them self's on a dark-haired woman who smiled back at her as she ran her hand Through her hair, that reveal bright blue eye's that gave away thoughts of concern for her and now was in complete focus. It was her oldest sister Prue, whose strong grip made her body relax into the white sheets.

"Phoebe, Phoebe can you hear me"?


"Yeah honey it's me, are you OK?"

Phoebe gave into the natural reaction and began to sit up but felt her sister gently push her back down on the bed.

"Slow down there."

"What happened?"

"You were in a car accident; they said a truck hit you when you were parked on the side of the rode,"


"What is the last thing you remember Pheebe's?" Prue ask now sitting on the side of the bed.

"Getting dressed to go out to a new club, and that's it," Phoebe said as she looked around.

"I can't believe Piper let you borrow her jeep," Prue said with a smile.

"Oh god she is going to kill me, I wrecked her jeep," Phoebe answered now showing clear signs of guilt.

"Where is she anyway?"

"I think she was going to break up with Dan tonight,"

"Ouch" Phoebe yelped as she tried to sit up again but her body protested.

"The doctor said you have some bruised ribs and a mild concussion but you should be OK, thank god, you scared me half to death," Prue said now standing up.

"Phoebe, oh thank god you're OK," Piper said as she ran through the open door almost running into Prue as she made her way to Phoebe's bed side. Her voice was raspy as though she has been crying or had a bad coughing fit, and her hair was in a ponytail with a few strands of hair laying down her face. Phoebe gave a chuckled at the state of her middle sister, she looked like she just woke up and was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a gray hooded jacket and white T-shirt underneath.

"Piper, where have you been?" Prue ask with her hands on her hips with narrowing eyes.

"What do you mean?" looking very confused at the question.

"I was calling for the last 4 hours and it kept saying you were out of service."

"I don't know but I got your text message, I'm sorry Prue maybe my phone is acting up."

"Piper I'm sorry about your car," Phoebe said lowering her head. She felt bad about wrecking her sisters jeep and hated making any of her sisters pissed at her, especially Piper who always bent over backwards to help her.

"Phoebe that's OK, I'm just glad you are OK," Piper replied now holding her sister's hand tight and rubbing her forearm with the other.

"I know hospitals are cold but not that cold," The youngest shivered a little at Piper's touch.

"Are you cold?" Piper asks looking around for a blanket.

"No but your hands are freezing."

Piper let go of her shivering sister's hand and backed away slightly looking down at her own inquisitively as she rubbed them together, in hopes to generate a little heat.

"Miss Halliwell," A doctor said as he walked into the room. He looked like someone from General Hospital which made all of the girls stare a little.

"Hi," Phoebe said a little red in the face. "Everything checked out okay and you can go home now if you like, but someone will need to wake you every 2 hours while you sleep tonight, will there be someone home with you?" He asked looking a Prue who was fidgeting with her phone.

"Yes," Piper said softly still looking at her hands.

"Will you be with her?" the doctor said looking at Prue.

"Yes," Prue answered now looking up at him.

"Good, here is a subscription for vicodin for the pain but you shouldn't need much, you were very lucky Miss Halliwell that your injuries are miner.

"Yeah I'm a little charmed I guess," Phoebe said giving a smile as she winked at her sisters.

The doctor gave Phoebe her subscription and had her sign the release form then left the room. A nurse came in and removed the IV along with any other wires that were attached to her.

"Ok, here are your clothes, nice blouse by the way, sorry we had to cut it off," The nurse said showing her disappointment in destroying such a beautiful piece of clothing. Phoebe took the copper sleeveless and thin strapped blouse out of the nurse's hands.

"It's ok, Prue will buy me another one," Phoebe said with a wide smile.

"Hay, what do you think I'm made of money," Prue replied while pulling some clothes from her purse, "While you were unconscious, I went back to the house and grabbed some clothes for you. Oh I need to call Leo."

"Why he can't you now anymore, not since he got his you know what clipped" Piper said nudging her oldest sister in the side because the nurse was still there.

"No he was looking for you, to tell you about Phoebe"

"Why?" Piper asks with a slight tilt to her head.

"Because we did not know where you were," Prue replied now getting very angry with her middle sister's forgetfulness. "Piper we have been through this before, are phones must be charge at all times. And if they start showing signs of going out we have to replace them immediately," Prue finished her interrogation and helped Phoebe get dressed.

"I said I was sorry, and I was at Dan's," Piper replied but was unsure of her answer. "You could have called there," Piper defensively said.

"I didn't have his number, which by the way we talked about as well,"

"Does she always do that?" The nurse ask while cleaning up the room and looking sideways at Prue," Ok Piper you are ready to go." The nurse finished off and left the room.

"Oh, I'm Phoebe! And yes," Phoebe said as the nurse left but she did not hear her and then gave Prue a smile.

"How did the brake up go?" Phoebe asks Piper while trying to change the subject as she put on a pair of sweats. She hated when they would fight, Piper was usually the one to break up fights between her and Prue not the other way around.

"Fine I guess, I really don't…..." Piper was stopped when her phone started beeping.

