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Summary: Edward having mistakenly caught Harry in his Animagus form attacks him during a hunting trip. Guilt ridden, the Cullens take the stranger in to help him cope his new condition. Amnesia, Semi Vampire, Powerful! Harry, Lemon in future chapters

Pairings: Harry/Edward, past! Edward/Bella, Carlisle/Esme, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmet, Bella/Jacob, and Bella/unrevealed HP character

Warnings: This story features a male/male romance. Smut scenes will appear in later chapters.

Author's Note: As of lately I've been on this Twilight high, so I thought I write one of my favorite crossover pairings. This story takes place a few months after Harry defeats Voldemort. He show ups in Forks a little later after Edward breaks it off with Bella. The whole thing with the Volturi never happened, and Bella ends up in love with Jacob while Edward is away. I know the time-spans are way out of whack, but hopefully you guys can use a bit of imagination here. Oh, and Harry is still seventeen.

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The Edge of Nowhere

Chapter One—A Hunter's Dance

He was a walking curse, everything he touched fell apart. Bella. The love of his hollow life was gone. In the end, she chose the wolf. Her heart had been too broken to mend, but the shattered pieces were swept away somewhere, hidden far from his reach. He told her that he didn't want her. He told her that she should go the rest of her life pretending that he didn't exist, and that was exactly what she did. Why did he even bother coming back? Wasn't it enough to have to watch the wolf paw all over your ex?

'It'll never be enough. I'll always stay wanting her. I'll go the rest of my life living with this agony as long as it means she'll come back to me.'

The ice cold wind whispered against his flesh, but he felt nothing. He was no better than a statue frozen in time, mindless of the pouring rain soaking through his clothing. Anything humane left inside of him was gone, leaving only the predator that waited with bated breath. Monsters did not have a moral bone in their body; they weren't designed to think about the many casualties left in their wake. A monster couldn't sympathize for long, or else they'd spend a lifetime full of guilt and apologies. They couldn't retract the wrongdoings, without creating another one.

Sometimes it was just better to live without want. For centuries he had lived his life void of happiness, and when he had finally found something to live for, he let it slip through his fingers. Now the yearning inside of him hurt a lot more than ever. Was this how he would spend the rest of his eternal life, feeling the aches of his past transgressions?

'Come on Edward, focus. You can't keep starving yourself.' Alice stated concernedly; her light, airy voice standing out amongst the conversations floating through his mind.

The tall, beautifully carved man had to keep from turning around, knowing that his sister was out spotting for deer with her husband. "Will you ever stop spying on me?" Edward said, rolling his onyx black eyes.

Earlier that morning they had set up an intervention against the vampire, about him refusing to hunt. He had gone months without any sort of blood in his system, and the effects were starting to become apparent. Black shadows painted the skin underneath his eyes, almost stretching out to the top of his cheekbones. Alice was constantly pestering his mind with things that would happen if he didn't succumb to his needs. She didn't seem to want to accept the fact that he wanted the inevitable to happen; he wanted to waste away.

"I only do it because I love you. Now, go and hunt already, before all the good ones are taken."

The first couple of years as a newborn are difficult. For one thing, certain bits of your life before the change are somehow vanished from memory, therefore making it harder to blend in with the rest of normal society. At this point in his life putting on an act was no more difficult than having to remember to breathe. Life as a human, and an enigma at that, proved to be tiresome though. It was always the same routine, day in and day out. Carlisle had once told him that vampires were capable of descending into madness, that there would be a point in his life when the routine would be broken, and he'd find himself unsure of how to handle it. Edward, whom lived and felt for nothing all these years hadn't known how to handle it when Bella came into the picture. It took an immense amount of power to restrain himself, and only then, and the many times spent together afterwards did he finally allow himself to feel. Once Bella had left, it was back to the constant loneliness; the numbness, the thoughts of just ending it all. As a vampire pretending to be human, Edward really lucked out. But as a vampire giving into the monster within, Edward had struck a goldmine. There were no more lost love's to mourn, no tragedy's to pay for… nothing but the feeling of teeth tearing into flesh.

At that moment all Edward felt was his teeth sinking into soft moist flesh. He felt the blood gushing over his tongue, quenching the ever present thirst. The first few Mountain Lions were an easy kill, which was disappointing to say the most. The other ones that had been expecting his visit hid amongst the shadows; little did they know these attempts were futile against the vampire.

Edward lifted his nose into the air, breathing in the delicious scent of his next victim; he could already taste it. Venom shrouded his tongue, the burning fear radiating off the forest making him hungrier by the second.

A breeze bounced off the trees, and almost like an aftertaste, another scent plagued his senses. There was no mistaking that it was a Mountain Lion, but the blood belonged to that of a human's…Within a blink of the eye, the vampire was tearing into the forest. The curiosity gave him the interest that he been yearning for. Finally, a challenge! He just hoped it put up a good fight.

