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Blaine gripped his head, groaning as Channing tried to give him a glass of water. Taking large gulps, Blaine drank it, finishing the glass in no time.

"What happened? One moment you look fine and the next you're on the ground?"

Blaine flushed in embarrassment, feeling horrible that he had caused any disruption. He looked around the room, seeing Kurt glance every once and a while in his direction, giving Blaine a small, sad smile before returning to his conversation.

He had tuned Channing out at this point, and Blaine begun his search for Sam. Reminding himself that he now had to look for the bleached blond hair. Standing up, and ignoring Channing's ramblings about him sitting back down, he spotted the blond almost instantly.

"I'll be right back,: Blaine said and Channing spluttered something out,

It was like he was being pulled by this invisible string, tugging on Blaine's wrist as he weaved his way though the throng of people. Sam was talking to the now ex-president and he wasted no time going up to them. Blaine cleared his throat, addressing the old man first.

"Stuart, I'm so sorry about what happened. I just go lightheaded," he tried his best not to look at Sam. "I felt like such a fool and I-"

"Blaine, Blaine! Enough! All that matters is that you are alright," The older man said, then seemed to notice Sam watching them. "Blaine, this is Sam Evans, Blaine is Channing Monroe's partner, but he helps out now and then with the ads; a very skillful photographer."

Sam seemed unsure of what to do, all he did was stare at Blaine, mouth slightly opened in surprise, so Blaine acted. He held out his hand.

"Blaine Anderson, it's a pleasure to meet you."

His hand stayed up for a long whole, eyes connected and Blaine's mind ran through memories of the two of them. The two of them in the past. Sam's hand slowly raised, eventually clasping Blaine's.

"Nice to meet you too," Sam said, squeezing Blaine's hand tightly.

Blaine sighed quietly before releasing the hand, taking a small step back before excusing himself. His body felt like it was fire, and he felt a sob escape from his mouth as he darted through the crowd of people again.

It was so weird. That wasn't the Sam he knew, the guy he knew that would never stop smiling. Blaine knew that that Sam was most likely long gone. Blaine jumped when he felt a hand grab his shoulder. Kurt stood there, all sorts of questions on his face. He led Blaine to a corner where there was no one there. Kurt started talking a mile a minute, asking all these questions and Blaine could only breathe. He had no idea what seeing Sam meant but his dreams that he'd been having didn't happen for a reason. They were warning Blaine and he was stupid enough not to pay attention to the warnings. Sam was back in his life.

Kurt hugged Blaine tightly, and Blaine couldn't stop the small sob that left his lips.

Blaine sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. The evening was drawing to a close, people began to file out after saying their goodbyes. Channing insisted on saying goodbye to Stuart, and dragged him over. Blaine's hand in Channing's, Channing rambled on saying that they'll have to have Stuart over for dinner in the near future. "I hope you're okay," Blaine just looked down before grabbing onto Channing's arm tightly.

"Can we go home now?"

Channing nodded and placed a kiss on his forehead.

"I'll call you about next week, Stuart."

And with that, they left the party.


The car ride home wasn't awkward, basically Channing was going on and on about the company, and right now, Blaine was too tired to care about it. His mind was wrapped up in the fact that Sam Evans was back in his life, and seeing as he is the new CEO and Channing was Stuart's right hand person, he'd knew that he'd be seeing a lot more of Sam to come. He wanted to barf. He couldn't help but think that the dream that he had the other night was some sort of sign that he'd be seeing the now blond man again.

Tomorrow was suppose to be a decent day, Blaine had a late night photo shoot that he had planned for a while now, so he could sleep in for a little bit. Channing didn't have to be at the office until the afternoon.

When they arrived home the first thing Channing did was kiss Blaine. It wasn't one of those needy kisses, just a simple, plain, out of the blue kisses and Blaine couldn't help but melt a bit. They broke after a moment, and Blaine hummed, placing a kiss on Channing's cheek before moving past him. He was exhausted, and couldn't wait to be out of these clothes that he wasn't a fan of; tuxes, and collared shirts and loafers that gave Blaine blisters.

He tossed his shirt off once he was in their room, making his way to the bathroom and washing his face. His neck was stiff and he groaned, trying to massage some the tightness away. Treading back over to the bed, he saw Channing change, well more like disrobe than change, as Channing stripped down to his boxers.

Blaine slipped into the large bed, immediately turning on his side, in plans to fall asleep. And like clockwork, he felt Channing's arm slip around his waist, face tucking into the back of his neck. and Blaine knows that he should feel comforted by this, that he has a loving boyfriend at home with him, and that they are both healthy and successful, but Blaine can't seem to stop thinking of Sam. Questions appeared in his head, things like, what happened to him in high school, why an ad agency, what about his dreams for his own comic book shop, or if he ever gotten that Star Wars tattoo Sam spent hours telling Blaine about.

It bug the crap out of Blaine, and just as he was about to fall asleep, he made a promise that he was going to get to the bottom of this, and found out who Sam Evans is.