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Don't wake up!

Chapter 18

This time waking up with Tommy was both: nice and new.

It was nice because Tommy was laying with his back against Adams chest. Adams arm was around Tommys waist and Adam was holding him tight. And this time Adam knew the man he was holding in his arms was his. And he was beautiful and he loved him. And there was nothing between them. Just skin on skin. And this was very nice.

There was no need to be afraid that Tommy would disappear after waking up with some lame excuse. No fear of staying alone in an empty bed. Adam was listening to the steady and calm breath of Tommy. He smelled his scent and it was almost driving him crazy because he wanted so much to reach out and to stroke over Tommys hair. But he didn't want to wake him up. This was his moment of reality. Of something new and beautiful. Adam wanted to enjoy it a little longer. All by himself. Because it felt so nice. And so new.

Tommy was laying close to his body. Adam could feel every breath he was taking. He felt every piece of Tommys back pressed to his chest. There was no need to look for a small piece of skin. He could feel everything. And he liked the feeling of Tommys hipbone pressed to his belly. And this was really nice. For now he was satisfied to look on the skin and to feel it agains his skin, even if his fingers were longing to touch it. The feeling of Tommys bare skin on his skin was so new. He just enjoyed the feeling of touching Tommy with his whole body.

Tommys legs were entwined with Adams legs. And Adm enjoyed the new feeling of knowing how good it felt to have those legs around him. Because he knew how good it felt to make love with Tommy. And they were holding hands, because Adams other arm was under Tommys neck and their fingers were interlaced over Tommys chest. And it was very nice to feel Tommys fingers around his own fingers. It was more skin Adam could feel. This was nice and new. It felt like belonging to someone. And he was yearing to touch Tommy again and to feel his touches on his body. He would sure give in soon. But now he just wanted to enjoy a little more of that new feeling. Just for a sweet while.

Adam didn't make a move and didn't let out a sound. He was just breathing and hoping that Tommy won't wake up too soon. And he was thinking about the fact that this was the first of many, many mornings when he would wake up with Tommy. Knowing that Tommy was now his lover. His love. And he was sure there was no need to be afraid that this would be the last time.

Adam had Tommys neck right in front of his face. And he knew well how soft the skin was and the desire was almost too much. And he knew when he would kiss now over the skin Tommy would moand and he would push his body even closer to Adams. And he could barely resist the urge to let his tongue wander over the skin. And he felt the arousal in his pants. And he hoped Tommy would wake up soon because there was no way he could calm down.

But what Adam didn't know was, that Tommy wasn't sleeping anymore. In fact he was awaken since a while. And he knew that Adam was awaken too. But he just enjoyed the feeling of being in Adams arms. He could feel Adams body pressed against his and it was, well: nice. And it was so new with all the naked skin on his own naked skin. And even if there was no need to pretend being asleep Tommy enjoyed this moment of silence and impatience. Of being satisfied about the pure contact and of wanting more. Much more. He needed to feel Adam. To feel how his back was pressed against Adam and how perfect he was fitting to Adams body. And to be in the arms of someone you are in love with is just one of the best things in life.

And he was embracing the new feelings of love and faith and wanting. And there was no need to pretend waking up just to leave. No need to make Adam and himself sad. He could just stay in these arms forever. Tommy could hear Adams breath behind him. It felt so familiar and so nice. It was like Adam would be all around him. He could feel him with all his senses. He could still taste Adam on his tongue. And he was yearing to refresh the memory. To taste Adams lips and Adams skin. But he wanted to wait for just one more minute.

And it felt nice how they were entwined with each other: their legs and theirs fingers holding each other close. He was enjoying the strong feeling of belonging. But he was also feeling more and more the urge to turn around and let his hands explore Adams body. And to let Adam touch him. Like he did yesterday and the whole night.

But Tommy hoped he could pretend for just a while he would be still asleep. He hoped Adam would still hold back and stay still like that. He hoped Adam wouldn't give him a reason to really wake up now, because it was just nice and new to lay here and to pretend that the time had stopped just for them. He felt Adams breath on his neck. And this was almost killing his plans to stay calm. He knew what Adam could do with his tongue on his neck. He wanted to hear whispered words of love. He wanted Adam to make love to him right now.

Adam was still trying to calm down, but it was hopeless. He wanted Tommy so badly. And to lay here with Tommy after hours of kissing, touching and loving was about to drive him insane. And he was inhaling Tommys scent and he felt Tommys body heat. And he wanted more and more to wake him up. Because his body wanted Tommy right now!

Tommy could feel Adams erection against his body and his own cock responded. And his cock remembered what it felt like to be inside of Adam. And what it felt like to be touched by Adam. And his whole body was now on fire and was about to betray him again. Because for his body it was definitely time to wake up. And he decided to let Adam know he was awaken. He knew Adams lips are just a few inches away from his neck. So he pushed it back until he could feel the touch of Adams lips and he knew he was smiling against Tommys skin. And Tommy was smiling too and his whole body pressed even more against Adam and he felt how hard Adam already was. And he couldn't resist:

"Adam, I can feel you." And they were both laughing. "And this time I am really talking about your dick." And Adam kissed all over Tommys neck. "Sorry, but you know how much you affect my body. There is no way I could do anything to stop this." Tommy moaned while he was turning around in Adams arms. "I don't want you to do anything to stop it." And then they were looking into each other's eyes. And they smiled at each other. And then Tommy pulled Adam closer to let hijm feel that he was hard too.

