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Asuka pedaled her bike home, squinting at the road, her head heavy. The heads of the commuters, especially who were familiar with Asuka, snapped at her direction as they saw her riding her bicycle, ready to jump out of the way but much to their surprise, she was pedaling slowly.

She spent the entire morning in cram school, and then her teachers demanded for her to stay after class for a few moments but those few moments turned out to be six more hours. Every question thrown at her made her head ache. The answers Asuka gave didn't earn the satisfaction of her teachers and gave her more assignments. She counted them through her head and realized she was going to pull an all-nighter again.

This isn't my day, Asuka thought as her right temple throbbed. She looked up at Tsūtenkaku and the neon lights were already starting to blare from different sources; it was already night time. Without even looking at her wrist watch, Asuka knew the last class in the Kazama dojo had ended an hour and thirty minutes ago.

It only added pain to her attacking migraine.

Asuka had always enjoyed training in martial arts and regarded it as a way to unwind. She expected to leave early to teach and she had always found it as a release. But now she had to put in more hours studying than training.

It had been three years since the sixth Iron Fist Tournament and the global war ended. Asuka was already twenty years old and it meant college. She never wanted to go to a demanding university where her studies would hamper her time to teach at the dojo but she wanted to be of help to her aging parents. Times change, Asuka thought and the budget earned as a dojo teacher isn't enough.

By the time Asuka would be home, she would do some stretching and ask her father, regardless if she could teach tomorrow, the lesson he had covered with his students then finally, the extremely nasty studying. Asuka knew what her teachers thought of her: that bout-loving girl who couldn't even get her grades up. She seriously would love to knock all their teeth out but she would be expelled…so no fighting. If she wanted to prove that she wasn't all brawns, then she had to make extra effort.

"You sure are one hell of a piece of chicken shit, eh, Katsuya?" a dominating voice reached Asuka's ears. She clenched the brakes and her bike skidded to a halt and looked around.

A group of five boys were going against a waif-looking one in a deserted playground. They pushed him on the ground; Asuka got off her bike and went over to disperse the bullies. A release, arigatou Kami-sama!

"Hey Kensuke, you know that he sent Sayaka-chan a love letter yesterday?" one of the bigger boys jeered, poking the smaller one.

"Really?" said another boy with a square jaw, laughing like a wide-mouthed tree frog. "Talk about classic!"

"Him?" another said, taking the boy's arms, pinning him. "No way!"

"Listen, fucker. Sayaka-chan's off limits to you, got it?" the square-jawed boy said and he pulled back his fist prepared to hit—

"Alright, gents. Knock it off." Asuka intervened abruptly, grabbing the back of the boy's collar. She then ripped the other boy's arm lock from the smaller one and then pulled him out of the way; she placed her hands on her hips, rounded on the five boys and took a glance at their faces.

Asuka only knew one: Kensuke, but she didn't know the others. Kensuke was the biggest and by the looks of things, he was the leader of his little gang due to his size. These boys are only middle-school students and she knew they were students at a middle-school karate dojo. Asuka heard, from a student of hers who had once came across their little gang, that they had quite a talent in karate; that fact seem to have gone in their heads and now they think they have all the reason to bully.

"Five against one isn't fair, you know. You guys already getting cocky taking on only one? You all need a lesson on equality!" said Asuka. Regardless that she didn't know their names, she better teach them a lesson on bullying.

"Fuck you, bitch!" spat Kensuke. "Get the fuck outta here!"

Without warning, Asuka's fist collided with Kensuke's mouth; he doubled over, clutching his mouth. A rivulet of blood was starting to seep through his fingers.

"Didn't your mothers taught you idiots how not to use foul language especially to ones who're older than you?" said Asuka coldly. These boys were younger than her and it was obvious they have no idea of Asuka's reputation. It was surprising.

"Fuck off!" another yelled, and lunged at her.

Asuka simply grabbed his wrist, twisted it, and the boy screamed in pain. She did not let go and maintained the pressure. The other boys who were still standing took a step back; the screaming one finally fell down on his knees and Asuka released him.

