"Ferb no!" Phineas wailed as he was dragged away from his brother. His fingernails left deep indentations in the grassy back yard, and he struggled fiercely in his moms grip. Ferb struggled against his dads grip but he wouldn't budge.
"Ferb!" he screamed
"Phineas!" Ferb screamed back "Phineas no!"
Hr spun around and kicked his dad. Lawrence keeled over and Ferb ran as fast as he could out the gate and to the front yard.
Phineas was pounding on the car window as his mom shoved some stuff in the trunk.
"Ferb don't let her take me!" he yelled, tears pouring down his cheeks.
Ferb looked around and grabbed a rock and lobbed it through the cars windshield. The glass shattered and Phineas took the chance to escape and ran into Ferbs arms.
Both boys were crying as Ferb picked up Phineas and ran inside, and ran into the panic room.
Ferb locked it and hugged Phineas tight.
"Ferb I'm scared" he sobbed
"me to Phin. Me to" Ferb whispered, also crying
"why is she so mad" he whispered
"because she doesn't understand" Ferb replied
"what's so hard to understand. I love you. And she freaked" Phineas sighed
"I know. And I love you to. But she doesn't understand why we love eachother" Ferb sighed
Phineas looked up and met Ferbs gaze and they slowly started to lean in. Their lips met softly at first, then both boys simultaneously increased the pressure. Ferbs tongue traced Phineas' lower lip and Phineas opened his mouth slightly. Their tongues danced together and they only broke away when they felt lightheaded due to lack of oxygen.