Tommys hands were running down Adams back. And he enjoyed the calming feeling of Adams skin under his hands and all around him. And Adam responded to his touch the way he expected and hoped for. Their bodies were crying out for more. And their lips met in a kiss. And they wanted to repeat the games they played yesterday and play some new ones. But while their hands were running over thier bodies and their cocks got in contact, someone knocked on the door. They stopped in their tracks and stared at each other. Both thinking about what day it was and where they had to go. Did they have to get up?

"Adam! Do you know where Tommy is? Wake up, we have to leave in less than two hours!" It was Monte. And Adam whispered "Do I know where you are?" Tommy was grinning and gave Adam a sweet kiss. "Monte, I am here!" Tommy kept his eyes locked with Adams. "I am here with Adam." And Adam mouthed "I love you" while they waited what Montes answer would be. And they could hear Monte talking to someone else. "See, I told you." And they could hear Isaacs laughter at the door. And Tommy was stroking over Adams face and he was just happy. "Guys, can you give us some space to get ready?" Tommys voice was full of amusement and joy. "Yeah, get ready lovebirds. See you on the bus." Monte and Isaac walked away still laughing.

"Time to get up, Lambert!" Tommy was kissing along Adams chin and down his neck. Adam was melting under Tommys touch. "I won't be able to get up if you keep doing this". Tommy stopped for a second to take a look at Adams face. "You know that they will give us shit the whole day." Adam nodded. "Are you ready for this?" Adam nodded again. "I just want to be sure that we will be ok." Adam took Tommys face in his hands. "You know that they are happy with us. And I don't think that they won't give us some private time. But for sure we will get some rude jokes to hear. Wait until Neil knows. Tommy, I don't really care about it. I just care about you. About us. And I feel this is right and I want to keep it right." Tommy smiled at Adam. "Yeah, I want that too. I want you."

They kissed again. Adam sighed. "I wished we could stay in bed one more day." Tommy smiled back at him and started to tickle him. "Hey, stop it!" And soon they were rolling around in the bed. Their bodies yearning for some friction and they kissed like they were dying. And their hands were running in urge over their bodys and with every touch, kiss and lick they were getting hungrier. Soon their hands found their dicks and they moved along together until they both came hard panting in their mouths.

"Jesus! You are just... I can't believe how much I want you." Adam was almost speachless. And Tommy was kissing him until they both came down from their high. And they got up to take a shower together. Still full of hunger and with impatient hands. But they had to get ready. There was just enough time to share some lazy kisses while they got dressed. Then they had to hurry up because Tommy had to go to his room to pack his stuff and Adam packed his own.

They made it just in time before Monte was about to get them. When they arrived at the buses, Monte and Isaac were grinning, but the others were busy packing their stuff in the buses. Monte walked over to Adam and patted his back. He whispered: "I am happy for you both. We didn't say anything to the others. It's up to you." Adam looked at Tommy and Tommy nodded. "Guys can we all meet on my bus?" Everone agreed and they got in. All band members, the dancers and Neil sat down on the couch in the living room area. Adam felt for the first time since ages shy. He didn't know where to start. Everyone looked at him in confusion and expectation.

"I wanted to talk to you about..." He stopped and blushed slightly. "About... something that happened." Again he stopped. He saw worry on their faces. "No, no, it's nothing bad. In fact is good. It's really good." He smiled, but couldn't go on. Suddenly he could feel Tommy stepping right to his side. He took Adams hand and looked him in the eyes. Then he turned over to look at their friends. "I make it short and clear: Adam is now mine and I am his. I think it's not a big surprise for you all." He smiled at them and turned to kiss Adam on his lips. "Oh, no! I don't want to see this. Get a room!" Neil was grinning while he was all drama queen. Tommy grinned back at him: "Get used to see us kissing all over the bus. And also anywhere else. Sorry!" His smile grew even bigger while he watched the others laughing and clapping. "And now excuse us, I have to show my man how much I love him. And this is really nothing I want to share with you." He winked back at Neil, took Adams hand and pulled him towards the back room while Adam was blushing furiously.

When they closed the door behind them Adam pulled Tommy in his arms. "You are just amazing. And you know you ruined my status as rockstar, don't you?" Tommy pushed Adam towards the bed and when they fell down on it, he simply said. "I know I do. I think you should know that I am not the girl in this relationship. And I protected you from them for now." He had a smirk on his lips before he kissed Adam again. "But right now I am really, really tired. And all I want right now is to lay here in your arms and sleep for some hours. And when I wake up I want to continue where we had to stop in the morning." Adam nodded happily. "Tommy, you are really something special."

Soon they fell asleep feeling the bus under them rolling on the road.

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