Chapter 4

Leo's Rage

Dan was pacing back and forth while holding his phone, "Come on Piper pick up, your were support to be here hours ago," He said and hung up as his front door violently slammed open. "Leo what the hell are you doing!" Dan yelled as he backed up from him.

"You son of a bitch no one touches her like that!" Leo said as he swung hard and connected with Dan's jaw knocking him to the ground. "You could have killed her or was that your plan," Leo yelled out as he waited for Dan to get up.

"What are you talking about?" Dan asks as he stood up and was ready to defend himself.

"Leo stop it!" Prue yelled out as she grabbed his arm in mid swing. "We don't know what happened yet."

"Prue what is going on?" Dan asks not lowering his guard.

Back at the hospital Phoebe took a gasp of air as she came out of her premonition. "Oh god Piper I'm so sorry honey," She said and put her head on Pipers stomach. She felt her chest rise and lower a little faster than before and then felt a hand on the back of her head.

"Phoebe?" Piper said in a low and raspy voice.

"Piper you're awake," Phoebe answered and looked up into her sisters squinting eyes.

"Yeah what happened?"

"Well that is a very long and sixth sense kind of story.


"I need to make a phone call Piper, don't go back to sleep ok," Phoebe said and kissed her on the cheek as she ran out of the room making sure to tell the nurse that Piper was awake. The middle sister was too groggy and tired to even try to understand.

Leo was ready to swing again but Prue put herself between them. "Dammit stop it your acting like teenagers," Prue said but neither of the men would back down.

"He did it Prue, all because she broke up with him," Leo said as his body shook with rage.

"What she never broke up with me Leo, we were supposed to go out tonight and she never showed," Dan said while his body shook with fear of Piper being hurt or Leo knew something he did not.

"Wait she never made it here"? Prue asks as her phone rang.

"No I have been trying to get in touch with her for hours, what happened Prue is Piper ok?" Dan asks concerned.

Prue answered her phone while trying to keep the men from killing each other. "What Phoebe?" Prue asks and after a few moments she hung up. "She was taking Phoebe to her date Leo."

"What?" Leo asks as he contorted his face to understand.

Prue explained what happened leaving out any magic details and after it all sank in both man just sat there a little in shock.

"So when Phoebe went to get her cell phone, a truck hit the jeep and that is way she doesn't remember what happened to Piper," Leo asks.

"Yeah but she is awake now so we need to get to the hospital," Prue said and started out the door. But Dan did not move.

"Dan?" Prue said softly but knew that he was hart broken.

"Go ahead Prue I think I need some time alone, tell Piper that I lo…that I'm glad she is ok," Dan answered as he closed his eyes at the love part of his words.

Leo's rage turned to sympathy; he knew how much he loved Piper and knew what Dan was feeling." Dan I'm sorry," Leo said and left with Prue. Dan said nothing and just stares into space.

The next day Piper was home but moving slowly around the house as her sisters and Leo kept a close eye on her.

"Ok guys quit watching me like that," Piper said as she sat down with her tea but cringed a little from the bruises and back pain.

"Do you want a heating pad Piper?" Phoebe asks while playing with her hands.

"Especially you Phoebe, it's not your fault what happened honey so quit smothering me?" Piper said as she sank into the soft cushions.

"Sorry I just can't believe I forgot about you," Phoebe answered and sat next to her and moved some hair out of Piper's face.

"Sweetie you had a concussion," Piper replied with a little laugh.

"Ok I just want to understand how it was even possible that you were with us?" Prue asks grabbing a pillow for Piper to put behind her back.

"Well you guys are witches and you have a strong connection so maybe that is why," Leo said as he sat next to his girlfriend.

"You know I was thinking about everything that happened that night and I totally missed the hints," Phoebe said.

"What do you mean?" Piper asks giving her sister a tilted look.

"Ok the nurse thought I was you and she thought Prue was talking to herself, and when we were leaving, they said you two take care not three. Last the little girl must have seen you because she said I have friends too but her parents thought I was crazy."

"Wow that's a lot, but I don't remember being with you guys, I just remember not being able to move and you saying that you would be right back. But then it all went fuzzy." Piper replied as she took a drink of her tea.

"Twilight," Leo chimed in.

All of them gave him a look of curiosity and he continued. "You might have been close to dying and your soul was in limbo for a short time or twilight and that is why they could see you and the little girl."

Piper snorted at the thought that she was a ghost. "Well I should go talk to Dan," Piper said as she put her tea down.

"Piper you need to rest, your back is still really sore and you need to take it easy," Prue suggested but knew Piper's obsessive personality and that no matter what anyone said she was going to go.

"I know but that is not how I wanted to break up with him, he deserves an explanation," Piper said and stood up slowly with the help of Phoebe.

Piper made her way out the front door as the others watched her walk over to Dan's to make sure she made it ok.

"Stubborn," Phoebe said with a smile.

"That's what kept her alive Phoebe," Prue said as she put her arm around her baby sister as Piper entered the neighbor's door.

Leo grabbed the mail from the mailbox."Hay who is Mark the construction worker?" Leo asks while looking at a brown envelope.

"Another boyfriend of Piper's," Phoebe said and noticed Leo's face fall. "I'm just kidding Leo, it must be the guy we saved." She opened the envelope and pulled out baby pictures of a newborn girl with both parents smiling wide. On the back was written, my guardian angels thanks again. They all felt the warm feeling in them whenever they save a life and it never gets old.

The end.

Arthur's notes:

I know this was short but i hope it was entertaining and a little of a mystery. Thanks for reading.