A/N I wanted to try and write something a bit darker and more in depth than my usual fare, and this is the result. Please review with what you think. This is me though, so there will still be flashes of GABBY, I can't seem to help myself

Every month for the last 14 months, a murder had been committed; different age groups, different racial groups, different jobs, different MO, different everything except all the victims were in the Navy and they had all been killed by the same person.

0825 Monday

A phone rang, it was answered quickly "yeah, Gibbs"

"Jethro, we have another one"

Gibbs hung up "Autopsy, now, get Abby"

The team looked at each other, a horrible feeling in their stomachs; they didn't have any active body in Autopsy which meant only one thing.

The team stood around a dissecting table, all of them staring at the now sickeningly familiar padded envelope.

Ducky carefully sliced it open, letting the contents slide out onto the table.

This time the envelope held a left thumb, as always, map co-ordinates were tattooed onto the digit.

Tim quickly scribbled the co-ordinates and ran off to pinpoint them. Tony bagged and tagged the evidence and handed it to Abby who left to start the process of identifying the latest victim. Ziva left to collect the truck, Tony to bring the car round. Gibbs left to inform the director.

Not a word was spoken, this was the 15th time they had gone through this routine; words were un-necessary.

Gibbs ran down the stairs from the directors' office "Where McGee?"

"Old warehouse, other side of DC"

They both headed to the elevator, Gibbs phone rang again, he listened then hung up.

He grabbed McGee to stop him entering the elevator, "Lt Alex Delaney"

McGee nodded and turned back to his desk, "I've uploaded the location to the GPS units in all vehicles"

Gibbs jumped into the passenger seat of the waiting car, "McGee is starting background checks"

Tony nodded and drove off, the journey was completed in a grim silence, neither man willing to voice his thoughts on what lay ahead.

The crime scene was different to the others but still eerily similar. Tony and Ziva worked it in silence, with an intensity that would have pleased their boss had he noticed.

Gibbs was outside, the chances of finding a witness were remote at best, this area was deserted, the buildings either boarded up or derelict, even the homeless shunned the place.

He slammed his hand down on the roof of the car, a sign of the frustration and anger he tried so hard to keep locked away. His team needed a break, a break on the case and a break from each other; they had had so little time off in the last 14 months that everything was becoming an irritant.

Back in the office, the evidence deposited with Abby and the body in Autopsy, Tony went to catch up with McGee while Ziva and Gibbs headed out to speak to Lt Delaney's CO and wife.

Hours later they returned, looking as haggard as they both felt. McGee and Tony didn't look any better.

"We got nothing, nada, zip boss, just like every other time, other than being in the navy and killed by this creep, nothing in common with the other victims"

"Au Contraire my friends, on this we do have something" Ducky's voice floated across the room.

4 heads snapped in his direction.

"I found some incongruous fibres and what I hope is foreign DNA, I sent them down to Abby about an hour ago, I was just on my way to see how she was getting on with them"

4 pairs of running feet beat him to the rear elevator.

Inside the lab they found a miserably looking Abby. She was sitting staring at a blank PC monitor.

"Abby? Did you get ANYTHING from the samples Ducky sent?"

Abby nodded, not looking at any of them, she spun in her seat and moved to her work bench. "The fibres are unusual, they come from an Aston Martin, DB5, 1964"

"The name is Bond, James Bond" Tony drawled in a terrible Scottish accent.

Gibbs glared at him "Just trying to lighten the mood boss"

"well don't, go.."

"and run down the car, on it boss!" Tony left the lab, followed by McGee.

"The DNA Abs, tell me you got something off that"

Abby nodded again, she walked over to the blank monitor and switched it on "it's yours Gibbs"