Mighty Orbots:
The Shadow Mirror Saga
By: Jo Ann/Dia

Rob Simmons --the Orbots' Commander-- is kidnapped and tortured by Belladonna. Will the Orbots and Dia rescue him in time? Rated PG-13 for the torture scenes and implied rape. Not my normal fic subject (abuse), but it's necessary for the saga.

Disclaimer: Mighty Orbots and its characters and places belongs to TMS Entertainment. All other characters, including Kage Kagami/Robin Simmons belong to me. "Kage Kagami" is basic Japanese for "Shadow Mirror". The reason for the name will be revealed in later chapters.

Chapter 1: The Captive Commander

Rob Simmons, inventer and commander of Mighty Orbots, awoke to find himself chained to a cave wall, his hands chained level with his head. His feet were chained to the floor by his ankles. His head felt lighter, so he concluded that he was not wearing his helmet. He looked around for it --and found it sitting on a grinning skull, it's face toward him.

Very funny! he thought. He glanced down and discovered that he was not wearing the top half of his uniform. The pants part and boots were pretty much intact. But the pants looked a little strange. Then, still goggy from whatever knocked him out, Rob remembered that his uniform was a jumpsuit and an undershirt.

One piece. Sure makes it hard to go to the bathroom. He shook his head. Now where did that come from?! You're losin' it, Simmons! He contemplated his undershirt. Pink? Why is it pink? Oh, yeah. Oh-No made it. She wanted "Daddy" to match her. And it's cold in here, he shivered.

He heard is captor (captors?) before he saw them. Footsteps echoed as whoever it was strode down stairs cut into the rock wall on the far side.

Rob recognized her as soon as she came into veiw.

"Belladonna," he said evenly, his head finally clearing.

"Hello, Commander," she smiled at him. She sauntered up to him until she stood close enough to kiss him.

"Give me a recap. What happened and how did I get here?"

"You were captured during a raid on Vegesta. Right out from under the noses of the Orbots." She ran her hand over his chest. "As to 'how' --well, that must remain my little secret."

"The Orbots will search for me," he reminded her. "Eventually, they'll find us. And when they do, and if you've done anything to me..."

"Don't make threats, Commander," she interrupted him. "They ill-suit you." She walked over to a nearby table Rob had not seen at frist --still being pretty much out of it at the time-- and picked up an object. Then, she returned to where he was chained.

"Do you know what the other Shadow agents wanted to do to you?" she asked him.

"Concidering what Mighty Orbots did to Umbra, I'd say that they want to kill me."

"Indeed. They want ever so much to send your corpse back to Galactic Patrol Headquarters. 'Too easy,' I told them. 'Kill the Orbots' Commander and you will make him a martyr --a ralling point for the Orbots, the Galactic Patrol, even the United Planets'."

"Then, what are you going to do with me?"

She showed him the object she had picked up. It was a small rod about a foot long, with a thick, rubber handle and a glass ball on one end. She touched him lightly with the rod and pressed a hidden button.

Rob sucked in his breath at the sudden pain as an electrical charge ran through his body. Not enough to kill him, but still very painfull. Slowly, Belladonna moved the little rod around Rob's chest, following the lines of his muscles. The pain followed the movement of the rod, and Rob resisted the urge to scream.

"Awww...poor, sweet Orbots' Commander," she said in mock sympathy. "Does it hurt so much?" She drew little hearts all over his chest and abdomen. Rob gasped, fighting to prevent himself from crying out. He did not want to give her the satisfaction of hearing him scream.

The torture would last for at least an hour before Rob would pass out from the pain.


Rob awoke some time later to find himself in a different part of the cave. This time, he was chained in the middle of the cavern, his arms up over his head. He could not see the table, so he assumed that it was behind him. Carefully, he checked himself for injuries as best he could. He could not see any besides a slight redness of the skin.

Belladonna entered the cave and walked right up to him.

"Sleep well, Commander?" she smiled.

"Blissful," he answered sarcastically.

"You should be nice and rested. You slept for two days!"

"And what's on the agenda for today?"

"Right to the point, as always," she smiled, rubbing her hand over his front, as if checking for damage. "I thought that today, we'd try something a little --shall we say-- 'old-fashioned'?"

"'Old-fashioned'?" he repeated. "I didn't think you were the type."

"Well, this one is a classic, sweets." She moved behind him, selected an intrument of torture, and turned back toward him.

Rob tried to ready himself for whatever Belladonna had planned. Whatever it was, he was determined not to give in and scream.

