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After a rather awkward and uncomfortable walk home, Kenny hesitated when they got to the white trash neighborhood, making Nick pause a few steps ahead of him.

"What's up?" he asked, concerned.

"How the fuck am I going to explain you to my parents?" he muffled, kicking some snow with his boot.

"Well, today's Monday, which means Mom is at Good Will working at the soup counter till dinner, Dad goes out to a bar and usually doesn't get home till past midnight, and Kev is at a school club," Nick stated, cerulean eyes thoughtful. "So, you wouldn't have to explain that tonight; I'll just hide in our room." The blonde in the parka nodded, hiding surprise once more; he actually contained that kind of concern for his family? But, pushing that aside, he continued walking beside the other blonde, strolling to their dump of a home.

"Kay, I'm going to check out back for the thingy," Kenny stated as they crossed through the front door. Nick followed before receiving a glare from Kenny; "Don't come with me."

"Why?" the double asked, surprised at the others hostility.

"Because you're too fucking innocent for this shit," he answered with an eye roll. "Just sit in our room or something; Dad's porn is under our mattress." Grinning from the embarrassed look on his twin's face, he turned away from the blonde and marched through the kitchen and out the back door, searching for the thing that led to his death.

"Where are you…?" Kenny murmured, scanning the yard before walking out, kicking away a beer can by his foot; yeah, his backward was shit. If there wasn't the snow to cover up a great portion of it, it would look even worse; Kenny wondered if grass has EVER turned the nasty, moldy yellowish-green his lawn was under the white disguise. But, now, he had to look around for any red spots in the snow, or the fucking wedge wood thing, and why was it so hard to find when his backyard was smaller than a fucking sandbox!

Kenny growled, pissed off; does this mean they didn't leave the fucking thing here? After walking around his yard twice, he concluded the thing wasn't here, kicking a tire angrily; then, a little something dawned on him and he looked at the blue shed tucked in the corner of the yard.

He knew his dad didn't actually use it for what he told mom it was used for; he actually had a hidden stash of pot, crack, marijuana; you name it, it's in that tiny blue shed. With a sigh and sticking his hands in his pockets, he walked over to the shed, crinkling his nose at the rotten smoky smell; he kicked the push door open with little resistance.

His eyes met the site of his death; the large wooden thing was sitting in the centre of the floor, top crusted with dried blood. Biting his lip slightly, he approached the thing and knelt beside it, analyzing it; the news said everything had some kind of insignia or something on it. After further searching, he found they were right; he found a little symbol that was an intricate, yet simple, lacing design. He pulled his cell phone out his back pocket, taking a quick snapshot of it with the camera before leaving the shed, having gotten what he needed. As he walked out, he glared when he saw Nick standing at the back door, having half opened it.

"Dude, I told you to wait!" Kenny exclaimed, putting the phone back into his pocket. Nick's eyes widened at the accusing tone.

"I just wanted to help," he said, backing away from the door when Kenny walked through.

"Look, I only needed to get one thing; you don't have to fucking follow me everywhere," Kenny retorted, a little more harshly than intended, as he passed the double to head to his room.

"I-I'm sorry." Nick sounded afraid but Kenny didn't feel like apologizing; in fact, he just felt really angry and had no reason for it. Like anger had built inside him, for some reason or anouther; he sighs angrily before plopping on his bed, lying on his stomach and pulling out his phone, scrolling to the picture.

"What does this look like to you?" he asked, not giving a warning before tossing the phone at Nick, who juggled it between his hands before looking at it. Kenny figured his smart ass side could figure it out before he could.

"Uh, w-well," he stammered, sitting beside the blonde, "It k-kinda reminds me of a beer label dad drinks." The blonde in the parka rolled his eyes before pulling down his hood.

"And? Details?" Kenny pressed, squirming himself to look under his bed, hanging off the side to look under.

"Uhh, I think it was called Medieval or something like that, and it's made in South Park and – Kenny, what are you doing?" Nick asked in fright when Kenny placed a bunch of porn magazines beside him.

"What's it look like, dumb ass?" he answered with an eye roll. "I'm going to jerk off."

"W-Why now!"

"I feel angry, that's why; so, unless you want a black eye, I suggest you let it drop." Kenny's responses were curt, a slight venom in his words, that made Nick worry.

