That word summed up Alois Trancy's life quite well. Everything in Alois Trancy's world was fake; he faked being happy, he had fake servants, he faked liking clothing he wore, even his name was fake. He sometimes wondered why everything in his world was fake. After all, Earl Phantomhive lived in truth - or so it seemed anyway. It's been that way his entire life though it seemed. He didn't even know what was real and what was fake anymore. Did his existence mean something or was that all fake as well? Was reality real or was it just figment of imagination created by adults like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Reality to him seemed like a brilliant executed play with a terrible ending. Everyone acted thru it and in the end, everyone died.

Out of all things fake in Alois's life though, one thing - or person - seemed to be more fake than anything or anyone else. He did all the right things, said all the right words, and was perfectly consistent in all his doings; but that didn't matter. His eyes were dead and he held no emotion in him even in the worst and best of circumstances.

Alois was tucked into bed by his faithful butler, as he normally was. After being tucked in, he wiggled his tiny body around to mess the perfectly tucked covers. He couldn't stand being contained and he hated being tucked in. To him being perfectly tucked in was like being in a strait jacket and he simply did not like that feeling. His Butler let out a sigh with slight irritation before he stood up straight and walked towards the door.

"Claude…" The young Earl called after his demon butler who stopped without turning around.

"Yes Your Highness?" He answered automatically, like a robotic machine. Alois stayed quiet for a moment, debating if he should say what he had planned to or just dismiss his butler.

"Tell me you love me." Alois said with a slight sense of urgency in his voice. Claude turned around and stared at his master with his cold golden eyes.

"I love you, Your Highness." Claude said as fake as ever. Alois smiled and waved dismissively at his butler who bowed and left Alois to himself. Yes, he knew the words spoken by Claude were a lie but for now, until reality did in fact catch up with him, he was going pretend that his altered reality was true reality. He would pretend that his fake life was not fake at all.

My first ever Black Butler fan fiction. Tell me how I did, I apologize for the shortness. Maybe I will be able to write a longer one next time :)