Summary: The war is over but Shuuhei is still broken. Will the man who saved him when he was a child be able to save him again or is he truly lost? Rated M for later chapters. May also do KenseiXShuuheiXKazeshini depending on what reviews say.

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Looking for an angel

Shuuhei Hisagi walked out of his office before jumping on to the roof. He was the vice-captain of the ninth division. Shuuhei had short somewhat spiky raven hair. Three long scars went from his left eyebrow down his right cheek. A grey stripe ran from the bridge of his nose to his left cheek bone. He had tattoo of the number sixty-nine below the stripe on his right cheek. A collar and two arm bands that were made of thick squares encircled tan flesh. He wore a slightly customized shinigami uniform where the sleeves had been torn off. The vice-captain insignia was wrapped around his left arm.

Shuuhei sat on the roof of the division nine barracks, deep in thought. It had been a shock to learn the truth about what had happened to the man who had saved him when he was just a child. The man's name had been Kensei Muguruma and he had been the captain of the ninth division. Kensei and seven others had been turned into visards by Aizen over a hundred years ago. Visards were shinigami that had a hollow inside them, allowing them to use their hollows abilities along with their own.

Tomorrow his idol would be reinstated as the captain of the ninth division. The thought of working directly under his idol made him anxious. There was a major upside to having a captain again, less paperwork. In all honesty he should have been filling out paperwork instead of wasting time on the roof but even a workaholic like him needed a break.

It had been about five months since the end of the war. He had been acting as both a captain and a vice captain since his former captain, Kaname Tosen had betrayed not just his own division but all of soul society. He was going be sharing the vice-captain spot with Mashiro, Kensei's old vice-captain. He didn't really mind but a little voice in his head told him she might be more of a hindrance then a help, where paperwork was concerned.

He laid back on the roof and gazed at the stars that littered the sky. Shuuhei sighed as his view of the sky had been blocked by the face of his Zanpakutō , Kazeshini. Kazeshini had an almost demonic appearance. He was completely black thin but well-toned man. His muscles and body were outline in red that seemed to flicker at times. His long hair was also black and outlined in red. In contrast to the rest of him his eyes were light blue. He carried with him a scythe like weapon.

"Whatcha doing?", Kazeshini said looking down at his master. "Thinking", Shuuhei said simply as he looked up at Kazeshini, not that he had much of a choice. Kazeshini scoffed at that. "Your so boring, all you do is think or work ", Kazeshini said as he gazed at his blade. It had been to long since he had had any fun. Shuuhei sat up and glared at Kazeshini. "I wouldn't have to work so much, if you hadn't gone a rampage", Shuuhei said calmly. "I had the best rampage ", Kazeshini said proud of himself. Under the control of Murmasa, a rouge Zanpakutō with immense power, Kazeshini had killed many shinigami. Shuuhei was certain that even if Kazeshini had not been controlled by another, he would have still gone on a rampage. Kazeshini loved to kill.

Shuuhei sighed before looking up at the sky again. Arguing with Kazeshini would have been pointless; instead he jumped off the roof and walked back in to his office. "Again with the paperwork", Kazeshini said with a scowl before following his master. Because of Kazeshini's reputation for violence and bloodshed he was under house arrest basically. Which was boring as hell. ""The guy wouldn't know what fun was even if it bit him in the ass", Kazeshini mumbled as he walked into Shuuhei's office. " I heard that", Shuuhei said rolling his eyes as his Zanpakutō began to sulk. Honestly dealing with Kazeshini was like dealing with a spoiled child. A spoiled child with a lust for blood and an urge to kill anything in his way. Kazeshini watched as his master fought sleep. It took a few minutes before Shuuhei fell asleep on top o9f his precious paper work. "Kazeshini", Haineko said as she popped her head into the office. Kazeshini put his finger to his lips before smirking. He quietly walked out of the office, careful not to wake Shuuhei. "Wanna leave house arrest for awhile", Haineko asked with her hands on her hips. "Hell yes", Kazeshini said before disappearing with her.