A lithe blue-gray she-cat was laying in the Warrior's den, sharing tounges with a muscular blue-gray tomcat. His blue eyes flashed with affection, but they were not aimed at the she-cat. She looked over my shoulder to see a pretty black she-cat sharing tounges with a spotted golden she-cat. She turned back to the tom. "Still got your eyes on Shadepaw I see." She mewed cheekily, her eyes shining mischieviously. The tomcat looked down at his paws. "She could be expecting her warrior name any day now!" He defended himself hotly. The she-cat let out a purr. "I know that mousebrain! I'm just messing with you! She's a very imressive cat. I'm happy for you Stonefur." The tomcat, Stonefur, blinked greatfully at her. "Thanks Mistyfoot. I hoped you'd approve." "Yeah, well, I had a feeling that you were talking more walks in the forest then hunting lessons." Mistyfoot teased her brother. Stonefur looked at his sister with an embaressed look in his eyes. He was about to defend his apprentice when a silver tabby walked quietly into the den.
"Greetings Silverstream." Mistyfoot said to her young friend, narrowing her eyes. Silverstream had only been a warrior for a moon, and yet she harbored a dangerous secret, one that kept her ears pricked and muscles tensed in her own territory, one that separated her from the rest of her clan, one that kept her an outcast amoung family.
Silverstream walked over and mewed quietly "Can you meet me outside the den please?" Spotting Stonefur, she added "If that's okay with you Stonefur." Stonefur shook his head. "That's fine. I promised Shadepaw that I'd take her out hunting anyway." Mistyfoot looked at Stonefur teasingly and mewed "Oh, I'm sure she'll learn a lot." Stonefur gave a mock hiss, and bounded over to his apprentice. Silverstream looked at Stonefur thoughtfully. "He's been spending a lot of time with his apprentice, hasn't he?" Mistyfoot nodded curtly, all her humor gone. "At least they can have a future together." Silverstream visibly flinched.
The she-cats made their way quietly out of the den. Silverstream looked at Mistyfoot. "Want to go hunting? I've been feeling bad, about Graystripe, and I want to make it up to you." Mistyfoot looked at her young friend. "Okay." They were about to leave the den when the spotted she-cat that had been sharing tongues with Shadepaw padded over. She looked curiously at Mistyfoot. "Greetings Mistyfoot. Where are you two headed?" Mistyfoot gave the she-cat a respectful nod. "Oh, hello Leopardfur! Me and Silverstream were just going out hunting." Leopardfur gave the gray queen a friendly flick of the tail. "That sounds good. Make sure you bring something back for the elders!" Mistyfoot nodded, and followed her friend out into the forest for their first hunt together in a moon.
Silverstream led her to somewhere close to the ThunderClan border. Mistyfoot immediately became suspicious. "Silverstream, are we really coming here to hunt?" Silverstream looked at her friend guiltly. "Well… not exactly…" Just then, Mistyfoot caught the strong scent of ThunderClan. She barged into the bush.
To Mistyfoot's outrage, there were two ThunderClan warriors in the bush. The first one was a large long-haired gray tom with a darker stripe running down his back. This was Grayspot, Silverstream's ThunderClan mate. The other cat was also a tom, but he was a handsome flame-colored cat with gleaming green eyes that seemed to hypnotise Mistyfoot as she looked at them…