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Summary: Edward having mistakenly caught Harry in his Animagus form attacks him during a hunting trip. Guilt ridden, the Cullen's, take the stranger in to help him cope his new condition. Amnesia, Semi Vampire, Powerful! Harry, Lemon in future chapters.

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The Edge of Nowhere

Chapter Three—Calling of the Wolves

"Hello! Don't think I've seen you around here before. What can I get you?"

Harry tore his gaze away from the pouring rain outside, to stare despondently at the waitress standing near his table. He had taken a seat at the last table in the back, away from the prying eyes of the few scattered humans. The urges that Carlisle had warned him about weren't as bad as he made them out to be. He found it easier to resist when he focused on something else, for example, that bastard Edward Cullen...It was more of a fight not to run back over there, then it was to give into his vampire instinct. In fact, Harry realized that while some humans stood out over the rest, there were others that just turned him off completely. This woman was one of them.

When their eyes met, something suddenly clicked into his brain. There was a familiarity to her that he just couldn't put his finger on. She was a plump red-head, with a smile so warm it looked like there was enough love inside of her to help every lost soul that came by. Harry perused the woman's nametag, but her name, Janice, didn't register at all.

"I'll have a bloody steak," Harry said politely, choosing to ignore her first observation. In a small town like this he knew people would be curious about his background. It seemed pointless to feed these people answers, when he wasn't sure of them himself. "Emphasis on bloody," Harry continued, smiling shyly beneath his fringe. The redhead had to blink as she was suddenly taken back by his absolute radiance. Oh my... isn't he the most beautiful thing...

She tore her gaze away just long enough to scribble down his order, almost dropping her notepad in the process. "O-One bloody steak coming up. D-Do you want anything to drink?"

When Harry shook his head 'no', the woman dashed off into the kitchen, most likely scolding herself for getting all flustered over a boy that could have been her son's age.

As Harry waited for his order, a tall slim blonde plopped into the seat in front of him. His fingers immediately ceased their methodical tapping on the table's surface. Maybe it was the previous woman's familiarly that made him immune to her scent, but this girl's outright sang to the predator inside of him. Harry shut down completely, all he could think about was getting as far away from the girl as possible.

"Hi, I'm Lauren," she said, smiling coquettishly at him. Harry caught a whiff of alcohol on her breath. Her cheeks were stained with mascara, and her slick pale hair looked as if she had been running her fingers through it. Harry smoothed his hands over his face, hoping that would distract him from the temping sight of her jugular.

"That's nice," Harry said with an air of nonchalance, shifting slightly away from her hands that were splayed on the table.

Lauren smiled, and leaned forward in her seat, causing the boy to press further back in his. "Gosh, you're so gorgeous. You remind me of those Cullen's… Know any of them?"

When he didn't answer, instead opting for a grim-faced nod, she laughed. There was a sardonic edge to the sound that put Harry at more unease then he already was.

"You're standoffish like Tyler… I do love a challenge." For a second, her face broke as if she wanted to cry. Harry hoped to Merlin she wouldn't.

"Tyler and the rest of the male population are all lusting over that Swan girl. You see, apparently looking plain and having previously dated a Cullen equivalates to being the hottest thing our school has to offer," Lauren said bitterly, a single tear trickled down her high boned cheek ruining her mascara further.

The predator inside the sable-haired boy was coming up with ways to take advantage of the already vulnerable girl. I could meet her somewhere with less people. She'll never expect a thing. It'll be easy as that. No one would know...Harry shook his head from the horrifying thoughts plaguing his mind, and looked desperately out the window for an escape. Maybe it was in his best interest to leave.

"Here you are, Sir," the plump woman had come back, balancing his plate on one hand.

"On second thought, I'm not that hungry anymore." Before the woman could say anything, he was flying out the door. It wasn't like he had any money anyway. The only things on him at the moment were his badly conjured clothes, and the wand tucked snuggly in his pocket. Harry crossed the lot, and around the corner where he spotted a row of stores. Most of them by now were closed, all except for one all the way at the end. There was yellow light streaming out the widows. Even from where he was standing, he could hear the conversations going on inside.

"Come on, Bella, how long do we have to be here? It's dangerous for you to stay here longer then necessary."

"Victoria's not stupid enough to attack me in a store full of people, especially not with you and the rest of Sam's testosterone fueled pack breathing down my neck. Besides, I need some stuff to tie me over while I'm under house arrest. You can't expect me to stay cooped up in a house with Leah all weekend and not go crazy."

"I still can't believe Charlie's letting you stay at the reservation for the weekend."