"Oh now the call comes through," Prue said with a little snort.

Piper looked down at her phone and turned it off.

"Ok, I'm ready," The youngest sister said as she clearly was anxious to get out of the hospital after putting on the red sweater that was 1 size to large and a pair of red sweats.

"Man my phone is messed up," Piper said putting it back in her pocket.

"You need to get that fixed Piper, we can't have any problems with are cell phones in this family," Prue said as she walked out the door with Phoebe on her arm.

"Yeah I got it, Hay Pheebe's you hungry?" Piper asks while walking behind them.

"You two take care now," the nurses said as they were leaving the hospital exit.

"You too," They replied.

"And yes I'm starving."

"I could use some substance, how about you Piper?"

"No I'm not hungry, but I will treat.

"I should considering I crashed your car,"

"It's ok Phoebe that's why we have insurance," Piper replied as they all piled into Prue's car.

Piper, Prue and Phoebe stood in line at a fast food restaurant; Piper was in the back as her two sisters ordered. "Combo 4 please with water thanks," Phoebe said as she moved out of the way to let Prue order.

"Dammit, Prue could I borrow some money, I must have left my purse at Dan's," Piper said in a Whisper into Prue's ear.

"Sure honey, I'll take care of it," Prue answered with a smile as she made her order.

Once they had their food they all sat down at a booth. It was quiet mostly because of the late hour and there were only a few people in the restaurant. Piper's phone beeps again and she pulls it out of her pocket.

"That thing really does not like you today does it?" Phoebe said while taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Tell me about it," Piper said now showing Phoebe.

"It looks ok, try taking out the battery and put it back in," the baby sister replied as she squinted hard to see the small screen. Just then, Prue's phone rings and it makes them all jump a little.

"Oh it's Leo, Hi Leo, yeah she is here would you like to talk to her?" Prue ask, "Oh, ok I will tell her.

Piper already had her hand out to receive the phone but Prue hung it up and put it back into her red purse.

"Hay," Piper said a little angry.

"He said that he loved you and he will talk to you soon, He was talking to Darrell," Prue said defending her actions.

"Ok, why was he talking to Darryl?"

"Because we could not find you," Prue said eating a french fry.

"Oh, sorry," Piper replied not wanting to bring up the phone situation again.

"Piper, how did you get to the hospital anyway?" Prue ask taking a sip of her drink.

"I do…..." Piper was cut off by a young man who approached the table.

"Excuse me, do you have the time?" A man in his 20s asks while looking sheepishly at Phoebe.

"Sure it's 2:30 AM," Phoebe answered looking at Piper's phone.

"Thank you," He said and walked off.

"Wow you get out of the hospital looking like a train wreck and you still get hit on," Piper said with a laugh and taking the phone back from Phoebe. "Hay can we go to the jeep after we eat, I may have left my purse there?" Phoebe asked after taking the last bite of her sandwich and crumbling up the napkin she used to wipe her face.

"Sure, but do you think you will be ok with that, you know seeing the accident?" Piper asks looking concerned.

"I will be fine."

Piper looks to her right and a family of three is looking at Phoebe oddly as a little girl smiled at her. She smiled back and looked back at the husband and wife, who continued to try to see through the side of their face and eating very quickly.

"It's like no one has seen anyone come out of the hospital before," Piper said as she gave a halfcocked smile to her youngest sister but her voice was low, and Phoebe was too interested in a little red box that her food came in.

"We should go, ready Pheebe's?" Prue said now standing up from the bench.

"Yap, let me just check to see what I got in my happy meal," Phoebe gleaned as she reached into the small red box.

"How about some maturity," Piper said as she stood up.

"Hay, I never want to grow up," Phoebe replied and pulled some kind of stuffed cat out of the box making her smile. She stood up after the family that was staring at her before was already half way out the door, but the little 4 year old girl pulled on her sweater.

"I have friends too," she said in a whisper.

The mother tapped her daughter on the shoulder and smiled at Phoebe awkwardly.

"What honey?" Phoebe asks as the family and then looked down at the gray stuffed cat. She tried to reply to the little girl, but she was delayed in her question and they were gone. Phoebe rubbed her head a little were a large white bandage was covering her wound," Must have hit my head harder than I thought,"

"Coming Phoebe?" The oldest said as she threw away her trash and walked out the door with Phoebe and Piper in tow.

Phoebe bopped to the beat with her little stuffed cat with the music that came out of the radio as Prue was looking for the exit. Piper was in the back staring out the window at the full moon. It glowed brightly and had a reddish color to it as the stars twinkle in its company. She zipped up her gray hooded jacket and shivered a bit.

"Is the air on?" Piper asked.

"No, are you cold honey?" Prue ask while checking the dash to make sure the air was not on.

"No just got a chill," she replied as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"OK, Darryl said it was on exit 14, here we go," Phoebe said while pointing straight ahead.

They pulled over onto the shoulder and finally got a good look at Piper's jeep. The back was completely caved in and the passenger door was wide open but hanging off its hinges. Glass and pieces of metal lay around the area while flares were flickering, but showing signs of going out. All of them got out of the car and stood silent for a moment looking at the damage.

