Summary: Strange killing machines have been sited around Hogwarts, and when Dumbledore is unable to destroy them he has to call in the professionals and with the Triwizard Cup fast approaching he must ask for their protection throughout the historical event.

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The Cursed, the Chosen and the Magic


Dumbledore sat in his circular office with all the past headmasters' portraits covering the wall behind him. Some of them chatted away amongst themselves, whilst others slept, or pretended to do so. In one corner of the room was his phoenix, Forks, who was perched on top of the cage he had come in all those years ago. He gazed at the beautiful creature of nature, who winked back at him in amusement at the sudden inspection. Now he knew he was just looking for distractions. Turning back to the parchment on his desk, he picked it up and looked through the list once more. Upon the paper was a list of all the new students who had accepted their invitation to become pupils of Hogwarts in the new school year. The grand total was fifty-eight, which was a fair amount, the current headmaster had to admit, however something was still bothering the aged man. The amount of invitations sent out was sixty one, however only two of the missing acceptances were due to home schooling; the third had not reached the intended receiver. The first letter sent had arrived at the correct location but had been opened by someone other than whom the letter was addressed to, much like Harry's had been the year before, but what was really puzzling was that any and all letters sent after that never found the boy with wizarding potential. It was as if he had disappeared off the face of the earth. He had even send Hagrid in search of the child, but he had been unable to locate the boy as well. Finally Dumbledore had been forced to halt the search or risk Hagrid missing the beginning of term.

When Dumbledore had decided to look more into this elusive boy he had found something he was not expecting. Apparently, even though it was not an uncommon name, there were no boys born around the time of said child by the name they were sure the he used. This brought up the question of whether skilled magic detecting wizard and witches had been fooled in some way; either that or it was not the boy's name. Looking at the last letter he had been going to attempt to send, he stood and walked towards Forks, whom perked up at the prospect of getting to deliver a message, but was sorely disappointed when his master walked past him and threw the letter, envelope and all, into the fireplace. Twinkling eyes watched over half moon spectacles, as the pale parchment became dark and as the name turned to soot before his eyes.

Chapter 1 - (Two Years Later)

"General Walker! Please slow down!"

"Ah, sorry Mai." Slowing and coming to a stop, Allen waited for the Japanese girl to catch up. By his side he heard a sigh and looked round to see Luca slouching a little and crossing his arms, impatiently tapping a foot.

"Jeez, you're so slow Mai, if you keep this up, ve'll miss the train! Then ve'll have to find a bridge to jump again!" His German accent was strong, and, as Mai finally caught up, she stood to one side gasping a little before replying.

"Vell I'm so very sorry Luca-chan! I vill be sure to cut a few feet of your lanky legs next time I know we will be valking and great distance." Her dark brown eyes glimmered a little with mischief. Luca froze for a second before glowering at the petite girl. Slowly he reached into his breast pocket and at the sight Mai's own hand went to her side, reaching under her long black coat. However before anything could go any further a gloved hand shot out and grabbed Luca's wrist.

"Stop it now, both of you." Allen sternly spoke.

"Yes General Walker." Both of them said at the same time, and, although they relaxed and stepped back from each other, they continued to glare. Sighing, Allen muttered under his breath a little before turning on the spot and continuing his previous brisk pace. The other two followed not far behind.

They were currently walking through King's Cross Station, which was busy on the early Monday morning with commuters on their way to work. Weaving in and out of the people Allen finally found himself in the area before the platforms. Taking out his ticket he looked for the details He read it once, and, just as Luca and Mai caught up, in the middle of another quarrel he could not be bothered to find the reason behind, looked up to take in the platform numbers around them. Frowning, he looked back down at the ticket to look up once more. Then turning he completed a full circle in a vain attempt to find what he was looking for. Drawn out of their argument by their General's strange behaviour, Mai and Luca turned their puzzled gazes onto the hooded albino.


"General Walker?" Still frowning, Allen turned to look at his apprentice and Mai. So cute! Mai thought as she took in the rare expression on her superior's face. Silently he handed Luca the ticket.

"...zis can't be right! It says platform nine and three quarters. Zere's no such thing!" the lanky blond exclaimed, waving dramatically at the space between platform nine and ten a little to their left. "Damn zat Supervisor!"

"Maybe we should just head back to HQ and let them sort out this mess..." Mai began before Allen hurriedly interrupted her, pointing out an odd group of people heading towards platform nine. The first thing that had drawn Allen's attention was the flame red hair all but two of the group possessed, the colour usually signified close proximity to a certain rabbit that had liked to pull tricks on the young General, and so he had immediately focused on the colour to determine whether it was safe or not. However, after being satisfied that Lavi was not there, he felt the familiar cold claw clutching his heart. But what had continued to hold his interest were their belongings. One of the red head male and another with messy black hair were each pushing a trolley with a huge trunk and cage balanced on top. What was so strange was that both cages contained an owl. One of them was around the size of a fist and was constantly who-ing, and generally making a large racket, whilst the other was much larger and white and appeared to be rather put out by the thought of belonging to the same species as the fluff ball on the other trolley.

