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Sorry for any confusion with the previous chapter to here's a quick explanation for you of the last scene:

- So the bit where Allen and Kanda kiss is going on at the same time as the conversation between Ron Harry and Hermione in the previous scene, but in Allen's room at Hogwarts.

-Then it explains that they have been together for a long time already and then goes on to talk about thing that had happened in the past...

-When Allen defeated the Earl the Noah Clan (over a hundred years ago from when this fanfiction is set) swore loyalty to him instead and joined the Black Order as they kept their Noah abilities even after technically having their Noah souls removed and them being human.

-Then when Allen's time finally came when he had to face The Fourteenth within him, he defeated the Noah and cleansed himself, but without the previous position's memories he had no way of learning to control his new Noah powers.

-Due to his lack of control and his will power of not wanting to be separated from those he cares about, his power over time reacted instinctively and destroyed their time so they wouldn't die and leave him.

-This lead to many of those people committing suicide to escape from eternity and others seeking his friendship only for the immortality.

-When her time was destroyed, Lenalee lost her unborn child and killed herself leaving a suicide note cursing Allen

-Those that stayed alive lived for many years (i.e. 50-60) and grew tired of life and then Allen fell asleep and the others started to as well, when they woke up 100 years had passed (!) leaving them in the current timeline of Harry Potter.

Hope this clears up anything that didn't make sense and yes Komui is dead, the supervisor has never been referred to as Komui and the full story of that along with others like Lavi's situation and just what happened to Mai and Luca along with many other characters will be explained throughout the chapters of this fanfiction.

The Cursed Chosen and Magic
Chapter 8

Harry lay in bed in the early hours of the morning unable to sleep. The previous evening Hedwig had finally returned with Sirius's reply to his letter from the summer holidays, and he had been worried ever since. Whilst he was pleased that he might be able to see his Godfather again, the seriousness of the situation overrode his happiness and he had woken from a nightmare in which the man had fallen victim to a dementor's unthinkable kiss.

Coming to an abrupt decision he rose silently from his bed so as not to wake the other room's occupants and wrote a short note in the common room to discourage the Azkaban escapee before quickly setting out for the Owlery.


Allen woke to the cooling sheets beside him. Opening his eyes a slit, he observed Kanda pulling on a shirt and attaching Mugen to his belt ready to face another day. Allowing his eyes to drift shut once more, the General let a soft sigh.


Peeling his eyes open once more, he was a little startled by just how close the other exorcist now was. As Kanda backed up a little, Allen pulled himself up into a seated position and ran his hand through his dishevelled hair.

"Do you need to go?" He finally asked, it was only early still, the sun had yet to rise and birds to sing.

"Che." Taking in the slight pinch in the skin around Kanda's eyes, Allen reached out a hand towards him. The Asian man just looked on in confusion for a moments and with an exaggerated roll of his eyes, Allen reached a little further and snagged him by the front of his shirt, pulling him down to sit on the bed beside him.

"It won't be long, and then you and Rhode can join me here on this mission, right?" Allen said as much for Kanda's sake as his own.

"Hn." Kanda lent forwards and rested his head on the cursed exorcist's shoulder, taking in a deep breath before leaning back and staring the other male in the eye. Allen closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to his partner's brow.

"Go on, back to the Order to get your daily dosage of soba." He whispered against the skin, a small smile twisting the edge of his lips. A poke in his ribs caused the smile to widen and then Kanda reluctantly rose and walked across to the now fixed wardrobe, opened the door and stepped through and in the gleaming Arc gate without a backward glance.

It had been hard for them, especially since Allen was finally promoted to General status after defeating the Earl. With both of them holding high positions within the exorcist ranks it became rare for them to work together on a mission, especially as they each had an apprentice to accompany them already.

Even though Kanda was not a General he was what was referred to as a senior exorcist as he was one of the exorcists already gone through a sleep. It was for this reason as well as Mai's innocence taking on a form similar to his own that he was granted an apprentice despite his synchronisation rate still falling just below 100 percent.

Allen had found the girl during a mission in Kanda's home county, Japan just a few months after waking up in Twentieth Century Britain. The mission had entailed finding information on a possible new threat against the Vatican and exorcists alike. It was a group of 12 'people' who referred to themselves as The Disciples and were capable of creating a whole new breed of Akuma.

It seemed that the job of an exorcist never came to an end.

The General had managed to track down and even converse with a couple of The Disciples, but had been forced to make a tactical retreat when face with the new strange and hostile powers they wielded. It was then that he found Mai.

She was living in an overcrowded rundown orphanage where there was barely room to breathe without infringing on someone's personal space.

Mai of course had been different as was the case with most that were compatible with innocence. She was an outcast among her peers and as Allen had passed by the building he had witnessed a group of bullies ganging up on her.

He had been about to help when her necklace had glowed green and a wind had swept across the gathering, sharp and strong is cut gashes onto the oppressive boys making them run away bleeding and frightened.

Eyes wide with shock, Allen had cautiously approached her.

It was around a month later when Allen had finally found his way back to headquarters with a rather bemused Mai. They had taken an unplanned detour through Russia when the General had taken a wrong turn...

Upon arrival Mai had her synchronisation checked by Hevlaska, but when it came to her apprenticeship Allen had declined. She had been rather upset by the rejection but after they found the most suitable form for her innocence to take Allen thought it clear that he was not the best for her training. Explaining this to the girl had left them on much better terms and it was not long later that Allen had introduced her to Kanda who was eventually given the official role of her Master.

The sword she came to wield was easy enough for Kanda mentor as he taught her the basic swordplay that he had originally begun with himself. He then went on to help her in adjusting into her own style. However, whilst similar to Kanda's Mugen, her innocence held a different power entirely.

With a simple swing of her sword she could send a needle sharp blade of wind, near invisible, flying at her target. With the right movement she could even nurture a whirlwind into existence to wipe whatever she intended off the face of the earth. It was the sheer destructive force and ability to cut through nearly anything with her blade that had lead to it being named Hakaisha in her native tongue, meaning Destroyer.

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