He heard the "hiss" of something swinging through the cold air. A second later, he felt something flexible strike his back, and an instant later, a painful burning sensation issued from the spot where he was hit.

A WHIP?! he thought frantically. She's using a WHIP?! Another lash struck, and he hissed at the pain. While the electric rod had left no wounds, the whip would leave deep cuts, maybe even scars.

This time, Rob hoped that he would pass out soon.


Rob did not know how many days and nights had passed since his capture. Belladonna had varied his torture, always either on his back or on his chest. He would always mercifully lose conciousness for a day or two between the tortures. She would give him water to drink and some, something, to eat. Belladonna wanted him alive, the better to enjoy his suffering. And she was just waiting for him to lose control and scream and/or beg for mercy. It was taking all his willpower to deny her the pleasure. He wondered where Mighty Orbots were.


One day (night?) after one such brutal session, Rob awoke to find himself in a bed, his arms and legs chained to bedposts. His sore back lay on a soft, satin sheet, and there was a satin-encased pillow under his head. Another satin sheet covered him from the waist down.

Now what is she up to?

Belladonna sauntered into the room. Instead of her regular clothes, she wore a shimmering button-down shift, but nothing else. She moved to the bed and stared down at Rob,

"Poor, sweet boy...I've been so cruel to you, haven't I?" her finger traced hearts on his chest as she spoke. "You might enjoy this, though..."

With one hand, Belladonna unbuttoned her dress. With the other, she pulled down the sheet covering Rob.

So that's why I felt satin on my legs, when my uniform isn't made of satin! he thought, blushing at the sight. He blushed more as he saw skin under Belladonna's shift.

She wouldn't!! he thought, his eyes going wide with shock. She can't be thinking of THAT!

But she was, and she did.


Rob awoke in his orginal spot, and fully clothed. His helmet was on the table, completely cleaned.

Belladonna entered the cave, and he glared angerly as she came up to him.

"You are quite the lover, Commander," she smiled. "Your precious Dia would be happy to hear that."

"What happened had nothing to do with love and you know it!" he snarled.

"You mean, you didn't enjoy it? Even a little?" she smiled. She stepped closer and whispered in his ear, "I enjoyed it immensely." She brushed her lips to his and kissed him.

Suddenly, a giant hand smashed through the cave wall. The hand pivoted so that the knuckles rested against the floor. Then, the fingers openned, revealing a familier female figure.

"Dia!" Rob shouted happily. The huge hand had to belong to Mighty Orbots. Who else could it be?

"Get away from him, you witch!" Dia snarled at Belladonna. The female Shadow agent smiled, but complied, backing up toward the stone stairs.

"Of course. I'm done with him. Take him home, by all means. The keys are on the table beside his helmet. I've got what I wanted. Not my orginal goal, but one of my goals, anyway." By then, Belladonna was up the stairs and just backing out of the entrance. She turned and walked quickly toward her hidden ship, rubbing her abdomen as she went.


Dia grabbed the keys and ran to release Rob from his chains. When the last shackle was removed, he fell toward the floor. Only Dia's quick reaction kept him from hitting the rocky ground.

"Easy, Rob," she said softly. "We'll get you home." She helped him toward the hand, stopping only to retrieve Rob's helmet. Then, man and woman stepped onto Mighty Orbots' hand. The fingers curled and the hand backed out of the cave and into the sunlight.

Rob winced at the sudden pain to his eyes. He had been in the cave for so long, where there had been just enough light from candles for Belladonna to torture him in, that his eyes would take a while to readjust.

The chest doors in the giant robot openned, and Rob and Dia were placed inside. Once inside the control center, Dia eased Rob into a chair and strapped him in.

"You just sit tight, love," Dia whispered gently. "I'll drive." She brushed a lock of blond hair out of his face, then kissed him gently on the forehead before putting his helmet on.

Dia sat in another chair and strapped in. Oh-No, although concerned for her "father", keyed in the ignition, and Mighty Orbots blasted off for home.

The physical scars would heal in a few weeks. It would take months --even years-- before the mental and emotional scars would heal. But the force of will that had sustained Rob through this time of suffering would serve him well again, allowing for his return to duty as the Orbots' Commander.


As I said, I don't normally write abuse fics, but it's necessary for the saga. I have to explain the events in Chapter 2 somehow, don't I? Next, in Chapter 2: A Dark Mirror, Rob and the Orbots must deal with the long-term results of the torture, specifically, the rape. Bet you can guess what happened to Belladonna...^_~

Coming Soon: Chapter 2: A Dark Mirror.

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