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I'm sitting beside Katniss in the doctors office and by the way that she's glaring at the receptionists I could tell why they would send her away, of course they don't. She refuses to go to our mother for her doctor, so her doctor's name is Abigail Morlington. When her name is called she pulls me up with her and back into one of the rooms. Katniss almost bites the nurses head off, which I mean literally. The nurse almost runs out of the room crying, which is weird because the nurse's name is Marvin. A few minutes later Dr. Morlington walks in and smiles at the two of us. Last week Katniss took a test here and she wanted to be in person to find out if she's pregnant or not, probably to be able to kill the person who gave her the news quicker. The doctor smiles at Katniss, who has a moody expression on her face and her eyes show that she is not happy about what she thinks the results are.

"Mrs. Mellark, how nice to see you again! Miss Everdeen? Am I correct?" I smile at her and Katniss looks like she might start growling at her if she doesn't just tell her what's going on. "Katniss...let's see, are you sure that you don't want Peeta in here with you? I mean most woman want their husbands with them when they find out the results."

Katniss glares at her and I already know that she is pregnant. When she is pregnant she is more moody on certain days, but sometimes she is more gentle-today is defiantly one of the moody days. "No, Peeta is not in here so then if I am pregnant-which I better not be, then I won't kill him."

"You are pregnant. Congratulations!" Dr. Morlington says this and she is almost already out the door. She's delivered this news twice to Katniss before and now she knows what her reaction to the news is. "I'll let you tell Peeta. Nice to meet you Miss Everdeen."

A small smile forms on my lips as I stare at my sister, she is pregnant again. I can't help but laugh and she glares at me. Of course the last two times I got on her nerves by telling her what to and what not to do while she was pregnant. Katniss sits back full and in walks Peeta. His eyes land on her and he starts to laugh. Her eyes snap open and he laughs even harder. For some reason I'm guessing that Peeta's happy about the baby news and he thinks that its amusing in some way. Of course I laughed too.

"Let's make a little change to this whole thing." Katniss says through gritted teeth, but Peeta just keeps smiling away. "Next time you carry the baby, Mellark."

"If I could I would. But, Katniss...you love the kids." Peeta walks over to her and kisses her on the forehead. He smiles at me and hugs Katniss to him. "You know, I didn't plan this either-but its a wonderful surprise! Wait till Acacia and Diligo find out! Diligo wants a baby brother..."

I smile as Katniss rolls her eyes and she stands up. "But Aca wants a sister, trust me I already know. They have both put in their orders."

A smile is on my lips as Katniss and Peeta walk out of the room together. Even though she's refusing to show it, she's excited about the new baby and she already loves the baby. I know that she's acting like this because she's scared for the same reason why she's always been scared when it comes to having children. The first time that she found out that she was pregnant she reacted a little better then this or at least that's what she told me. Something crosses my mind as we walk out of the doctors office and head back towards their house, that some day this might be me. Having a baby might come sooner for me then I think.

Rory is playing with the kids when we walk into the house and Katniss' eyebrows go up. He explains how Haymitch called him and asked him to take over. Katniss rolls her eyes and picks up Diligo, who kisses her on the cheek lightly. Just by watching how Katniss lights up to that, I know that she loves being a mom more then she'd like to admit to. Acacia runs over to Peeta and he picks her up. Staring at them I know that I do want to start a family after I get married and I hope that my family is half as good as theirs.

"Okay you two..." Katniss says as they sit down on the couch together. She smiles at the two of them and kisses Acacia on the forehead. "There is going to be another baby in the house..."

Acacia brightens up and asks, "a baby sister?"

Diligo looks up at his parents with bright eyes. "A baby brother?"

"We don't know which one yet, we probably won't know until he or she is born. Just like with the two of you." Katniss says with a small smile. She stands up a minute later and mumbles something about going to see Haymitch. "But it will only be one or the other...this is the LAST one..."

Peeta nods his head and tells the kids to go play. As soon as they are off playing he walks over to us and I hug him. We watch the kids play and he says, "Katniss said that after Acacia was born and after Diligo was too." I can't help but laugh about that, it looks like she's going to have more kids then she thought she ever would. Even though she acts rough, I know that its just an act because she's scared. After everything that the two of them have been through I think it would be un-normal to not be scared.

Katniss walks back in when Peeta's almost done making dinner and she sits down beside me. Rory went to go help Gale with something and he won't be back for a few hours. I smile at her and she starts to play with some of the dandelions on the table. A small smile forming on her lips as she plays with them, slowly with the tips of her fingers. Dandelions mean a lot to Katniss and they are a huge part of her. They gave her hope and helped her keep us all alive, which I am thankful for.

"So, honey..." Peeta says and Katniss throws a dandelion at him, he just laughs. There is a small smile on her lips as she stares at him. "How did things go with Haymitch?"

"Oh, fine. He forgot that Effie had a doctors appointment, that's all." She shrugs it off and that's not like Katniss. Peeta notices this too. "Effie wanted him to go with her and he didn't know what to do. So he called Rory, who agreed to come over and watch the kids. It all worked out fine..."

"Mommy! Mommy!" Little Diligo runs into the kitchen and I laugh when I see that he has a two fists full of dandelions. Katniss smiles as he tries to climb onto her lap, so she picks him up and puts him there. "These are for you and the baby! Can I name it?"

"Thank you, honey. We don't know if the baby will be a boy or girl yet." She tries to explain, but Diligo pouts and Katniss smiles. "I'll take a few suggestions. What names are you thinking about?"

Diligo smiles and hugs his mom. "How about Dandelion?"

Never heard that one before and obviously neither have the other two. We all just sit here in silence as Diligo puts a dandelion in his mother's hair. She smiles at him and sets him on the ground to go play with Acacia. Peeta is smiling and nodding his head.

"Peeta..." Katniss asks and he looks over at her. They smile at each other and she just shrugs. "What do you think about Dandelion?"

He laughs and nods his head. "Kind of cute...a flower, like you."

"But Dandelion?" She asks again and she shakes her head a little. "I don't know...you know that I love dandelions, but for one of our kids names?"

"It would make sense." Peeta smiles and winks at her. "We don't have to choose now, don't worry about it."

I smile at my sister and sit back, silently I start to think about my own future. The wedding and starting a family. Maybe I'm more ready then I originally thought. Silently I look down at the ring on my left hand and smile, this is a part of Rory. This ring is something that I'll always wear and cherish. Rory in some ways is like my Peeta...

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