The three exorcists stood dumbstruck at the strange sight before them, before shaking their heads slightly to bring themselves back to reality.


"...Vow?" (wow) Mai supplied the blond, for which she received a sharp elbow to the ribs for her trouble, and yet another argument began. Sighing, Allen decided to ignore the two's antics and followed the strange group of what he presumed to be wizards and witches. They had finally reached the pillar between platforms nine and ten, and were splitting off into groups as instructed by a fierce looking lady, also with scatty red hair. The first were the two boys with the owls and a girl with bushy brown hair. They walked up to the support, chatting idly and leant against the brick work. Next thing Allen knew they had slipped through the seemingly solid wall as though it was as thin as air. Silver eyes wide in astonishment, he turned back to confirm with his subordinates that he was not imagining thing, to find them gone. Great.

Mai and Luca paused in their argument when they heard the clock strike half past the hour. Slightly panicked they looked around to find Allen gone.

"Great! I bet his gone and got himself lost again. This will bring the grand total to seven times and we only left the order yesterday afternoon!"

"Plus ve've missed the train...if there ever was one."

"What do you think you are doing?" The two exorcists froze in their places and a shiver ran down their spines. Eyes wide, they both turned to find a rather angry looking General. Crap was the only thought their minds could process at that moment. Allen's skin had taken on a slightly greyish tinge and his eyes glowed like golden fires. "Now, if you are finished here, we need to catch a train, which we missed because you two were too busy arguing over petty issues." Grabbing their wrists Allen marched through the station back outside to the car park. Walking round the back of the building the General finally releases the rather scared exorcists and turned his back on them.

"...vhat now?" Luca finally picked up the courage to say.

"Now? Now, we catch a train." Allen turned back to face them and they were glad to see his skin was once more the unbeatable pale porcelain and the eyes bottomless silver pools.

"But, how?" Giving the two a small smile Allen closed his eyes briefly and concentrated on the song. The diamonds appeared showing the gate into the arc. Stepping through the glowing surface, the three of them walked up to the nearest door. Closing his eyes briefly in concentration once more, Allen reached out and opened the door.

"Welcome to the Musician's room, Mai." He said with a grin. Stepping in Mai was amazed to find a white room. There were only three objects in the large space, a huge white grand piano, a large golden framed mirror covering the majority of one of the walls and a simple white sofa. Taking a seat she took in her appearance in the elaborate mirror opposite. She had always been pretty but had never really been proud of it. It was just part of who she was. Her dark brown hair framed her face and fell straight to her shoulders. Nothing too long but not so short as pieces would fall out when tied back. Her skin had the Asian tinge to it and was clear of any blemishes other than a small scar just below her right cheek bone. Her nails were painted a deep blue and she wore a simple silver bracelet on her right wrist. Her 'version' of the exorcist uniform consisted of figure hugging black trousers with boots of the same colour that came to just below her knee with pointed toes. On top she wore a deep blue shirt under a black jumper with the Vatican's cross over her heart. At the moment she also wore a large plain black coat to make it easier to hide her innocence wepon

She was suddenly distracted from her thoughts by the sound of an engine disturbingly close. Looking around the room she found both the General and lanky Luca looking at a screen that she was certain had not been there before. Upon the screen was the image of a black and red train pulling many carriages through countryside. On the front of the steam engine were the words Hogwarts Express.

"So that's the train? How do you plan to get onboard?"


"What?" Two incredulous exorcists looked at their superior as though he was mad.

"What do you mean? You have never complained about jumping before."

"But, couldn't you just make a gateway inside one of the carriages?"

"I can only make them to places I have been before. You should know that already considering the nature of the mission." With one more smile the still hooded General Walker turned towards one of the blank walls of the room, and, as he approached, a door materialised. Opening the door and following Allen through, they found themselves on a bridge with the train fast approaching them. Each stepped up onto the railings at the sides and waited for the train to pass under them.


Harry Ron and Hermione sat in their compartment discussing the other main two magic schools.

"Anyway, I think Durmstrang is up North somewhere. They have a fur cape as part of their uniform." Hermione said continuing their previous conversation; they had paused for a minute after hearing some strange noises from the roof of their carriage.

"Ah! What a pity, imagine all the ways we could have gotten rid of Malfoy and made it look like an accident!" Ron exclaimed, looking truly disappointed at the loss of opportunity. At this moment the door to their compartment slid open to reveal none other than said person along with goons one and two.

"Yes. What a pity indeed. Maybe if you had gone there yourself they may have been able to whip that traitorous blood out of you Weasley." Crabbe and Goyle grunted and nodded their heads in agreement. Ron's face made a dramatic change to maroon, Harry was surprised that there was no smoke coming from his friend's ears, he was that furious.

"I'm sorry Malfoy, but I don't remember anyone inviting you in." Harry said calmly, whilst in his mind he was killing Malfoy in several excruciating ways.

