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Ari P.O.V

Life sucks, then you die. Well, it doesn't always suck, and you don't always die either. Whoa, I need to go back and start again, don't I? Where to start, where to start? Ah, I know.

My name is Arianwen Tigris Evans. Ari for short, or, to my close friends, silver blessed tiger (the real meaning of my first two names), of course they shorten it to tiger most of the time, unless their pissed. I am seventeen years old, and I was born and raised in Wales. But, I have some Irish in me, hence the name Tigris. I am five foot nine and I have light brown hair and blue eyes.

I had a good child hood, I definitely had nothing to complain about there. I had four really close friends.

Cari, was my best friend, and like my twin sister, even though our birthdays are at completely different times. Cari was also shorter than I was, but we were sometimes mistaken as sisters. She also had brown hair, but her eyes were a pretty mossy green, that in some lights looked brown. In short, she was your typical Celt. Then there was Mark. He was tall, had dark brown hair and eyes, he was a complete psycho, but extremely protective and loyal, and was our older brother, even though he was a month younger than Cari. Then, there was Patrick, or Paddy. He was more like the computer geek brother. He was shorter than Mark, around my height. He was also a bit chubby. His green eyes were framed by thick glasses. Then finally, there was Faith. Faith was a bit shorter than Cari and was the size of a twig, but the thing was, she ate like a horse, yet again, so did I, and Cari said I was underweight! Just 'cause I was so thin… anyway, Faith. She had long black hair and brown eyes. She had also only joined the group at the start of year twelve, but we all saw her as a sister. Except Mark. They're dating now.

The five of us had gotten allot closer since Edith. We'd viewed her as a sister, and then, it turned out that she was using us and was one of the biggest chavs in the South Wales Valleys. We discovered that after she'd gone to college and we'd stayed in sixth form. Well, at least none of us would have to deal with her in University, she'd always prided herself on never going to go. The probability was, she'd end up a single mother, like her mam. The apple never falls far from the tree, ay?

That was when things started to kick off. I had been in year twelve for all of two months, when my mam told me. She was leaving dad. That left me feeling so lost. I'd already lost someone I viewed as a sister, and now, my parents were getting a divorce? My whole world had started to shake.

My older sister, Zoë, had been there for me, along with her husband James, and of course my friends. But they couldn't help when I fell ill. Not really, not even the doctors knew what was wrong with me.

It started around late may time, right in the middle of my A/S exams. I'd start to feel faint, and then I would either faint or throw up, or both. I couldn't keep down much food, and I started to loose wait. On top of all that, any little thing could send me into a coughing fit.

And, then my dad moved to California, America. Things were tight here, and he'd gotten a job with a gas company over there, and it paid so much better, he had to take it.

So, I would only see him on the holidays, when I went to visit. And, that was where I was going know. I was on a plane, heading to California for the majority of the six week summer holidays. The doctors thought that the sun and the warm climate could do me good. Hopefully, it would help me gain some strength for my final year of school. Hopefully.

And that was what led me to him, my mate, and also the discovery of my abilities.