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Chapter 66 - Unexpected Results

Jasper POV

Only the four of us were lying in wait for the Romanians, though Pete had a camera rolling at the anticipated ambush site to make sure all our friends and family were able to fully appreciate and share in our triumph. Stefan and Vladimir weren't known to have any gifts, so no matter how much experience they had on their side, we were still better warriors, even my Bella. Pete's gift had reassured us that we wouldn't need any back-up for this job.

Soon enough the persistent, delusional bastards were within range of my gift. Looking down at my beloved mate and pulling the feelings from Pete and Char as they stared into each other's eyes, I sent a massively overwhelming tsunami of mating feelings to the ancient vampires and their two loyal followers.

I nearly snorted in amusement. Two? They expect to take over the world with an army of two? Those two followers must have some pretty kickass talents if they expect to defeat the world's most powerful vampires, the ones still standing after fighting the last two 'world' wars.

Moving steadily closer, I propelled my gift in all directions to its maximum extent, to be absolutely certain I hadn't missed anyone. Shaking my head in amusement, I whispered to my team, "They only have two followers."

Char quickly slapped her hand over Peter's mouth to muffle the guffaws he was having difficulty suppressing. Bella looked at me in confusion. "Are they stupid or something?"

"Nah, just delusional," Char muttered, rolling her eyes.

Bella didn't look convinced. She furrowed her brow and asked perfectly seriously, "Can vampires get senile?"

It took everything I had not to laugh out loud at her simple question. "I don't know, sugar, but I believe the Romanians are the oldest of our kind known to still exist. If any of us were to go senile, they'd be the ones to do it."

She nodded in satisfaction, convinced she was right. We moved in closer, until we were within striking distance, though downwind and maintaining cover from our enemies. All of us were desperately holding in our laughter at what we saw and heard happening between the four of them. In fact, we were shaking so badly in silent laughter, I was concerned we might cause an earthquake, so I reluctantly moved on to the next phase of our plan, knowing it would produce more entertainment as they realized just what they'd been doing and with whom.

In just a matter of minutes, the entire ordeal was over, and we were able to return home again. All of us were surprised by the ease of victory, the hasty surrender, and the nearly instantaneous reduction of tension and hostilities.

"I can't wait to show this to the rest," Peter chuckled, smirking evilly and cradling the camera to his chest. "This video belongs on youtube!"

"As long as we edit it properly," I conceded with a wry grin. "We can't expose ourselves."

Bella giggled. "We can just slow the tape speed down so it looks like human speed. It'll be just like those Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal movies."

"Don'tcha mean Bruce Lee movies?" Pete asked.

"Bruce Lee? Who's that?" she replied.

Pete started to splutter and grumble under his breath until Char slapped him on the chest.

"Relax, ya big lug. You can show her later. She's just showing her age, like you're showing yours."

Pete pouted, causing the rest of us to chuckle. "Fine," he growled. "Be that way. But we're watching a Lee movie marathon later."

Char groaned and mumbled, "Not again! Maybe Rose will want to go hunting or shopping."

Bella simply smiled and nodded to him. "That's fine by me. Unless Jasper has other plans?" She gave me a sly look.

I cut my eyes over to Peter. "Actually, Bella and I will need a two hour break between every two movies."

Pete narrowed his eyes at me and immediately protested. "Oh, no. I don't think so! You'll be flooding the house with your infamous lust waves and then everybody will need a little 'break' and it'll take forever to get everyone settled back down."

I smirked, knowing it was true. "Take it or leave it."

"One hour," he growled. My lips twitched as I stared him down.

Unable to take the discord, Bella jumped in to mediate. "Aw, c'mon, Major. You know you can satisfy me multiple times in an hour. It doesn't always have to be a marathon session. Quickies are good too," she purred, rubbing against me and looking up at me mischievously.

I thought back to our quickie in the middle of the battle with the Volturi supporters. Yeah, quickies are definitely good too. I wouldn't want a steady diet of them, but they make a great snack between meals.

