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Author's note: I think it turned out well. What do you guys think? Yes the ending was a little flat but other than that I think it was my best lemon. Oh and I dedicate it to South Western Djinn

A few hours later

It was the end of the day and Mashiro had already left. She always left early and normally it pissed Kensei off but this time he was glad that she had left.

"Hey brat", Kensei said as got up and walked over to Shuuhei who was fixing something on the wall..

"Yes Kensei-taicho", Shuuhei replied.

"Do you like me?" Kensei asked.

"Um", Shuuhei replied. Kensei had caught him off guard and he wasn't sure what Kensei meant.

Did Kensei mean what he thought he did? He didn't want to get his hopes up, he had been longing to belong to this man for decades.

Kensei was getting impatient but grinned when he saw a faint blush hit Shuuhei's cheeks. If Shuuhei wouldn't answer there was only one solution. Kensei pinned Shuuhei to the wall and kissed him. "Do you like me?" Kensei repeated as he pulled away.

"Yes", Shuuhei replied without hesitation.

"Good" Kensei said before licking Shuuhei's lips, asking for permission.

Shuuhei immediately opened his mouth.

Kensei was pleasantly surprised when Shuuhei let him taste his mouth without a fight. Kensei's hollow purred at Shuuhei's submissive action. He almost groaned as he tongue explored every inch of the boy's mouth. Shuuhei tasted like milk, honey, and something uniquely Shuuhei. It was delicious.

After he was done exploring their tongues tangled.

Finally the kiss ended leaving both men to take in much needed air.

"Shall we take this to a bedroom?" Kensei whispered into Shuuhei's ear causing the smaller man to shiver. He had been waiting long enough, he no they needed to make Shuuhei theirs.

Shuuhei hesitated for a second. "Yes", he whispered as lust and excitement shined in his grey eyes.

Kensei grinned before picking Shuuhei up and carrying him like a sack of potatoes.

"Kensei-tachio put me down" Shuuhei protested and was answered with a low growl.

Shuuhei quieted, he knew he was not just about to make love with Kensei but his hollow as well. It didn't frighten him but he was nervous about the act itself. He sadly was virgin who was over a hundred years old was.

Kensei opened the door to his room before he tossed Shuuhei onto the bed.

After he locked the door he turned around and looked down at the boy on his bed. His hollow was urging him to take Shuuhei but something wasn't right. The boy seemed overly nervous.

"Are you afraid of me kid?" Kensei asked with a slight growl.

"No" Shuuhei said without hesitation.

Then why the hell is he so fuckin nervous, Kensei thought. Then it hit him could it be that the kid was a virgin. "Kid are you a virgin?" Kensei asked.

A blush filled Shuuhei's cheeks as he looked at Kensei.

"Yes… I haven't done anything but kissing", he said with in a soft voice. He hadn't been able to get pass kissing it always felt wrong, it was as if he had been waiting for someone. Now that he had found Kensei, it didn't feel wrong anymore.

Kensei smiled Shuuhei looked cute when he was embarrassed. He heard his hollow murmur "Ours" in his head, he couldn't agree more. He crawled on the bed and let his hand brush Shuuhei's clothed member as he whispered "Relax, we'll take care of you", into Shuuhei's ear.

Shuuhei moaned at his touch while his words sent a shiver down his spine.

Kensei kissed Shuuhei passionately as he slowly removed Shuuhei's clothes. The sensation of cloth dragging over sensitive skin made Shuuhei moan.

He ran his hands down Shuuhei's sides as his tongue danced with Shuuhei's. Shuuhei mewled at the feeling. Such a delectable little kitten, Kensei thought as he heard the sound. "So sensitive", Kensei murmured as he pulled away.

A blush dusted the boy's cheeks as his lips were parted by soft pants. Kensei groaned at the sight, hell he wanted to take him right then. Funnily enough it was his hollow who reminded him that they needed to be gentle, since it was the boy's first time. Hollows didn't usually do gentle but Kensei's hollow decided to turn it in to a game. How far could they push the boy before he begged for them?

Shuuhei gasped as he felt Kensei's hollow wrap him in it's reiastu. "Ngh" Shuuhei moaned as the energy caressed his skin. Kensei ,not to be outdone by his hollow, slid his tongue over one of Shuuhei's sensitive nipple causing the boy arch his back.