"Is there a problem here?" A voice asked from the hallway. All eyes turned to three figures standing a few feet away from them. No one recognised any of them. The first was easily the tallest and was a little lanky with blond hair and bright blue eyes. He appeared to be in his late teens, seventeen or eighteen. The next tallest was a petite girl with big brown eyes and an obvious Asian heritage, she also appeared to be around seventeen years old. The third however had no features to talk of as he wore a deep hood hat cast the whole of his face into shadow. In fact none of the Hogwarts students could even be sure this person was male. The next thing anyone noticed was the strange clothes they were wearing. Each of them was dressed in some kind of uniform although none of them were the same. The girl was in trousers and a jumper with a long flowing coat left open at the front and the boy was in baggy trousers with army style boots and a coat that came down to his knees. The one with the hood was in trousers, had sturdy black boots up to the knees and a coat with details in gold. They noted this as a difference as the other two's alternate colour was silver. The mysterious figure also wore white gloves.


"Who the hell are you?" A boy with blond greased back hair sneered in their direction.

"Ve Vill not be answering any question until you have given our General the proper respect deserved of his status." Luca retorted. He hated it when people underestimated Allen's abilities, after all if it had not been for th General his whole family and himself would have been dead...

"Luca, shut it." Mai said sharply. Damn him! We're supposed to act like students and he goes and calls General Walker by General in front of these people... our cover might be blown already! Looking at the young wizards, and witch she added on sighting a brunet with huge hair, she saw the confusion on their faces. "Erm, hi there, I'm Mai and that bone head over there is Luca, and this here is...Allen..." It felt so strange saying his name, and she knew she would pay dearly for it later when the General bragged about her finally dropping the 'stupid title'.

Completely ignoring Mai, the same boy eyed up the tiny hooded figure.

"I asked you a question puny brat." Luca and Mai froze. Slowly they backed away from the General as far as they dared without being noticed.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry sir. Were you talking to me?" An innocent and polite voice rose from the hood. The sound allowed the students to identify the figure as a young boy and whilst they were impressed by the boy keeping his temper at Malfoy, Luca and Mai continued to back away, cringing at the well hidden sharp edge behind the words.

"Not good, not good..." They muttered trying in vain to find an escape route. This of course drew the attention of the magic students, confusing them even further.

"Yes I was, you midget. Now answer me and I might leave it at that."

"Well then, I should inform you that I do not appreciate having to repeat myself or my colleagues. Mai has already introduced us, and I feel you are being rather rude by ignoring her. After all, she is you senior. Give her some respect and all that."

"How would you know you impudent piece of s**t?" The boy now drew a wooden stick from his pocket. Immediately Luca and Mai were on high alert. They had heard about these from their Supervisor. Apparently it was a wand and allowed those gifted with the art of magic to conduct their power and transform it to their wish. It was clear that this boy's wish was to do their General harm.

"Name: Draco Malfoy. Year: fourth. Age: fourteen years. Birthday: 5th June. A Slytherin and a 'mummy's boy'. Oh and you need the toilet? It is that way on the left." Now the young magicians were seriously spooked. The boy, now know to be Draco Malfoy, just stood staring at the tiny person in front of him with his mouth hanging open. Before anyone could react to this sudden situation the boy stiffened and turned on the spot a few seconds ahead of Luca and Mai could even catch the slightest whiff of what had drawn the General's attention.

A bubbly lady was making her way down the carriage with a trolley overflowing with food. They could already imagine Allen drooling over the cart, but as he turned his back on them and walked, almost skipped, over to the lady, Malfoy seemed to regain his voice. He opened his mouth and began to make a complicated movement with the stick, but in that split second Mai was between him and his target. But it was too late and all she could do was hope the Supervisor had been right.



Harry, Ron and Hermione looked on in shock as Malfoy was about to curse or jinx the unarmed boy when he was not even looking, but were even more surprised when the girl, Mai, stepped in the way. However, the result of these actions were what left all of them truly stunned. The girl pulled a sword out from under her coat and sliced the spell in half when it reached her. The damaged spell then vaporised before their eyes. Whilst everyone was still getting over the shock Crabbe and Goyle decided this would be the perfect time to show their loyalty to Malfoy and drew their own wands, but before they could utter a word two miniscule daggers knocked them out of their hands. Looking back to the knives' source they saw the blond who had been introduced as Luca standing with three more daggers at the ready.

Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle ran back to their compartment only pausing to pick up their wands, and an audible click of the door being locked was heard by all. Harry turned back, along with his two friends, to see the boy called Allen walking towards them with his arms laden with half the cart load. Then, acting as though nothing had happened, he walked along the hall and into the next carriage with the other two walking side by side a step behind. Harry Ron and Hermione stared at each other until finally Ron regained his voice.

"Well, they certainly showed Malfoy his place...!" And with that the, still stunned, trio returned to their own compartment to change before their imminent arrival at a promisingly eventful year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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