"God Phoebe you have any idea how lucky you are," Prue said placing her arm around her baby sister.

"Piper I will help pay for everything ok," Phoebe said looking at Piper's pale face.

"Its ok honey I'm just glad you're okay," She answers.

"I'll check the car for your stuff ok," Prue said leaving the technology fixing up to Phoebe. Phoebe looked at the phone and noticed a blinking dot on it.

"Why does that building look familiar?" Phoebe said and looked towards a construction site. That was mostly just the outside form and had no walls and the flood lights gave it very little light. She looks at it sideways and starts walking towards it.

"Pheebe's where are you going?" Piper ask while walking behind her," Honey its 3 am you need to go home and get some sleep,"

Phoebe picked up her pace and started walking faster; she still had the little shoes on from the hospital as she looked down while walking faster.

"What are you guys doing?" Prue asked now standing next to them.

"It's late can we just go home?" Piper voiced as she started walking back to the car.

"No the building looks familiar," Phoebe said now continuing her walk.

"Are you remembering?" Prue ask.


"Piper come on, it might help her remember what happened," Prue said now following the curious sister.

"Fine," The middle sister answered rolling her eyes.

Phoebe's pace picked up again and she was breathing hard. They finally got to the construction site that was about a half a mile off the highway. The flood lights helped a little but not much as they all strained to see where they were stepping. The youngest sister stopped and looked at the phone. The dot was now beeping right where they were standing.

"Do you remember anything yet?" Prue ask.

"I don't know, wait do you hear that?" Phoebe answered and then put her hand up and turned off the phone.

"What, is your new power super hearing? " Piper asked while looking irritated at Phoebe.

Phoebe turned around and gave Piper a confused look. "Did you say that before?"

"Um, no just now why?"

"Wait she's right, it sounds like someone," Prue stopped for a moment and when she opened her mouth Phoebe opened hers at the same time "dragged," they both said.

"Ok guys this is creeping me out," Piper said now showing signs of being a little scared and looked around in all directions.

"Piper we are witches, we invented the word," Prue said now following the direction of the dragging noise.

All three walked together into the construction site and into the building. Long pieces of plywood lay in a stack as they stopped suddenly.

"Oh god look, is that a body?" Phoebe asks holding her oldest sister's hand tight.

"What's moving it?" Prue ask readying her other hand if she needed to use her power.

All they could see is what looked like legs but they were being dragged on the dirt ground by something they could not see yet. Then two red eyes looked up and a growl pierced the darkness which caused all of them to jump back a little.

"Dammit, that scared the crap out of me, it's a dam dog, go away, go away," Phoebe said using her hand to try to scare it away.

"I got it," Prue swiped her arm and the dog went flying, "sorry poppy."

Phoebe and Prue walked over to the body that lay motionless on the ground. She had on a pair of blue jeans that were dirty and then they saw the woman's back, her jacket was covered in mud and ripped and many places. Finally her long dark mangled hair covered the woman's face as she lay on her stomach.

"Oh my god, Prue call Darryl," Phoebe said now bending down near the body.

"Check for a pulse Phoebe," Prue said now getting her phone out of her bag.

"It's faint but there, God the poor woman, she almost got dragged off and eaten alive ," She said while taking her fingers away from the woman's neck, " Piper Honey can I have your jacket,

"Phoebe ask not looking up at her middle sister. But when she did not get a response she ask again this time looking up, but Piper was not there. "Piper, Piper, were did she go?"

"Maybe she went back to the car to get a blanket, you know how she is around blood," Prue answered now bending down next to Phoebe. "It's a good thing you came over here Phoebe."

"We shouldn't move her, I have no idea how badly she is hurt," Phoebe said while moving the woman's hair out of her face. "It's going to be ok honey, I know you can't hear us bu…..," Phoebe stopped and started crawling away backwards putting her hand to her mouth and her eyes grow large.

"Phoebe what is it?" Prue ask but Phoebe did not answer, she just stared at the woman and tears came pouring out.

Prue took her eyes off of her stunned sister and looked down at the woman.

"PIPER! Oh god, Phoebe help me," Prue's panicked voice yelled as she started dialing her phone frantically.

"How Prue, she was right here she was with us at the hospital, in the car, HOW?" Phoebe said now crawling back to her older and fallen sister.

"I don't know, just help me, Piper honey come on baby girl wake up," Prue said rubbing her back trying to hold back tears.

"Hello," Darryl's voice came over the phone.

"Darryl we are on exit 14 about a mile down the road, Piper is hurt please come with an ambulance.

"Ok, Prue I'm on my way, is she awake"?

"No she is really bad Darryl," Prue answered.

"Don't move her and make sure her air way is clear, ok."

"Ok, please hurry."

"Keep your phone on I can have the paramedics track you,"


Prue put the phone down and checked Piper's breathing, it was slow and choppy, but she was breathing. Prue moved more of her hair of her injured sister's face and saw a large cut on her forehead.

"Phoebe I need something to stop the bleeding," Prue ask while stroking Piper's head.

To be continued…