I gave her a wink and a grin. "Fine, an hour will do, this time."

"Damn, she is one powerful little vampire to bring the Major to his knees," Peter murmured in awe. I rolled my eyes and flicked his ear.

"Let's get back to the others before Esme has a conniption and convinces everyone else we're dead," I grunted, taking off at a slow jog. The others fell in step, and we headed back to Carlisle's house to share the news.


A new silver Volvo came barreling down the drive, and I figured it had to be Edward and Alice. Edward was surprisingly upbeat, his emotional signature far different than it had been for most of the time I'd known him. He was actually happy, pleasant, and content for once.

Obviously, being married to Alice has been far more rewarding for him than it ever was for me. Let's hear it for true mates.

I was far more curious about Alice's emotional state. Has she seen something? Does she already know how our interaction with the Romanians went? Why is she feeling so smug and confident?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized her emotions were eerily similar to the way Rose feels every time she wears something stunningly sexy and walks down the hall at the local high school, causing all the boys and even some of the girls to lose focus and drool.

Carlisle and Esme, as well as Emmett and Rose, joined us in the living room to await the entrance of our prodigal guests. Bella still had issues with Alice and was now perched territorially on my lap, draped across my body in a clearly claiming manner. Of course, I loved it when she did stuff like that, so I didn't bother discouraging her possessiveness. My own arms were carefully placed around her to leave no doubt to anyone seeing us that she belonged to me completely.

Not all mates were as aggressively possessive and territorial over one another as Bella and I, but considering all the shit that had happened since we mated and all the things preventing us from having a decent amount of honeymoon time together, it wasn't terribly surprising. After all, the honeymoon period for newly mated vampires was usually around a decade, give or take. We'd only been together for months and hadn't been able to be alone together for most of that time, not to mention the difficulty of having been claimed by other vampires in the past, the same two vampires preparing to invade our humble home now.

In all fairness, invade isn't the right word. They were invited. They are even being hesitantly and reluctantly welcomed, I reminded myself. They'd just better not even look at either of us in an odd way or twitch in our direction in a remotely threatening way, because both our beasts are a bit too interested in delivering a beat down in retaliation for past pain. Forgiving and forgetting are two totally different things.

My worries about potential violence proved to be unfounded however, when those two pranced into the room together. I found myself much more concerned about battling the need to burst into hysterical laughter and point fingers at the ridiculous duo while making outrageous remarks. My Bella was staring at them blankly and turned to look at me in innocent confusion. I knew if I opened my mouth, I'd lose the battle with myself and explode in raucous guffaws, so I simply shook my head, my eyes filled with venom at the effort of maintaining my poker face.

Emmett and Peter didn't bother resisting the temptation. Both were laughing so hard they were bent in half, flailing their arms around carelessly and unintentionally breaking anything they touched. They were both so lost in their humor, they didn't even notice their mates' verbal or physical reprimands.

Esme's expression was as innocently questioning as Bella's was, while Carlisle was slack jawed with disbelief.

"Um, Alice? What happened to you, honey?" Esme tentatively asked.

"Like it?" Alice giggled, turning in a circle and sweeping her hands down her body, modeling it for us. "I always had such a hard time finding clothes in my size before."

"Uh, you look very nice honey, but what happened?" Esme inquired again, more assertively this time. "You must have been badly hurt to require such an extensive transplant."

"Nah," Alice contradicted with a dismissive wave of her hand. "I just realized a little cosmetic surgery would be in my favor."

"Cosmetic surgery? Is that what happened to Eddie boy's snake?" Emmett snickered, trying to get himself back under control. Unfortunately, Edward's pants were disturbingly tight enough not to leave much to our imaginations.

"I like your new arm, son," Carlisle commented, trying to keep things from spiraling any further out of hand. He cut a glance over to Esme and then tried to be subtle in phrasing his next questioning statement. "It appears your fire hose is, um, unusually extended beyond its previous capability."