"As long as he knows I'm staying with a girl, he's okay with it. I use to do it with Alice all the time when I wanted to see Ed—well you know who…"

"Still can't say his name huh?"

"Aw, do I sense trouble in paradise."

"Shut up, Paul."

"Never could take a joke that one. I came to tell you that Sam wants us to meet back with him. He thinks he found something."

Harry paused, hissing softly when he heard the sound of mushy footfalls coming from the place he last left. It was Lauren from before. Rain fell relentlessly around them. He could see every inch of her skin in the pale shirt she was donning. Still smiling, uncaring that her hair was getting soaked she trudged drunkenly over to the boy. Harry caught her before she could fall, his eyes hypnotized by the smooth expanse of her neck. The blood nearly shimmered underneath the unblemished skin.

She tucked her fingers in the pockets of his hoodie, "What do you say we go back to my place. My parents aren't home."

"No, I've got another place in mind," Harry said, his voice taking a more sinister tone.

Before Lauren could register what was happening, she was thrown over the boy's shoulder, and soaring into a forest somewhere. Iron like arms was locked around her waist, and she had to close her eyes from the dizzying sight of the ground moving.

With a shriek, Lauren was tossed into a bed of leaves. A sharp pain ran up her arm the moment of impact. There was a shattered beer bottle beneath her, and when she peeled her arm away, blood immediately started to seep out the wound.

Harry grabbed at her wrist, almost crushing the fine bones in his vice like grip. He slowly licked at the seeping blood, moaning as the sweet warmth spilled over his tongue. As his positioned his teeth over the area he planned on biting, the sound of the girl pleading with him bubbled to the surface of his trance. "P-please...d-don't."

Harry sighed, closing his eyes. It took awhile before he could back off. The second his hand fell slack around her wrist, she snatched it away, and began scrambling backwards.

When she finally managed to stand on her two feet, he pointed his wand at the center of her forehead. "Obliviate."

"You had a spat with your boyfriend and decided to go home. You hadn't been paying attention to where you were going, and slipped and fell on a beer bottle. You were never attacked, and you most certainly never saw me."

The blonde nodded numbly at him, her face deadpanned as she turned and exited out the forest.

"I think we lost him."

Harry looked up from where he was seated on the hood of someone's abandoned truck. He had found a more destitute part of the town where there where less people wandering around, plus, he needed an empty place to wrap his mind around his situation. Other then the Cullen's, he had nowhere else to go. Everywhere else was crowded with humans, and he was deathly afraid of repeating what happened with Lauren.

"Shush. The smell is coming from over here."

Harry raised his head. Judging by the person's voice, he wasn't too far from where Harry was staying.


"Bella, keep back, I'm going to change. Promise me you won't come running when we find him."

Harry had the distinct feeling that he was the subject of their conversation. The raven-haired boy hopped off the truck's hood, landing deftly on his feet. Before he could make a fun for it, a powerful growling force crashed into him. Harry was thrown back into the vehicle, leaving a huge dent in the hood. The pain hurt a lot more then he was expecting. Edward had made being thrown into a wall look like a slap on the wrist, this was absolute hell. With a groan, he rolled off the hood and landed solidly on his back. A copper taste flooded his mouth, and he hesitantly swiped his hand there, surprised when he saw blood-stained fingers.

H-How is this possible? Harry shuddered when he realized that maybe he wasn't as indestructible as he thought. He looked up nervously as the pack of wolves began to circle around him. Shakily, Harry reached for the wand hidden beneath his shirt.

His previous attacker went to attack him again, but this time he was ready for it. "Stupefy!"

The sable-furred wolf flew back underneath the force of the spell, and landed solidly on the ground in his human form. His head lolled to the side, having been knocked unconscious. Harry's eyes widened, and he barely managed to stand up before wolf after wolf begun to descend on him in a symphony of vicious snarls.

"Stupefy! Levicorpus!"

A red jet of light flew out his wand, hitting an angry silver-colored wolf square in the nose. He too flew back, doing a couple of tumbles in the air before crashing onto the ground. The second spell caught a small, sand colored wolf, lifting him high in the air. Unlike the others, the wolf seemed pleasantly bemused by this strange experience.


Harry looked up from where he was about to blast a russet-furred wolf, when suddenly a fair-skinned human-girl, with long brown tresses ran into the clearing. She skidded to a halt in front of the wolf, splaying her arms out as if to protect him. "No," The girl hissed under her breath as Jacob tried to push her away with his nose. He glared angrily at her, obviously not happy with the girl putting herself in danger.

"I'm not going to stand in the background and watch you get killed." There was a familiar stubbornness about the girl, and the way she was standing up for her wolf friends. Taking a deep breath, the girl met eyes with Harry. "Please don't hurt them. Take me if you want but not them."