"D-Did I make you angry? I'm sorry." Kenny slid his hand between his stomach and the sheets he laid on, shrugging.

"No, I just get really pissed off when I haven't had sex; it's probably genetic." Nick watched his tainted double nervously as he flipped the pages in the magazines, debating leaving the room or just looking away as Kenny 'did his thing'. He looked back at the phone, trying to figure out where he remembers the sign from when he started to hear to grunts from Kenny, whose face had taken a pink tint to it.

"K-Kenny?" Nick started hesitantly, resulting in the other glancing up at him. "I- … W-Well, d-do you w-want me to help y-you?" Kenny's pink face suddenly turned rosy, flushed, at that offer.

"W-What do you mean?" With a shuddering sigh, and a spreading blush, Nick reached toward the hand hidden under Kenny, pulling it gently from pleasuring the blonde; slowly, almost cautiously, he grasped the others shoulders to push him up into a sitting position. Kenny watched Nick's face carefully; his mirror image.

"N-Nick, you don't have to-,"

"But I want to," the innocent blonde responded, cerulean orbs meeting their twin. Both faces blushed, but the eyes had averted to Nick's hand as it shakily reached toward the already unzipped jeans; as it slipped under the boxer waistline, Kenny groaned lowly, leaning forward until his forehead rested against Nick's, eyes closed as his face flushed deeper.

The other blonde bit his lip, before tentatively stroking Kenny, whose breathing started to become laboured. Nick smiled embarrassedly, but concentrated on his hand, rolling the thumb around the head while simultaneously stroking the underside.

"Nngh, fuck… Nick, d… stop tea- ah…teasing," Kenny struggled, his breath hitting the others face in pants. The innocent one flushed at his name being used with such a provocative tone, something stirring inside him; he debated if he should or not but, hearing Kenny's restrained, yet pleasured, grunts, it was decided.

Nick withdrew his hand, receiving almost a whine from the loss of contact, Kenny's eyes opening; they were glazed over from pleasure. But, they suddenly became wide when both of Nick's hands tugged down the boxers and jeans to reveal Kenny's standing erection.

"What the fuck- ngh!" he exclaimed when Nick suddenly leaned forward and licked the head, degrading the tainted of the two words to moans. Smiling at that, Nick engulfed the entire length in his mouth, running his tongue underneath.

"Fuuuck," Kenny chanted, leaning over his double, gripping the hair in a desperate attempt not to thrust in his mouth; how is he so fucking good at this? Kenny wondered through a pleasure muddled mind. I thought he was supposed to be fucking innocent, for Christ's sake! But, as the blonde sucked, hollowing his cheeks, even those thoughts were degraded to primal moans.

Nick couldn't help but feel a little proud at being able to make Kenny moan like this; the normally quiet, observant blonde who hid his face from everyone, being reduced to moans like this. He wondered what Kenny was like in those experiences he asked about, the ones he couldn't remember because of his innocence; but, those thoughts left as he tasted a salty tang. At that, he picked up the pace, bobbing his head to increase the pleasure.

"Nnngghh, f-fuck… Nick…" Kenny moaned, his grip in the blonde hair tightening as he felt himself reach his peak, releasing in the blonde's mouth. Nick, not expecting it, drew away, coughing as cum dripped from his mouth; Kenny looked at him apologetically.

"Sorry, I tried to warn you," he panted, pulling his boxers back up before kneeling beside the coughing blonde, patting his back. "Why'd you do that?" He waited for the coughing to cease for the others response.

"I… cough… didn't want you to be angry- cough, anymore," he struggled, before smiling at the other. Kenny, speechless, just patted his back.

"Well," Kenny finally said, "You better not do that for just anyone." Nick chuckled, before looking back at the discarded phone and picking it up, the screen black.

"Well, anyways, I told you all I really knew about this picture thing," Nick started, giving the other the phone but averting his eyes in embarrassment. When he didn't get a response, he glanced at Kenny, who was watching him carefully. "Uh, what is it Kenny?" Still not receiving a response, Kenny placed a hand on his knee before leaning forward and pressing his lips to the others; Nick's eyes widened at first before shutting with the others, unsure of the feeling. But, as soon as Kenny pulled away, Nick felt almost emptier at the loss.

"Thank you," the tainted blonde said simply, before looking back at the phone. Nick bit the inside of his lip.

Everything just a got a lot more confusing for the both of them.


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