Edward giggled like a school girl, and I rolled my eyes. Pansy. I still can't believe he's not batting for the wrong team with the way he behaves. I waited for him to react to my provoking words, then realized Bella was likely shielding us when he seemed oblivious to my mental insults. For a moment, I missed the ability to needle him wordlessly, hurling insults only he could hear and wouldn't dare repeat, but I quickly decided the mental privacy was well worth the loss of one of my previous sources of entertainment.

"We came across a guy hung like a horse, and Alice made a little switcheroo," Ed confided, looking down at his mate lustfully. "She seems to appreciate the exchange, so it was worth the initial pain."

I grimaced at the thought of willingly going through the pain of the change again within that particular body part. Thank goodness I am naturally well endowed and talented enough to easily please my mate, so I don't need to steal somebody else's private parts to gain an enhancement in my sex life. Just how bad would a guy's bedroom skills have to be to make him willing to have a dick transplant?

"Seriously?" Emmett snorted. "Just how small was the damn thing to make it worth an upgrade? Thank heavens I can satisfy my woman just fine with the bounty God gave me. Sorry, Rosie, but I don't think I'd be willing to try an upgrade, assuming you could even find one."

"Exactly!" Pete and I declared unanimously, both giving Em a fist bump in agreement.

"Besides, if you know what you're doing, you can please her just fine with whatever you've got," I added.

Rose snickered. "That's good to hear, Em, because I don't have any intention of upgrading my bra size either!"

"Say it sister!" Char and Bella proclaimed proudly, mimicking fist bumps with Rose while smirking at us. Carlisle and Esme were clearly amused by our antics, though they were trying to hide it.

"Ha!" Alice scoffed. "You know you're jealous of my new rocking hot bod. Your men haven't been able to keep their eyes off me, and don't think I didn't notice you all staring at my husband's crotch!"

"Yeah, it's like a train wreck, you can't help but look," Rose muttered.

Alice stuck her tongue out at her, with her hands on her hips.

"Now, children, that's enough," Esme admonished. "It's obvious Alice has been through something terribly traumatic, considering she had to get not only an entire new body, but new hair and scalp as well. I can't imagine having nearly every inch of my body replaced. I'm sure Alice is having identity issues too. It's very common with large transplants. We need to be supportive and compassionate toward her. It can't have been pleasant to lose so much of her body and have to endure all that burning on top of it."

"What happened, Edward?" Carlisle demanded. "How did she get so badly damaged? Were you ambushed? Why weren't you able to protect her?"

"Nothing happened!" Edward insisted defensively. "We found a beautiful young woman who had overdosed on drugs and was dying. I'd already gotten my new arm and upgraded my um, you know, so Alice decided she wanted to upgrade too. That's all. It was her choice."

Carlisle looked skeptical and challenged, "Are you trying to tell me that a perfectly healthy Alice ripped off her own head and put it on the body of a human drug addict? I suppose she scalped herself too?" He frowned and shook his head. "That's ridiculous, Edward. Even if someone was able to ignore her self-preservation instincts and endure the pain she would be causing herself by removing her body parts, nobody would willingly choose to suffer the burning throughout her body and head such a swap would entail, if it wasn't absolutely necessary. What are you trying to hide, son? Should I call Charlie to come visit?"

"I'm telling the truth!" Edward protested, offended by the accusation. "I never would have done that to her, but she wouldn't listen to me! I promised I loved her just the way she was, but she was adamant about acquiring a new look. I swear!"

"Alice?" Carlisle challenged, eyebrow raised with clear disbelief.

She cleared her throat nervously, but nodded. "I really did do it to myself. I was tired of always being so short, I had to shop in the 'junior' section or have clothes custom made. I was tired of my hair being so short I could never do anything interesting with it. I'm happy with my new look, ecstatic even! It was totally worth it to be able to go through the rest of eternity looking like this."

Carlisle furrowed his brow in shock and confusion. "You really chose to go through nearly the entire change again simply for the sake of fashion?"