Kensei moved his attention to Shuuhei's neck. He kissed up the boy's neck til he reached a spot that made Shuuhei moan loudly. Kensei smirked, he would have to remember that spot. He gently bit on that spot.

"Mmm Kensei", Shuuhei moaned before gasping as the hollows reiastu began to caress the inside of his thighs. Unconsciously Shuuhei spread his legs apart. He was beginning to get hot, so hot.

Kensei pulled away from Shuuhei causing the boy to whimper in protest. He flashed a smile as he began to undress. He took his time savoring the look in Shuuhei's eyes, one of lust and awe. Finally he freed his impressive erection.

Shuuhei gasped at the size of the erection. It was huge, was even going it fit in him?

Kensei chuckled at the reaction on Shuuhei's face. "Don't worry it will fit", Kensei assured. He then captured Shuuhei's lips. The kiss was short but sweet.

He grabbed a bottle of lotion from the dresser next to his bed; while his free hand stroked Shuuhei's neglected erection. His mouth went back to Shuuhei's neck, nibbling on the sweet spot he had found.

"Ngh … mmm… ah", Shuuhei moaned before whimpering as cold lotion hit his entrance.

"Relax", Kensei mumbled in in his ear before moving in-between Shuuhei's legs

"Oh…ahhh", Shuuhei moaned as Kensei's hollow began to slowly caress his nipples. His back arched into the feeling as Kensei chuckled.

Kensei slicked three of his fingers before looking at his adorable lover with a grin. His hollow had Shuuhei writhing in pleasure. It wouldn't take long to push the boy over the edge.

While Shuuhei was distracted he pressed the first finger into Shuuhei's entrance.

Shuuhei hardly felt him do so; he was too lost in the sensations Kensei's hollow were providing. Kensei added the second finger and Shuuhei scrunched up his nose in discomfort. "Hush baby", Kensei said in a soothing voice as he scissored his fingers inside of him. "It's okay"

Kensei changed the angle of his fingers and hit Shuuhei's prostate dead on.

"KENSEI", Shuuhei screamed as he came all over his stomach. He had never felt anything like it. Sure he had masturbated by himself but it pale it comparison to having another sending him to release.

Kensei added the last finger before hitting Shuuhei's prostate for second time.

Shuuhei mewled as his back arched. He whimpered when Kensei removed his fingers.

Kensei chuckled before positioning himself at Shuuhei's entrance. "Ready baby?" , Kensei whispered into Shuuhei's ear.

Shuuhei whimpered when Kensei's breath hit his skin. Kensei's hollow was caressing Shuuhei's erection. "Ple..please… Kensei..I..I need..you", Shuuhei moaned.

With a growl Kensei entered Shuuhei in one powerful thrust.

Shuuhei screamed in in pain as tears ran down his cheeks.

"Baby… you …gotta.. relax", Kensei panted out. Shuuhei was tight…so tight. Sweat fell down his forehead as he fought not to come right there. "That's good boy", Kensei praised as Shuuhei relaxed his muscles. Kensei's hollow worked to distract Shuuhei from the pain.

It was several moments before Shuuhei nodded his head, a signal for Kensei to move.

Kensei growled as he began to piston in and out of Shuuhei as slow as his self-control would allow.

Shuuhei whimpered at the first few thrusts before the pain began to be replaced with pleasure. "K-ah-Kensei", Shuuhei moaned as stars filled his vision from Kensei plowing into his sweet spot.

"That's it …moan my name…. baby", Kensei growled softly.

"Kensei….Ngh… more….Ah…. please", Shuuhei pleaded.

Kensei happily complied and began to thrust in and out at a furious pace.

"Oh ..god….Kensei", Shuuhei cried out. He was getting close. Sensing this Kensei grabbed Shuuhei's neglected erection and began to pump it in time with his thrusts.

"Kensei…K-Kensei…..KENSEI", Shuuhei moaned before screaming his lover's name as he shot white streams on to both his and Kensei's stomachs.

Kensei grunted as Shuuhei's muscles contracted around him. He managed to thrust in four times before he exploded in Shuuhei. "Shuuhei", He growled as Shuuhei milked him .

He pulled out after a few moments. A chuckle escaped his lips when he realized his lover had already fallen asleep. Smiling to himself he gathered Shuuhei into his arms. For once his hollow was completely content to be part of Kensei.