"BITCH!" the boy screamed, clutching his wrist. Asuka hit him again.

"Didn't I tell you not to use those obscenities while talking to a senpai?" she exclaimed. Kids nowadays have no respect, she thought. "Want me to give you some more bruises?"

"Just because you're female doesn't mean we'll go easy on you!" Kensuke screeched.

"Oh, bring it on!" said Asuka blithely. She didn't care if they were younger than her; young hooligans grow up to be hooligans. So it means that their skulls need to soften up before they harden.

Asuka took a step and spun on her spot, delivering a backspin kick to Kensuke's head. Asuka ducked as another tried to deliver a punch, and seeing an opening, she pushed her hands into his torso, targeting his rib cage and exhaled a kiai. He crumpled to the ground, gritting his teeth and clutching his chest in pain. Another boy aimed a kick at her, Asuka reversed his attack and threw him to the boy who tried to attack her from behind; she heard a painful thud as the two boys collided on the concrete wall.

"What the fuck are you looking at, idiot?" She spat at the others who were looking at Kensuke for instructions, thoroughly bewildered. "Do you want to die?"

Kensuke staggered as he got up and desperately gestured at his gang. They scrambled to their feet and ran away.

"You assholes better not do this again or else I'll know and I'll be back to seriously kick your chicken-shit asses!" Asuka hollered after them, shaking her fist at them as they disappeared into a corner. She turned towards the beaten boy who was on the ground and approached him.

"Hey, you okay?" said Asuka gently, offering her hand. "I'll accompany you home if you want."

Instead of taking it, the boy slapped her hand away; he looked up at her heatedly.

"Great!" the boy exclaimed angrily. "Just great! Now those guys think I need a girl to stand up for me!"

Upon hearing what the boy said, Asuka's anger flared up and the hand that she had offered clenched into a fist and struck him in the nose.

"Wimp!" snarled Asuka as the boy fell backwards, clutching his face. "If I hadn't come along do you think you'd be home in one piece?" The boy didn't look at her; instead he snatched his school bag and ran in the opposite direction, "Chicken shit!" she called after him.

Asuka was glaring at the boy just when she noticed someone was looking at her. She turned and saw a young man in a purple jacket with yellow flame designs and with his hood on. In the dusk light, she saw some of the features of his face.

Asuka scowled; she might have seen him before. Just when she was about to open her mouth, the young man turned and left.

"Wanna knuckle sandwich too?" she called after him yet the young man ignored it. After also rounding into a corner and disappearing, Asuka went over to her bike and pedaled home.

Asuka slid open the front doors.

"Tadaima!" she called loudly as she can as she took off her shoes at the genkan and placing them properly inside the getabako.

Asuka heard a meow over her head; she looked up and saw her pet cat on top of the beams, mewing hopefully at her.

It had been three years since Asuka saved Hachimitsu from falling from that roof when Asuka had jumped from Tsūtenkaku. Aside from a change in size, his attitude of getting into high places and never knowing how to climb back down had not changed.

"You always love high places but never know how to get yourself down don't you? You're a damn cat, for crying out loud." said Asuka composedly, she extended her arms and Hachimitsu jumped into them. "Tadaima Hachimitsu,"

Asuka looked about. The lights were on but no one seems to be home.

"Mom? Dad?" Asuka called as she entered the living room. Hachimitsu suddenly jumped from her arms and purred at her, as though imploring to follow. Asuka followed and Hachimitsu stopped in front of the tatami room, pawing and mewing at the fusuma.

"Oh mom and dad are in there?" said Asuka; she hurried forward, slid open the fusuma and looked up.

A young man was sitting across her mother and father; they seem to be having tea. Asuka was sure she had seen the young man's jacket earlier…it was around that playground where she had broke up those bullies. He had taken his hood off and Asuka saw that he had jet-black hair that's spiked vertically upwards.

Three years may have passed but there was no way she could forget the face that started global dispute.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Asuka bellowed, pointing her finger at Jin.

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