Rose snorted in amusement. "That's what she's saying. What's three days of horrendous burning compared to a lifetime of beauty?"

"Oh, Alice!" Esme cried in dismay. "You didn't, did you?" She shuddered and curled closer to Carlisle. "All that pain!"

Alice sighed and admitted, "I didn't remember the change, remember? I don't remember feeling the burning the first time around, so I thought everybody was being overdramatic. I didn't think it would be all that bad. I was wrong. It was awful, horrible, consuming. It was the very definition of hell. I wouldn't do it again, but I'm still thankful to have this body and hair now. I like it so much better than what I had before."

Carlisle looked disturbed and slightly nauseous. "I never imagined vampires might use this method for solely cosmetic purposes, that they would willfully injure themselves for the purpose of serving their vanity."

"Sure, Pops," Emmett offered. "We're not all that different from humans in that regard."

"There was a time I would have jumped at the opportunity to get a new body, one not covered in scars," I confessed. "I probably would have even gone through with it despite knowing how much it would hurt. Unfortunately, my memories of my change and the burning are mentally recorded in horrifying clarity and detail. Still, I hated myself and the numerous physical reminders of my past so much, I would have done just about anything to erase them."

Bella wrapped her arms around me, offering the comfort, love, and support only she could give.

"Once I met my true mate, and she loved and accepted me, scars and all, I learned to love and accept myself. I'm no longer caught up in worry about my appearance," I finished. I smiled down at my mate and kissed her, the love flowing between us, thanks to my gift, enhancing our pleasure.

"I hate to interrupt, but isn't it time to watch the video?" Em whined, right in my ear. I swung my fist up and decked him without taking my lips off my girl. He went flying a few feet away, and everybody laughed as he pouted where he landed. "Moody POS," he grumbled.

"Get a room!" Pete teased. I quickly flipped him the bird, but not quickly enough.

"Jasper Hale Cullen Whitlock!" Esme chided. "Be respectful."

I groaned into my Bella's mouth and felt her giggling. Sighing, I reluctantly pulled away and responded, "Yes, ma'am."

"Good boy," Bella whispered into my ear. "You deserve a reward later."

This time I groaned for an entirely different reason. Smirking at her, I winked and purred, "I'll hold you to that, darlin'."

She grinned and twirled away to take a seat on the couch, ready to watch the movie. I nodded to Pete and gestured for him to play the video for the family, then went to join my mate on the sofa, snuggling into her as our bodies fit together perfectly.

xxxxx THE VIDEO xxxxx

Four blurs dashed halfway across the screen in milliseconds, then suddenly stopped and normalized into Stefan, Vladimir, and two other male vampires. They looked around uneasily, shifting uncomfortably, clearly searching for a hidden threat, but not crouched to attack or defend. In the next second, their eyes all widened and turned jet black, while their cocks became fully erect. All four palmed themselves, nearly at the same time.

["What's happening?" Esme whispered uncomfortably. "Jasper sent them mating feelings," Bella whispered back. "Ah," Esme murmured with embarrassment.]

All four looked around desperately now, their eyes carefully avoiding one another. Their fidgeting increased significantly as they searched the area for any sign of other vampires.

["Poor suckers are looking for females!" Emmett chortled. "Damn, Jasper!" "Emmett!" Esme quietly scolded. "Sorry, Ma," he whispered back, showing her his dimples. She rolled her eyes and smirked, unable to resist her big son's childlike charm.]

Only a second had passed before Stefan and Vladimir finally locked eyes. They both took a step toward each other, making them close enough to touch if they desired. The other two snapped their eyes toward the ancient leaders in shock, which changed to horror as they witnessed Stefan and Vladimir kiss. They then made the mistake of turning to each other to share the horror and met each other's eyes.

Caught in the web of the mating feelings pulsing through them, the minions came together ferociously, both trying to take the dominant position. They ripped each other's clothes off and began wrestling nude on the ground, each trying to stay on top and not submit to the other. Each tried to be the first to bite, to leave the mating mark, while preventing the other from making the first mark, which resulted in many bites landing in other places, particularly on arms and hands.