The Mountain Lion waited for him bravely at the edge of the forest. Its sleek black fur shimmered in the morning sunlight streaming down from the trees. When the cavernous mammal saw the blur of color coming towards him it readied into a more predatory stance.

Edward skidded to a halt, a look of bemusement on his perfect angular face as he ran into a heap of black smoke. Not spared any chance to contemplate the strange scenario, a pair of claws smashed into his abdomen, throwing him off balance. Edward fell harder than he anticipated. The culprit hissed ravenously, bearing its blood smeared fangs. Edward could smell the fear and anger radiating off the furred animal, it tickled against the tip of his nostrils, once again wetting the monster's appetite. Seeing that the vampire wouldn't quit till he got what he wanted, the sable furred mammal lifted its head, daring him with his emerald-green eyes, an abnormal color for his species, but still beautiful nonetheless. Edward the Human would have contemplated this situation further, gone to Carlisle and prodded the doctor for questions. However, Edward the Vampire was feeling none to merciful. He tossed his head back in laughter, "What a foolishly, odd, little creature you are."

The lion seemed to sense the predator's next move, and made a mad dash through the forest. So a chase is what it wants, a chase it what it gets... Edward grinned through the maddening spell his prey had on him. If the lion had been a puppeteer, he'd have been the puppet, dutifully following his master's every move. Edward was a servant to his prey's heavenly scent. He wanted to claim his prize, he wanted to wash away all the regrets of the days before...Closing his eyes for a few seconds, Edward listened to the sounds of his soon-to-be victim's strangled breaths. There was a strange aura that sizzled in the air, but Edward's curiosity died just as soon as it was born. The hunter's black eyes snapped open, a delicious growl slipping out his throat as he once again took off into the forest.

The dance of hunter and hunted didn't last long, and Edward finally caught up with the green-eyed mammal. Feeling the reigns of his control slipping out his grip, Edward leaped on top of the black Mountain lion. The sound of Alice shouting his name didn't register, neither did the vision she was trying to force into his mind. He thought he saw a bleeding boy with hair the color of ebony, and eyes so green they resembled the color of emeralds. Edward was too far gone. All he could think about was the surge of blood flowing through the animal underneath him. He growled as the rest of his family closed in on him; the predator inside of him unhappy with having to share his delicious find.

"Edward stop, the animal is a boy in disguise. You must-"

The bronze haired boy thought nothing of it as he sunk his teeth into the silky black fur. The warm liquid soothed the burning of his throat, he breathed through his nose enjoying the vanilla scent of the silky black strands ruffling his face.

"Edward, stop…he's dying," Carlisle's voice went unheard through the frenzy that was consuming him. A set of arms fell on his shoulders, the iron like weight unmistakably Emmet's. "Sorry, bro, but it's for your own good." He flung Edward back into a tree, leaves fluttering to the ground from the harsh impact.

Edward's eyes which had slid closed as if he'd fallen unconscious snapped open again, and glared daggers at his brother. He bore his sharp teeth and began charging again, when Jasper suddenly came crashing into him.

"Look Edward, look at what you're doing," Jasper bore his weight down on him. "That was no ordinary Mountain Lion," the man said in his thick Southern drawl. He sounded a little harsher than normal, most likely having to do with all the blood splattered around the area, but since he had fed he was able to fight off the urges. With the help of Alice, the two lead Edward to the small crowd surrounding the wounded animal. Edward felt his heart clench at the guttural screams emitting from the circle.

"What...," A wave of calmness washed over him; Jasper's toying with his mood slowly drew him back into focus. The bronze pushed away from their restricting hold, and stepped in between Rosalie and Esme. His eyes widened, and he gaped in sheer horror at the sight that greeted him. The vision Alice showed him...Carlisle was kneeling beside the ebony-haired boy, his pale hand holding down the gushing wound on that lower part of the boy's abdomen. "The venom is at the point where it can't be retracted. Since killing him is no option..."

Edward groaned, placing his face between his blood-soaked hands. Carlisle turned to face the others, "Esme, get the car ready. Rosalie, get my medical supply box from the trunk..." Rosalie rolled her eyes, sighing at the complicated-mess that was her life "Looks like the party's over. Thanks a lot, Edward, for once again taking the fun out of everything."

Her words had gone unheard as Edward kneeled beside the ebony-haired boy. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. Had I known...," Edward shook his head. The boy was like a fish on dry land, gaping at the sky as he begged for someone to put out the pain. Edward wished he could, oh did he wish...

Not even Jasper could replace the wrenching guilt he felt at that moment. "I'll make it go away..." Edward whispered, so low he doubted the boy could hear. "I'll make it all go away."

From a distance, Alice climbed out of the tent she assumed the boy had been living in all this time. The petite woman reached into the bag she had just so happened to come across, a strange look appearing on her face when she pulled out a long sleek, black wand.

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