Jacob growled angrily at that, and went to move in front of her, but she held her hand back as if to stop him.

The girl's suggestion was awfully tempting. But not even her scent could block out the smell of wet dog. "You don't have to sacrifice yourself. I have no intention on hurting anyone. They were the ones that came here and tried to attack me," Harry said darkly, his wand still trained on the pack of wolves standing protectively around the girl. "Why are you all following me?"

Even though her eyes flitted nervously at his wand, she held a composed air about herself, as if breaking up fights between fantasy creatures was an everyday thing. Her nonchalance was relieving to Harry; at least she didn't start bawling like the other girl. "I'll tell you if you release the curses you put on them."

"I'm not that desperate for an answer," Harry snorted.

"Can't blame me for trying," Bella said with a sigh. "Over the past couple of months, there's been a growing list of murders. The clues all lead to the people of your kind. Seeing as you carry the scent of a newborn, the wolves assumed you were one of Victoria's recruits."

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. No woman named Victoria has recruited me, and I haven't been committing any murders. You got the wrong monster."

"If that's so, then how does that explain Lauren who goes to the same school as me? Was it a coincidence that you tried to attack her tonight?"

Harry faltered, his face showing all signs of a man not as innocent as he claimed. So they knew...

The girl continued, her voice growing stronger when she saw Harry falter. "How does that explain the riddles being left in my locker about some green-eyed boy that will one day come for me, and what about all my things missing in my home? Charlie could have-"

"Riddles...?" Harry stepped back, his wand wavering slightly. Fog seemed to cloud his brain, and he couldn't seem to hear the rest of what the girl was saying. What was about that name? Why did that word make so much sense, but at the same time didn't. "Riddle..."

Harry was helpless as a gentle breeze that came from nowhere swept around his form. While the hair on his head ruffled slightly, the others remained ominously quiet, they're bodies as still as statues. A gentle breeze swept around his form, and a raspy voice tickled the shell of his ear.

"Harry..." The raven haired boy fell to his knees with a guttural scream, clutching at the top of his wild hair. Unbeknownst to him, the leaves and various items sprinkled on the ground began to gravitate towards him.

"W-What's going on?" Bella said, having no idea what just happened. One minute the green-eyed vampire was ready to attack, the next he was laying prone on the ground. His eyes were staring unseeing into the sky, his arm shaking convulsively on the ground next to his head. Objects began to circle around the boy, even the truck began to steer forward.

In wolf form, Jacob wasn't too concerned with the strange turn of events. All he knew was that the bloodsucker was defenseless now. "Let's get this over with."

"Not that I don't want to tear this vamp up to shreds like the rest of you, but what about Sam. If we kill him, we won't be able find a way to remove the curse," Leah said, turning slightly to stare at Sam and Paul's prone forms.

"As your Beta, I demand we finish him off. He attacked a human tonight. What if that had been, Bella? We can't let him live another second." The others nodded, confirming their obedience, and with the most sinister of growls began to charge forward.

"I got this!" Leah shouted, having gotten to the boy first. The female wolf was notorious for being the fastest of the pack. Just when she was about to complete the boy's death, a voice shouted from a distance.


If it was one thing about Harry, he sure knew how to pick a good hiding spot. He had covered up all his traces. The only reason the coven had been able to find him was because of Alice's visions. She saw traces of him in Seattle, but they suddenly came to a halt after the last one where he almost killed Lauren. That could only mean one thing… Sam's pack had been doing nightly travels there since the day one of Victoria's recruits snuck into Bella's home. They would probably think he was a part of the newborn army, and try to take him down. Edward had the brilliant idea of using the wolves scent to guide them to Harry. Even though everyone knew he didn't want to see Jacob again, they couldn't help but admire his devotion to find the boy. If Harry was able to evoke this much emotion to him again, maybe Edward having bitten him wasn't such a bad thing after all. It did leave them with a lot of guilt on their hands for having not gotten to Edward sooner, but at least they had another person to add to they're family.

Esme had been so distraught with Harry's leave. After days went by and he still did not return, she had finally pestered Alice into telling her of the things she had managed to read in his book. Following her mother's order, Alice hadn't read anymore, but she did know enough to tell the rest of the family that Harry was a different type of creature, which explained his attack on Edward not too long ago. She had showed them the page where he described what being a wizard was like. "Harry doesn't remember anything outside from his being a wizard. He doesn't even know his own last name, so it's not like he can find out for certain. It's just terrible."

