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A small smile forms on my lips as I walk into Katniss' house. She is chasing after Acacia, who seems to be having a little too much fun. When Acacia sees me she smiles and runs over to me, she hugs me around my knees. I laugh lightly as I pick her up. Katniss looks exhausted and right at that second Diligo and Peeta run into the room. Peeta smiles when he sees me and he picks up Diligo. But Diligo has other plans, he reaches out towards me. Some how Katniss went from wanting no kids to having two and she might have a third one on the way. Acacia gives me a kiss on the cheek and I put her down on the floor, she starts twirling around in her new light pink dress. Diligo reaches out to me and I take him from Peeta. We smile at each other and he whispers something about Katniss being too over protective of the children.

"Over protective?" Katniss mutters as she picks up Acacia. "If you want to be the one to call the shots don't let them go over to Haymitch's house."

Peeta just laughs and takes Acacia from Katniss, she hugs him. "They wanted to see Uncle Haymitch. What's wrong with that? You need to lighten up a little Katniss."

She just rolls her eyes and walks out of the room. I smile at Peeta who just shakes his head. Diligo waddles after her and Acacia is put back down on the floor. Peeta hugs me and I laugh lightly. We sit down on the couch and stare around the room for a few minutes. It's odd that I get along with Peeta this well, but I love it. Katniss hates it when we go against her, but some how most of the time she wins. Balloons are scattered around the room and decorations are hung up on the walls.

"You two are doing a great job." I say and Peeta laughs lightly. We look at each other and I just shake my head. "Little Aca is turning four..."

"I know its hard to believe." Peeta runs his fingers through his hair and smiles. "Your birthday is next month, wait till you see what we have in store for you."

I narrow my eyes at him. "No party. I don't care if its a surprise party or a party that I know about. Remember what happened last year?"

"No one knew that Haymitch would do that. Don't worry this year will be fun." Peeta laughs lightly as he remembers my party last year. Haymitch had a little too much to drink and asked me to marry him, of course that wouldn't have worked out because him and Effie are married. Effie just rolled her eyes and gave him hell for it after he was sober. "You do have to admit that it was funny. Come on, Prim."

"It was horrible." Even though I say this I have to smile. Okay, it was a good party and I did have fun, but I don't want another party. "So what cake did you make this year?"

He shakes his head and laughs. "Okay, we can change the subject. How do you feel about eating a cake of Ace? Katniss thought that it was weird, but I think its cute."

"Let me get this straight..." I turn to look at him properly. He smirks at me as I try to think of what to say. "You want me to eat my niece?"

"Yeah...in a way. I'll show it to you before the party." We both laugh and he just shakes his head. For a second he stares at me. " Where's Rory? I'm shocked that you two didn't show up together."

"He had to help Gale with something." I smile at him. Rory and me are doing pretty good, of course now that we are older we can do more...things, but we haven't. We agreed to wait until marriage. "Madge told me to tell you thank you for the cake if I saw you before her-which means that she will thank you herself later."

"Oh, that was a fun cake to make!" Peeta says in a sarcastic voice. Madge and Gale got married two weeks ago, of course Peeta made the cake. After it was done Peeta swore that he never wanted to make a cake for Madge again. "Those little pink flowers got on my nerves! No, there need to be more...okay now there needs to be less!"

There is a knock on the door and Peeta gets up to answer it. I smile when my mom walks in, followed by Hazelle and Rory. When our eyes meet I stand up and walk over to him. Those gray eyes still have the same affect on me that they have since we were in the Capital. His arm wraps around my waist and we kiss once, a small kiss, because our moms are here. Our mom's look away a few seconds later and I wink at him, we both know that after the party we will have time to kiss a lot more. We hold hands as we walk into the kitchen. Both of the kids are running around and Katniss just shakes her head. My mom walks in and she starts to help Katniss.

"Want to go outside and play kids?" Rory asks Acacia and Diligo. Both of them cheer and they run toward the sitting room. Katniss thanks Rory in a small voice. "No problem. Come on Aunt Prim..."

As soon as we walk outside I see the sun and smile. Rory runs off after the kids and I follow, a little slower. They start kicking a ball around and I sit down in front of a tree. Diligo waddles over to me while Rory plays with Acacia, he sits down on my lap and I kiss the top of his head. I laugh when Rory falls while letting the ball get past him, this pleases the birthday girl. She is laughing and chasing after the ball, Rory gets up and chases after her.

"Aunt Prim?" Diligo says and I look down at him. He has Katniss' eyes, but Peeta's hair, its the other way around with Acacia. He is much more like his father, which is something that I love. Acacia got Katniss' fire. "You looks pretty."

I laugh lightly and hug him to me. "Thank you. Dil, you look handsome. Are you ready for the party? Uncle Gale and Aunt Madge are coming..."

"Yay!" He says and he stands up. I watch as he bounces around, but a few seconds later he is pulling me up. "Play with me!"

The next thing that I know I'm kicking a ball around with Diligo. He laughs as he runs past me with the ball. Rory catches my eyes and we both smile. One of the fun parts about being an aunt and uncle is spoiling the kids. We bring the kids together and I pull out the bag of candy I was hiding in my little bag. Both of them start jumping up and down. I watch as they take the candy and start eating it. Sitting down with Rory under the tree I smile as the two of them play and eat the candy. It's hard to believe that they are only a year and some months apart. In December we will all be here to celebrate Diligo's third birthday.

"I love you." Rory says and I feel his lips touch the top of my head. Lightly I giggle and he pulls me closer to him. "Wait till we are married..."

I laugh and kiss him once on the lips. "Love you too..."

"Katniss is going to give us hell for this." We both laugh and our lips meet again. "She will get back at us when we have kids."

Luckily the kids run up at that moment and jump on us. I know that it shouldn't really freak me out thinking about having kids with Rory, but it kind of does. We love each other and have been together for about five years now, but we've never really talked about having kids. That subject has just been...off limits and I thought that it would be until we were married.

"Uncle Gale's here!" We hear the voice and both of the kids get off of us and run towards it. "The fun can begin!"

As the kids jump on Gale I look back at Rory. His eyes are locked with mine and I smile a small smile. I love him and maybe we should start talking about those kinds of things. We get up and walk over to Gale and Madge, hand in hand.

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