In the process of wrestling for control, their lower bodies spent much time in contact. Thanks to the mating emotions, both were fully aroused and ready to claim their mates, and the constant rubbing provided enough friction to eventually bring them to climax, causing them to release all over one another's abdomens and mix their seminal scents together.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Vladimir had pulled back from their kiss and were eyeing each other joyfully.

"Have you ever wondered why neither of us has found a mate in four millennia?" Vlad murmured, leaning forward to nuzzle his cheek against Stefen's.

"Or why we were content for so long with only each other for company?" Stefen replied with a smile. "It makes sense, doesn't it, why we never minded sharing the throne? We hardly ever disagreed on a law or a course of action."

Vlad nodded eagerly. "Neither of us were ever impressed with the women who threw themselves at us in hopes of sharing our power and wealth. There were very few women even allowed to be part of our court."

"I never allowed myself to consider, to think of you that way," Stefan confessed.

"Me either," Vlad admitted. "I was certain you would hate me, reject me, be disgusted by me. I've ignored my feelings all these years, kept my heart closed to the possibility."

"I was certain you'd reject me!" Stefan agreed. "I just knew you would kill me or banish me if you ever found out I was drawn to you! I too kept my heart locked for fear of slipping and offending you with my feelings!"

"Oh, Stef! We've wasted so much time, when we could've been happy all these years instead!" Vlad cried "Stef, will you be mine, forever?

"Oh, Vlad, I'd love to be yours, as long as you are also mine," Stef joyfully declared.

["This sh-stuff is priceless!" Rose snickered.

Peter chuckled evilly. "It gets better."

"Awesome!" Em cheered, giving Pete a fist bump. Carlisle had his hand over his mouth trying to hide his smirk and was avoiding Esme's stern look, reminding him he was a role model for the rest of us.

Poor Carlisle. Sucks to be you, I thought to myself. Always the responsible one. I sent Esme a few subtle relaxing waves, so she could lighten up on her fierce mother bear persona. Carlisle looked down when he felt Esme relax against him and saw the tiny smile she didn't bother trying to hide. His smirk blossomed into a full fledged grin, and he sent me a wink along with his gratitude.

Yeah, Carlisle and I have an understanding, I thought, hugging my mate closer to me and purring as she rubbed her cheek against my chest. Sometimes it's nice to be able to relax and act your age, even if only for a little while.

"Watch, Jasper's about to remove his influence," Pete warned, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. His enthusiasm was contagious, even without my gift.]

The two minions froze suddenly, then sprang apart like two cats avoiding being soaked with scalding hot water. They glared at each other menacingly.

"You asshole!" the first shouted.

"How dare you?" the second yelled at the same time.

The first looked down at his arms and hands and began shaking with rage. "You bit me, you bastard!"

The second had just finished his own inventory. "You fucking jizzed all over me, you fucking freak! Damn! I think you got some of it in my wound!"

"Ew! Your jizz is all over me too! And why the fuck are we naked? What the hell did you do to me?" the first demanded.

"Me? I don't even like guys! Why would I do anything with you?" the second protested heatedly. "I like pussy, not cock! Ugh, I think I'm gonna puke! I can't believe you rubbed your junk all over me. I need to get this foul stench off of me. It's so disgusting!"

"Well, fuck you, asshole!" the first snarled. "You're the one who started it, so don't blame me! I've had way more pussy than you, more than you'll ever have. You think I want to smell your shit all over me? Hell, no! I'm getting cleaned up, and then I'm kicking your ass."

"Oh, yeah? You couldn't kick my ass if I bent over and waved it at you!" the second taunted.

"Try it and I'll happily torch the hairy disgrace!" the first threatened.

"Now, boys, play nice," Bella teased, dancing into the picture. Quick as a wink, she had the first one beheaded and in pieces and was after the second. He tried to put up a fight, but was no match for her skill.

