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AN: For reference, this is set in the same reality as my story "Angel of the Bones", looking at the events of "Bones" based on the idea that Seeley Booth was once Angel and begins around Season Five- "Angel of the Bones" is currently planned to only cover everything up to the end of Season Four, and the specific details of the episodes won't change-; precise details about the timing of the story are unimportant, save for the fact that this takes place before "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole", and I'll probably ignore anything involving Brennan dating Hacker (That man so rarely showed up in the series he's not worth bothering about; we don't even know when they broke up, for crying out loud!)

AN 2: Exact details about what they're facing here will be revealed soon; this chapter's just intended to set the scene more than anything else

The Sister on the Door

The entity in the warehouse had spent so long without a concept of time that most people would argue that it would have long ago mastered patience to an art form, but when dealing with an entity that by its very nature would never be known for its virtues, that was extremely unlikely.

After its last defeat had made it impractical for it to attempt something on the same kind of scale as its last plan any time soon, it had decided to focus its energies on a slightly smaller target to 'replenish' itself, and had quickly managed to track down the one thing it needed at this point; an old enemy, in a position where he would be particularly vulnerable to its kind of assault...

Especially, the creature reflected as it studied the open area in front of it, a satisfied smirk on its current face as it felt the energy of its minions' latest spell beginning to gather before it, when I'm pitting him against this old adversary...

The effort involved in getting the other man here was difficult, of course- more than one of its followers would almost certainly lose their lives generating the required amount of energy for the plan to succeed-, but it couldn't afford to be concerned about that kind of thing right now; for this to work properly, it was going to need the one man who knew its target perfectly...

Then, as it watched, the same smirk still on its face as the energy continued to escalate and increase, the power being generated tore a hole in the air, and the form of the man it had been seeking fell to the ground with a loud roar of agony and pain.

"Ah, you made it," the person responsible said, walking over to crouch down beside the new arrival with a nonchalant smile. "Everything fine with you?"

As its new agent looked up, a feral glare on his face that made it clear that he would be attacking the other being if he could, his 'benefactor' nodded in satisfaction.

Even time in Hell couldn't curb this man's killer instinct, and that was before he knew who he was here to hunt; he had unquestionably made the right choice in selecting this man.

The only issue now to was ensure that he chose the right people to send the right 'message' to his targets before the time was right for them to learn just who they were up against...

AN 2: Short, I know, but it's mainly intended to establish the current scenario; next chapter jumps to a couple of weeks after these events