Esme's motherly instincts had kicked in, and she wanted so badly to get the boy back. Along with Edward, Alice, and Carlisle the four had been most vocal about their desire to bring Harry back into the pack. Jasper, although supportive of his wife in anything she did was less certain about allowing a creature of other nature into they're pack. Rosalie just didn't want to have to babysit another lost cause, having used Bella Sawn as an example. Emmet smartly stood by his wife's side, unlike in the past when he outright volunteered to have Bella become one of them. She hadn't stopped pestering him ever since.

"Do not hurt him," Esme said, having been the first one to get between Harry and Leah. She crouched protectively in front of his prone figure, unfazed by the female wolf's intimidating size. Leah snarled as if to say remove yourself at once or she'd take her down along with the boy.

Edward and the others had joined Esme in her guarding of Harry. The bronze-haired man tried his best not to meet eyes with Bella who was just standing a little away, her face even paler than usual. He was afraid that if he started looking he wouldn't be able to stop. I can't lose focus. Not now.

"Black wants to know what we're doing here." Edward said, reading the wolf's thoughts. Wisely he chose to ignore the rest of what was going on in Jacob's head. Apparently the russet-furred wolf was quite happy to meet Edward again. It filled him with such glee to see the vampire in all of his miserable glory. 'How does it feel to feel rejected? Not so nice huh? The vampire knew that Jacob had no control of his thoughts, but that didn't sedate his intense fury at having to see the winner of Bella's heart. In the beginning he had once believed that if Bella were to chose someone else over him, he'd just be happy to see her happy. But such words like that were easier said than done.

Carlisle took a step forward, as always the spokesperson of they're group. "Harry is a new member to our coven. He had some trouble accommodating and left us some days ago. We followed him here."

Jacob looked at the others, and although still suspicious looking, they seemed satisfied with the answer. The russet furred wolf wasn't fazed the least bit. No matter how many times Bella said the Cullen's were safe, they were still bloodsuckers. Maybe a lot more civilized then most, but still vampires nonetheless. During his time spent in Seattle, Jacob was able to study the different type of vampires, and their techniques. Newborns were more powerful, and Harry was an example of that. He had seen the winded way Sam looked after knocking into Harry. It shouldn't have taken so many wolves to take one vampire down. It just proved that Harry had been turned recently, and by whom exactly...He would soon find out.

Edward's eyes flitted over to meet Carlisle's. "He wants to know who turned Harry."

Carlisle didn't waste a beat. "I'm not quite certain. Judging by his accent, I believe it happened somewhere in his home country"

"It's the truth," a voice sounded behind them. Everyone turned to stare as Harry got up from the ground.

Harry was unsure of what had happened to him in the moments before the Cullen's arrivals. The visions that plagued his mind weren't too surprising, as he had had a bad case of them during his time spent in the forest. They were usually of flashbacks of him in his past life, or at least that's what he believed them to be. When the visions ended, he'd write them all down in his journal. It was after the first few nights of these visions that Harry started to notice that they were worsening. While he was going through a trance, his magic would become unstable. Sometimes he'd wake to the unsettling sight of all his stuff blown to pieces, or it strewn around his campsite in disarray. Often the visions left him feeling winded and uncoordinated.

Harry's eyes still looked a bit unfocused, but he seemed to be in better grips of himself. He had to convince the wolves that he was safe with the Cullen's. As much as Harry just wanted to run away from all his problems, he knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened again.

"I was turned in England," Harry said carefully. "I was a loner for some time until the Cullen's graciously decided to take me. I was unthankful at first, and turned my back on them when I needed them most..." Harry glanced at Carlisle, who nodded in his acceptance of Harry's somewhat hidden apology. "I won't be of harm to anyone anymore."

Seeing that Jacob was never going to take the bait, Bella decided to step in. "Jacob," she said, running a hand over his mane. "He's with the Cullen's, and if you haven't forgotten, you do have a treaty with them."

Jacob nodded in a resigned fashion and turned back to glare at Harry and the Cullen's. Okay, but he still attacked members of the tribe. Tell him to remove the curse, and we'll back off...for now.

After hearing Jacob's request through Edward, Harry promptly removed the curses he put on Sam, Paul, and Seth.

"We'll be going now," Carlisle said, placing a hand over Harry's shoulder. He guided the boy back towards where the cars were parked, the others following closely behind. From a distance they could hear the others struggling with Paul. The wolf had been furious at having been left in such a vulnerable position. Harry winced at the cruel words he was being called, and hoped to never see Paul or any of the wolves ever again.

"Harry..." Edward said, moments after entering the car. Harry turned away from his pleading gaze.

"Do me a favor, Edward. Wait until tomorrow to tell me how sorry you are, because right now, I don't want to hear it."

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