"Why aren't you cowering away from me?" he whimpered in fear. "How were you able to attack Victor without losing your mind? Why don't you think bugs are crawling all over you and in you?"

"Why should I?" Bella asked with a shrug, keeping him pinned and at her mercy.

"I have a gift of making you feel like tiny bugs are crawling all over your skin and into your body, swimming through your veins and wiggling through your muscles. You shouldn't be able to ignore the sensations," the male grumbled. "Nobody else ever has. Victor has the power to make you think your body is slowly desiccating. No matter how much you drink, your mind sees your flesh shriveling up and shearing off in dry, scaly flakes. It slowly drives a vampire mad."

"What about Stefan and Vladimir?" Bella asked indifferently. "Do they have any gifts?"

"Those pansies? No way. They're still stuck in an era when all that mattered was your family name, not your talents, skills, wisdom, or knowledge. They're fucking delusional if they think the other vampires will just hand over control just because they've been around the longest. Frankly, Vic and I were just with them because they're so fucking rich they make Bill Gates look like a fucking pauper. You should see the treasures they have hidden under their castle. Let me go, and I'll show you."

"Nah, I've got more than enough already, thanks," Bella sneered, promptly ending him and tossing his parts into the fire Jasper had made for Victor.

While Bella was handling the minions with incredible ease and grace, the others had surrounded Stefan and Vladimir. It soon became apparent Jasper's help wouldn't be needed against those two, so he had moved over to watch Bella and clean up after her.

Stefan and Vladimir hadn't changed their demeanor or position like their 'supporters' had, after Jasper removed his influence. They were still just as caught up in each other as they had been before.

[I watched the others' faces for the moment it dawned on them what they were seeing. Their reactions were absolutely priceless. Edward's face was the epitome of disgust, dramatically displayed the way only Edward could do. That boy missed his calling, I mentally snickered. He should have been an actor. His face is certainly expressive enough.

"Oh, that is just too awesome!" Emmett crowed, slapping his knee and laughing heartily. "You couldn't make this stuff up, it's just too rich. Nobody would buy it!"

"You mean they're really mates?" Carlisle spluttered, dumbfounded. "For real? That's not possible! They would have known!"

"Would they?" I countered. "You heard their confessions. Look at Bella and me. We didn't know each other at first either, nor did Edward and Alice, thanks to Alice's trickery. You won't recognize your mate if your heart isn't open to the bond. By forcing the issue with my gift, it could no longer be denied."

Carlisle shook his head in disbelief. "And they actually ruled our kind for hundreds of years before the Volturi took over?"

"History is full of kings that were bonkers, most likely due to inbreeding in the royal families, or maybe slow poison, who knows? Just because some idiot was king in the past didn't mean he had any intelligence or sanity. It just depended on how wise and loyal his counselors were," I drawled.

"That is a modern sentiment, Jasper," Carlisle remarked disapprovingly. "A very American sentiment, based on historical hearsay."

"So sue me," I countered snarkily.

Carlisle rolled his eyes. "Sometimes I forget what a youngster you are."

"Sure thing, old man," I taunted, enjoying our playful bickering. Carlisle rarely played along in front of others. It was nice to see him so relaxed for once. I could tell the rest of the family was enjoying it as well. Hopefully, with all the threats dealt with now, we'd be able to enjoy our lives for a while. One can only hope.]

"I can't believe we wasted four thousand years denying each other," Stefan sobbed, clutching Vlad's hands with his own.

"Four thousand years we could have been having sex!" Vlad wailed in dismay. He looked Stefan in the eye and growled. "Your ass is MINE!"

["Oh, my!" Esme exclaimed, embarrassed by what she was hearing. "I really don't think this is appropriate family viewing."

"Don't worry, Esme," Char murmured comfortingly. "It's almost over."

Esme nodded, but didn't make eye contact with anyone.]

"Excuse me," Peter interrupted, clearing his throat.

