A/N the actual story ends half way through this epilogue, the remaining bits are pure GABBY fluff. For those that don't do fluff,, I have put a fluff alert so you know when to stop reading.

Gibbs sat in the directors office drinking a mug of coffee.

"Are you kidding me? He did all this because he was jealous of you?"

"The longer he got away with it, the more superior he felt and he started taking bigger risks just to prove he was better than me"

"Thompson, why did you really shoot him?"

Gibbs held Vance's gaze "I saw a gun Leon"

"Lucky for you one was found, Agent David went back and did a second examination of the scene, she found a pistol covered in Thompson's fingerprints. She's at a loss as to how they all missed the first time round"

Gibbs hid his smile by taking another mouthful of coffee.

"Ms Sciuto's insurance company has been on the phone, full payment will be with her shortly, also the agency will be giving her compensation. Do I need to arrange short term accommodation or does our resident "Superhero" already have that covered?"

Gibbs stood up shaking his head; he had a feeling that it was going to be a long time before he could shake this "superhero" tag.


Gibbs got home as quickly as he could. Walking in he looked around at the mess his house was in, shaking his head at the monumental effort it would take to get back to normal he went into the kitchen to find Fornell and Abby arguing softly over a crossword puzzle clue.

Fornell stood as Gibbs entered "Abby, it has been a pleasure but now that your very own superhero has returned, I shall leave you in his capable hands"

"Word gets around fast" Gibbs said with a glare.

Laughing Fornell lifted his jacket and left.

"The insurance company called, I guess I should start looking for a new place"

Gibbs put his arms round her "No rush Abs, you can stay here as long as you want"

"Well I guess now that everyone's gone I should move my stuff back into the spare room"

Gibbs tightened his hold on her "No rush for that either"

"Special Agent Gibbs, are you insinuating that I stay here with you sharing your bed?" Abby's tone was playful but her eyes were wary and held unspoken questions.

Gibbs answered both questions her by tilting her face and brushing his lips across hers.