"What?" Vlad barked, turning to give him an irritated glare. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Char giggled and muttered, "Not yet, but you wanna be."

Vlad shot her a dirty look and then turned back to Peter expectantly. "Well?"

"Sorry to interrupt your little love fest, but we were recently made aware of your intention to rule over all of vampirekind," Peter drawled, his eyebrow raised in challenge.

Vlad scoffed. "Forget the damn throne! We don't have time for that nonsense! Somebody else will have to take it. Carlisle Cullen would be a good man for it. Talk to him about it. I've got four thousand years of lost sex to make up for with my mate! Four thousand years of pent up sexual frustration demanding release! Do you have ANY idea what that feels like?"

"Oh, Vlad, I love it when you're so domineering and forceful," Stefan purred. "You should throw them in the dungeons for old time's sake."

"Is that really how you want me spending my time?" Vlad demanded. "Because I was planning to chase you home to our castle and lock you in with me for at least a century or two."

"Mmmm," Stef moaned. "You're right. I like your idea better." He turned back toward their castle, perched to run, then shouted to Peter over his shoulder. "If anyone needs us, we'll be in our castle, but tell them no visitors for a century or two, unless it's a dire emergency, okay?" With a giggle, he took off into the woods.

Vlad, who was watching him go, paused only for a second to relay, "Maybe three or four. Maybe more. I tell you what, don't call us, we'll call you. Until then, don't bother us."

He took off like a shot after his mate.

The four Whitlocks looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"I don't think they'll be giving us any trouble for a while," Jasper declared.

"Wait 'til everybody else finds out about this," Pete snickered, heading toward the hidden camera.

Fade to black.

xxxxx VIDEO OVER xxxxx

Everyone was blown away by the results shown in the video. None of us had ever suspected those two were mates, though I now wondered if Marcus had known and decided not to tell anyone, or if he'd never seen the two of them together. Carlisle was still shaking his head in disbelief, while Esme was torn between trying to comfort him and needing to be comforted herself. His mindless pats on her back really weren't doing it for her.

Emmett and Rosalie were laughing it up with Peter and Char, agreeing to help with the editing process so the video could be safely posted on the internet. "It would be wrong to deprive the world of such riveting entertainment!" Emmett joked. "Not to mention the value of getting to know a side of the ancients never before seen. The people deserve to know the truth!"

Edward and Alice were feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Edward had never been comfortable discussing homosexuality and had taken it as a personal affront when the whole gay pride movement gathered support and acceptance for those who preferred to practice alternative lifestyles. His upbringing had fostered a serious homophobia, which he was unwilling to admit. I had been slowly helping him to let go of it over the years without his knowledge, by subtly altering his emotions over a long period of time, but he wasn't 'cured' yet. Alice, on the other hand, had been ecstatic when gay men obtained the freedom to express themselves openly. She loved the fashion sense of those she saw in the media.

I bet she's just upset because of the dour wardrobe those two both wear and considers it a waste of her talents. Maybe she should hunt down Alistair and Fred and see if one of them is as flamboyant as she's hoping. It'd be funny if one of them was as into fashion and shopping as she was, only she couldn't stand to be around them, thanks to Fred's gift. I think I'll suggest it.

"Well, I, for one, am taking a leaf out of Vlad's book," my Bella announced. She stood up and pulled me up with her. Heading for the front door, towing me along, she looked over her shoulder and warned, "Don't disturb us for at least a century or two or until we contact you, whichever comes first, unless it's a dire emergency. Bye!"

Hot damn! My foxy lady is everything I could ever need or want! I mentally crowed, my dick springing to attention in my pants. "Don't call us, we'll call you!" I shouted as I scooped her up in my arms and raced out the door at top speed, ready to forget the world and concentrate solely on my mate, the way it's supposed to be for the newly mated.

"Good boy," she purred in my ear, reminding me of her earlier promise of reward.

Oh, yeah, it's gonna be good. I'm gonna show her just how good I can be, I mentally snickered.


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